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  1. I recall that they were in trouble a while ago too. Wonder what is wrong with them...
  2. If you ever need a band or comedian in, let me know as it's my business Give me a post-code and price bracket, and I'll see what I can do.
  3. I'm delighted that Kaid's had the chance of League Football again - he's one of the most determined and hard working players I've met. He began his career at my home-town club of Cwmbran Town and after impressing at Carmarthen he got a trial with Wrexham. However, he declined them and went to Swindon only to be released. Now he's back in League 2 after impressing at Bath City. It just shows that there are some cracking players at Non League level!
  4. Just got back from a pub lunch with a friend from Evesham. He is livid that Evesham are in the Southern League South & West, and wants Evesham moved over to the Southern League Central. Does seem strange that Thatcham are now Central and neighbours Hungerford are South & West....
  5. Of course, it could be a foreign player... If it's what I've heard, the player plays for a north-west club and got his 2nd cap for England in Euro 2000.
  6. One rumour that I can confirm as being complete donkey poop is one that's been banded about on Facebook in the last few days. The rumour was that all London clubs will have to play their first two games away from home due to the Olympics and Paralympics. However, I emailed an official at london2012.com and was told that this is not the case. Teams will be able to play in London around the Olympics and Paralympics.
  7. I saw the above person being mentioned on the NLM site. Thankfully, I've never had to stand by anybody like him!
  8. http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk/findplayer/playerprofile.php?userid=7654 Above manager seeks a club.
  9. Silver, try the following clubs to see if they have free dates for friendlies: Shalford FC c/o Andy Rudman 07743411871 Sporting Hackney c/o Jeff Badu 07796996729 Indian Gymkhana c/o Nilesh Gosai 07836569979 Not sure if it's of use, Big JR, but the following teams have the following free dates: Saturday 7th July - London Maccabi Lions (SSML) free at the moment (must be an away game for London Maccabi Lions) Saturday 21st July - Whitehawk (Ryman Premier League) free at the moment Tuesday 31st July/Wednesday 1st August - Sevenoaks Town (Kent Premier) free at the moment Also, Woodley Town (Hellenic 1 East) have a number of week day slots free, and Carterton (Hellenic Premier) have the 24th and 31st free.
  10. AK11


    Euphoria - didn't Def Leppard have an album called Euphoria in 1999?
  11. Well done to Huddersfield on promotion to the Championship.

  12. '83. At 19:07 25th May 2012, Magnus_Gudmundsson wrote:Is it possibly the ludicrous level of security?Apart from the civilian security such as Police, private contractors, metal detectors, food and drink confiscators, bag rummagers, "safe" food and drink salesmen, etc., we have:* One division of troops (13,500 men)* One amphibious assault ship + >1 hovercraft(!)* One helicopter attack ship (!)* Close air support (Jet fighters - Even more (!))* Anti aircraft batteries (Number unknown -...

  13. Surrey Intermediate is Step 7, I believe.
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