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  1. I was also at that game was a really good competitive battle between 2 very good sides.
  2. Nice club Grendon and decent friendly committee. Pitch was very good for our level. Being honest they probably made a mistake coming to south mids. They were a local side with limited attraction due to bigger local sides. They had a strong North Bucks team who were competitive in Div 2 at times but struggled with a small squad of players at that level. Made the right decision to regroup on North Bucks.
  3. It’s being done via video conference
  4. They absolutely [****!!****]ed up over the Dev league, promised all sorts to clubs such as 3 officials and better standard with only clubs with lights allowed. They shafted the div 2 reserve sides. Our reserves had 3 different leagues in 3 seasons trying to recover. The promises were false, it was a disaster and clubs left in droves. When questioned at the agm, the response “well you voted for it”... all that for more money from the FA
  5. Bovingdon - Standen left in the summer for Harpenden. Ryan Charles took over and departed quickly. A player then took the reigns before Andy Stratford who was in Viponds staff at Berko took over. new Bradwell - manager is Rich Kelsall Mursley - Anthony Lands hasn’t been manager for a while, his brother Jamie took over last season. He was replaced by reserve manager Mitch Toyer this season.
  6. To be honest this has been driven by steps 1-4 and the issue with contracts and income.
  7. I can actually understand the decision, but doesn’t mean it’s any less disappointing. Let’s be honest we’ll never likely get to the challenge trophy final again. Also can’t believe the FA proposal is to continue with their own competitions whilst wiping out every other one.
  8. Massive game for us...volunteers have worked hard on the pitch all week, to get it in a better condition but still a small dodgy area. Think it will be ok with the forecast, but ready for inspection if needed. As for the game, who knows. After only reaching round 2 a couple of times in our history, to beat 3 prem teams and be at this stage is more than we expected this season. But it’s a semi final, so you don’t want to go out here. Expect a tough game on a difficult surface. we believe in our players and management and if we perform at the same level as the previous rounds, we are good enough to win.
  9. Even by your standards this is a really strange thread
  10. Wind was nuts over at 61 today, we should have had a hatful, but overplayed at times after going up 3-0 early on. Anyway 3 points the main thing, take that and and move on.
  11. Clubs submit their own scores, most likely one of them sent it the wrong way round.
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