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  1. The situation at Bicester is an absolute disgrace. The football club is being evicted by its landlords (the Bicester Sports Association) even though they have paid-off the £9,000 debts that initially prompted the threat of eviction. It seems the debts were simply an excuse and that the Association was always determined to evict the football club so they could sell the site. Adam Wade, the Association's chairman is crying crocodile tears and blaming the football club's 'mis-management' but has admitted to the press that the plan is to sell the ground. It seems he's happy to sacrifice the 130 year-old football club in order to raise more funds to invest in facilities for his rugger-playing chums over at the Association's main site in nearby Chesterton. Legal? Almost certainly. Ethical? Absolutely not. Incidentally, Mr Wade runs Wade Worldwide Wholesale, a company specializing in manufacturing goods at low cost in Guangzhou, China and selling them - at a considerable profit - in the West.
  2. I think I'm right in saying that Lancing and Worthing United finished last season in 6th and 7th respectively in Div 2? Presumably, then, their elevation to Div 1 has more to do with the number of seats in their stands or the brightness of their floodlights than with their performances on the pitch.
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