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  1. Match report from our game against Bovingdon. Was a really good game, played with a high intensity between 2 evenly matched sides. Could have gone either way and very happy to come away with the points. Bovingdon are a good young team and will be up there challenging this season. https://www.oldbradwellunited.com/teams/222532/match-centre/1-9512418/report
  2. Other than the pitch, it was still within the stadium complex, parking, changing rooms, bar, etc. So not a surprise that’s the address they put.
  3. The South Mids sent a very similar message to clubs a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Bit disappointing for us, the main pitch is superb and we really enjoyed playing there last time.
  5. They’ve recovered really well after escaping relegation in 2017-18. Got a lot of time for John Elliot who has given everything for that club. Long time since I was playing against them in the Herts County league for Bovingdon.
  6. I don’t have much sympathy for Step 2, they were happy to be classed as Elite and finish last season, but found out this season they weren’t, which everyone else already knew. saying all that the voting rights in the national league is a disgrace. To have a league where one division can overpower the other 2 isn’t right. As for Step 3 and below the writing is on the wall. The FA National Leagues committee allowed the Step 3 and 4 clubs with contracted players to push the agenda for null and void last season instead of a sensible postponement of the season. We could have then complete
  7. Exactly. The FA made the mistake last year not postponing the last season with over 50% complete and restarting when they could. They’ve set the precedent and this season is over as far as I’m concerned.
  8. For some reason the SSMFL committee thought it was a good idea to send an email about the funding available for steps 3-6 with the Division 2 clubs. a bit like what you could have won 😂
  9. It’s pointless, we will be led by whatever the Step 3 & 4 leagues want to do just like last time.
  10. The pitch got obliterated, shouldn’t have been played.
  11. 3G is allowed at this level, no issue with that. The fact that it’s not a great 3G or set up there is different. The lights aren’t very good at all and no dugouts.
  12. There are now 3 categories. Elite - Prem to step 2 non-elite step 3 to 6 Grassroots - everything below step 6 Division 2 now grouped in regions. And because PHE somehow have grouped MK with Bedfordshire, we have players unavailable due to living in Bucks outside MK. Some other clubs (Mursley, Pitstone) may struggle because their players are in different areas than the club.
  13. The social Club and football club are separate, so not as bad as some clubs. That being said, the loss of any money will make it difficult, plus no bar makes it a strange situation pre and post game.
  14. Each club made a decision based on their own situation, absolutely no shame in that.
  15. Of course you don’t moan about it because you’ve never had the income. Clubs cannot change their whole model at the drop of a hat. The simple fact is that most clubs run needing all of the income they get whatever source that is from. Losing any part of the income will put clubs at risk.
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