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  1. Cliff... if Karen has ignored you then fair enough! You deserve it...
  2. About time we got to an actual legend 😂 I have it on good authority he came out of retirement in December and it now plying his trade for White Roding Vets over 45’s in the Essex Vets League Pictured with his title winning St Margaretsbury side that clinched the league with a two nil win away at Rhodes beloved Haringey Borough
  3. Back to Hertford v St Mags, I was really disappointed by the St Mags players. Hertford looked fitter, worked harder and looked the better quality side but St Mags didnt even seem to be putting the effort in which there is no excuse for. Especially when you look at recent history and number of players on the pitch that have played for both sides. Every area seemed to be lacking... communication and effort being the main ones and that then affects the quality.
  4. Pretty sure there is precedent on this going back years...
  5. Used to love playing against Draper... guaranteed penalty every time
  6. Quite a few of the players at Hertford have played their before, Roberts, Draper and Robbo for sure. Anyway... Jonno, what happened 8 years ago?
  7. I'm interested in what MonkeyMonkey8's predicted Hertford lineup is...
  8. I think St Mags will improve next year. Was a tough season with losing most of their First and Reserve team in one go. JB with a year under his belt will have learnt from the experience. Saw them play Hoddy and only really lacked a more experienced striker from what I saw... oh and not switching off when ref doesn't blow his whistle
  9. As Alex Ward and Eddie Mac both resigned their positions at Hoddy in last couple of weeks I suspect they may be following Gav...
  10. Rose knows Gavin from St Mags days so can't see an issue there. Rose and Wade and Summers as forward options isn't a bad lineup. Drapes was at Hertford a few years back as was Robbo in goal. Think it will be quite a simple move.
  11. I can't stand this Monkey8 hiding behind a false name... who is he?!?
  12. A team sheet submitted for a programme doesn't necessarily reflect the team that turns up for the game
  13. I'd be very surprised if Roger was spending money unnecessarily...
  14. You can't be that good PTG if you're still running the line after all these years Personally I found the referees really appreciated my running commentary in their ears telling them when they were wrong (and occasionally right)...
  15. Gaffa Bicks surely deserves a mention? Clueless about football but somehow retains a loyal following of half decent players
  16. Ryan's a great kid, not really played since getting his leg broken against Cheshunt(?) I think. Assuming that feared Hertford side comment was tongue in cheek?
  17. Savagebee ... can't believe you started this thread and haven't mentioned Mr Rowlands... or was he before your time?
  18. Richie was prolific at both St Margaretsbury and Hoddesdon before his Potters Bar days, definitely up there for me.
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