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  1. Good result that, they have made the final the last 3 seasons and Unbelievably lost them all. Found them a very difficult team to break down and play against. as for us, we were shocking especially in the first half. Only some excellent saves from our keeper kept us in it. Marginally better 2nd half without really creating much and late goal snatched it at the end.
  2. Gutted I’m away!!! Heard we rode our luck first half but very good 2nd half
  3. Can’t comment on Saturday. Don’t think anything went wrong tonight. we had the better chances overall, but Berko missed a sitter after about 20 when they were on top. We then scored 2 in quick succession and saw out the half. 2nd half lacked a bit of quality all over with neither team that effective in the final third. after our defeat against Codicote very happy to win the last 2 as we enter a couple of cup games.
  4. I suspect the conspiracy was element played a part as well
  5. He likes to think so The Jam, The Clash, etc. Definitely not a fan of the players changing room choices
  6. Another win for us, should have been more really. Really pleased with our start and will see where we are next week when we go to Codicote. And for Rhodes. Match report definitely won’t be tonight as manager was straight off to The Specials gig.
  7. Could be anything, family, work, time, just didn’t feel up for it it in the end. The groundshare has been in the pipeline since last season due to the link up between the clubs. So speculating that caused some fall out is clutching at straws even for you. Danny is a good bloke, so I’m sure he has made the right decision for him and his family.
  8. They weren’t wrong in May. https://www.kingslangleyfc.co.uk/news/backroom-reshuffle-2448815.html
  9. Danny Perman didn’t end up becoming chairman.
  10. I just came on to amend that having read your ramblings 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Disappointing that SSMFL opted not to enter...
  12. A bit early but will have a go. Prem Tring - virtually whole new squad but players who have done it before and higher. Crawley Green - if Watson and Lawless click will score loads. Billy Lobjoit is a fantastic player be interesting if he plays most of the season though. Colney Heath - looks like the band is back together. Div One If they click, fancy Winslow got a good and tight squad. Deacon a very good signing at this level and Kedzierski always impresses. Most of these players won Div 2 with either Hale Leys, Thame and Clinton as well. Interested how manager does with step up to Saturdays. Buckingham Athletic picked up the King brothers and Cruse from Winslow and think they’ll be up there. Think New Salamis and Enfield Borough (despite them admirably progressing players) could be up there along with Harpenden. Div Two Obviously have a vested interest with my club Old Bradwell in this division. Been a lot of changes over the summer with Clinton losing 5 players. Berkhamsted have also lost a couple to Dunstable Town, but with their link up with Kings Langley expect them to be strong. Bovingdon a bit of unknown as few gone to Harpenden and other clubs. Although think they have linked in with Hemel Town Academy. Hopefully we will be up there again having kept all players from last season. lots of other unknowns with loads of new managers, although I think this might be the first season in last 3 that a new club won’t win it.
  13. They merged with the youth club Bedgrove Dynamos, they already had a link with them but now officially one club, name was to incorporate both clubs.
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