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  1. Clubs submit their own scores, most likely one of them sent it the wrong way round.
  2. Hopefully we have learnt our lesson from the recent league game
  3. Ha, overnight frost and willingness to get games played helped out. as for the game, deserved it.
  4. Ours is very doubtful at the moment. We have a really bad area in centre of the pitch, which is very soft. We are trying everything to resolve and met some pitch specialists at the FA, but without digging up and checking drainage, we are limited with solutions mid season. Going to be a long difficult winter 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. His brother is the Harpenden Manager, was Bovingdon manager last season
  6. Interesting one for us, know very little about Wantage Town Development other than they comfortably beat leaders of the TVPL in last round. looking at their squad list players have played at Step 6 as well. Could be a tough game to keep up our trophy defence. That’s part of what the county cup is about facing the unknown. Pitch wont be great either. We’re also missing our right back Zach Ferris through injury which is massive, one of the best and most consistent players I’ve seen at this level.
  7. Once again couldn’t make the challenge trophy and missed us beating Wembley 3-0 to go through. beginning to think might be best if I stay away
  8. Get some new fishing gear for Christmas ha ha Definitely not, especially against Essex Olympian sides, we’ve been handing some drubbings from teams in that league.
  9. Never take any game for granted, that’s when you come unstuck
  10. Interested to see who we’ll meet. Couple of months ago I would have said Tring, but Buckingham have made some good signings recently.
  11. Match report from today https://www.oldbradwellunited.com/teams/222532/match-centre/0-4763343/report also Gallacticos which they’ve deleted for some reason
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