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  1. Munchkin

    Development Division

    No plans for a reserve league, equally I think they burnt a lot bridges. Most Herts clubs went to Herts County League so unlikely to return. some talk about a Division 3 which could allow Reserves sides but nothing concrete at this moment.
  2. So the development division is no more from next season. What a monumental cock up that was 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Munchkin

    Berkhamsted Raiders

    I don’t think they do, haven’t been there for a while but would have expected they would have been promoted last season if they did.
  4. Munchkin

    Berkhamsted Raiders

    Not sure what work they’d need Or can do. They play on a 3G at Ashlyn’s school. If they’re staying there then distance of dressing rooms from pitch is a definite issue. from the Step 7 promotion application lists both Bovingdon and Berkhamsted Raiders have applied, but believe both would need to do some work to get their grounds up to required standard.
  5. Munchkin

    Berkhamsted Raiders

    They have definitely improved this season, although they have been massively helped with being able to call on some of Kings Langley fringe and young players.
  6. Munchkin

    Saturday 3rd November

    Are Berkhamsted Raiders officially Kings Langley reserves or is it an informal arrangement with lots of dual registrations?
  7. Great appointment in Joe Sweeney at Leighton Town. also see Darren Croft been appointed at Totternhoe
  8. Munchkin

    Saturday 6 October

    Karen why is Clean Slate v Bovingdon postponed?
  9. Karen are you able to post the weekly transfers again this season?
  10. Munchkin

    Saturday 22nd September

    Besides from the defeat against Bovingdon, in which we played well for 60 or so minutes, can’t have too many complaints. Very long way to go, but we are happy with additions to the squad and believe this is our best chance. Only problem is we are quite a few games behind already.
  11. Munchkin

    Saturday 22nd September

    That Bovingdon result is wrong, it was 3-3. Not sure how either club got that wrong ?
  12. Munchkin

    Under 25 League

    The development league has been a disaster and What’s most disappointing is they fail to acknowledge it at all, using the argument the clubs voted it in. This may be factually correct but it was on promises which weren’t delivered. So instead of admitting the failure and resorting back, it continues in this ridiculous state where now 4 of the 11 clubs don’t have first teams in the SSMFL.
  13. Munchkin

    Wodson Park FC

    They used to play on the pitch in the athletics stadium at the same place as Ware.
  14. Munchkin

    Division 2

    Thanks Karen