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  1. NeutralFan


  2. If anyone wants an extra fix of non league 'action' then Wormley Vets have 2pm KO in the AFA Over 40's Cup, you could see the first half before popping down to St Mags or Hoddesdon
  3. Unlikely to be able just throw u18 in as a team, these days sees a lot of youngsters either off to Uni or needing to work Saturdays.
  4. Read the article, which 'semi professional' team plays there then?
  5. Back to Hertford v St Mags, I was really disappointed by the St Mags players. Hertford looked fitter, worked harder and looked the better quality side but St Mags didnt even seem to be putting the effort in which there is no excuse for. Especially when you look at recent history and number of players on the pitch that have played for both sides. Every area seemed to be lacking... communication and effort being the main ones and that then affects the quality.
  6. I'm going to check out Hertford v St Mags on my way home from work, what are the food options like at Hertford these? Do I need to pre load?
  7. Horrendous decision. Good to see Pabs still playing!
  8. Pretty sure there is precedent on this going back years...
  9. Used to love playing against Draper... guaranteed penalty every time
  10. Quite a few of the players at Hertford have played their before, Roberts, Draper and Robbo for sure. Anyway... Jonno, what happened 8 years ago?
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