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  1. Good to be back. Lots of change in Division Two so few unknowns. love the first game feelings, but glad I’m not running around in this heat.
  2. Division Two could be quite different. new Management - Tring Corries, Sarratt, Buckingham United, Codicote, New Bradwell St Peter Potential New teams - Leighton Development - managed by former NBSP manager Jamie Green Caddington - managed by Jimmy Gray Evergreen aslo heard rumours that Sarratt and Eynesbury may be moving out.
  3. Interesting chat with John Chidley tonight when he came to present the trophy. he said within the rules the league don’t have to award runners up medals, but they do. As we found out this season, the league provide 16 medals for league winners and then clubs can buy more direct from MDH. Quick turnaround to be fair, helps that they are in MK for us.
  4. Because we are being awarded the points for Sarratt failing to raise a side ??‍♂️
  5. Yes we will, just waiting for official confirmation. I believe they awarded Aston Clinton the runners up medals after the game today.
  6. League have confirmed the game wont be played, after we moved the date for them several times.
  7. Fair play to them, superb run of wins. we just didn’t do enough today, now relying on Pitstone to win Monday. Gutted
  8. And it’s off again..no idea why we just got the automated full time notification
  9. It was originally scheduled for Monday 2 May, they couldn’t do it. it was moved to 26th April they informed us they couldn’t get a side moved back to Monday 2 May ???
  10. Well done New Salamis, what a monumental [****!!****] up by Risborough
  11. After last week, wanted a reaction and we got it. First 45 probably the best we played all season. After splitting up 2 of their players at half time, a brutal 2nd half saw us reach 100 league goals. With Clinton winning today plus the league trying to sort out what they do about Sarratt pulling out of Tuesdays game. Next Saturdays game at Clinton is set up nicely. Can’t wait and this week can’t go quick enough. Looks like a full first team from their line up
  12. Great run by Clinton, 15 wins on the bounce to draw level on points with us. amazing what confidence that brings and not easy to chase teams with so many games in hand. Going to be a good last 3 games. A win Saturday for both teams will secure top 2 finish.
  13. Not enough. No way you only use 16 players through a season. I get it for cup finals, but you have players who have played half the games and not get a medal.
  14. Yes there are. You get 16 which is ridiculous over a season.
  15. Darren Clarke and his young team have done well since stepping up a Irchester from Newport Pagnell Reserves. Massive difference is standard and after a period of adjustment they have been competitive. Shame they just had too much to do really and lost some close games. Decent bloke Darren, hopefully for him and the players they can escape the drop, but may need some assistance from the FA if they can finish second bottom.
  16. And Potters Bar. the marquee outside our club is also no more
  17. That’s your problem you assume far too much. Why would the SSMFL committee set rules for those leagues?
  18. None of those people would give a shit about SSMFL games. it’s a sensible and good decision. The league have listened to previous postponement process challenges from clubs and acted on it recently.
  19. Not really sure what is happening. Whether we aren’t texting the right format or if both teams have to submit. We send ours straight away, but our last game was also slow getting through. as for the game, you weren’t there so no idea who deserved what really ??‍♂️
  20. Looking forward to this one, but got doubts pitch will make it with the forecast rain from 4am. Unfortunately the weather this week prevented any meaningful work on it to help from last Saturdays game. Would be just about playable today, will see tomorrow. ??
  21. It’s bizarre, the bloke has gone big announcement. Bedford Twitter hasn’t said a thing and just promoted tomorrows game ?
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