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  1. My first game in 11 months. And boy does it feel like it today. It was a good game to be involved in. The team played well and stopped the opposition from reaching me too many times. Hopefully we can replicate that against Broadfields in our next fixture.
  2. Wonderful day. 2 goals by Liam Hind and 2 by Wayne Harvey. We conceded 2 penalties and honestly that looked like the only way they'd score. The Exmouth fans were supberb in numbers and spirit, drank the place dry and enjoyed the Pakora's. Proper non league occasion and nice to see so many of our SSML and CC league contemporaries come to share in the occasion. I don't think there's an easy draw left but we favour a decent pitch so either a home draw or someone with a nice patch of green.
  3. Still 30 mins to get down for kick off. Crowd is biggest I've seen here for a Southall game in many a year
  4. We have a home draw against Exmouth Town. Likely on a Sunday 29th Jan so all the Spartan Family can come cheer us on ???
  5. I can confirm the coach trip was fun. We literally scored in the 95th minute the character shown by the players today was exemplary. We never gave up and deserved the win in extra time. Credit to Bradford they were very good hosts and a crowd of around 450 was very decent. If we finally get a home draw it would be great to have as many of the Spartan family come support us.
  6. 2-2 FT into extra time. We scored in the last minute of injury time. Tense.
  7. Excited for later today. Getting a coach up with fans and players on the same bus. Hope all 4 Spartan teams can qualify
  8. I'm surprised at Wembley's result. They've been in good form and at vale farm with that pitch you always expect them to do well. This Peterborough Sports must be a decent team. One to avoid for us at Southall. Through to the last 32
  9. Very true that on the day we had plenty of starters missing mostly our whole back line but you only play the game on the day and Harefield fully deserved the win. It was strange for me personally with my very good friends Cris B and Luke B on the opposite team and makes up for when we won at their place ?
  10. Good luck to all our Spartan teams in the FA vase this Saturday. I hope all league rivalries can be put to one side and we all get supported in all forms.
  11. This was supposed to be my long awaited comeback but the knee isn't up to it still. Back to the rehab. So frustrating to be on the sidelines especially when the team is doing so well. Don't look for any correlations.
  12. 4 wins on the bounce. Two clean sheets. Good April for Southall. About 6 months too late but great building blocks for next year.
  13. In my opinion. If as a club you have serious ambitions to get promoted, part of the planning process in pre season should be to asses the gaps in regards to ground gradings and have a plan to have all works completed in good time. When I was part of the squad that won the league with Rayners Lane and the club didn't have the desire to ensure it got promoted it surely defeats the purpose and the wonder of playing in the football pyramid. And it's utterly defeating for the players as well. If you fluke a top position in the league then I think the counter argument is the FA need to provide subsidies for grass roots clubs especially when it comes to ground improvements. Denying promotion in April because of no toilet is buerocrasy gone mad. This is easily achievable by September. It's not like they need lights or anything with planning permission
  14. Liam Kenna has to be the lead singer of the sterophonics and he's Welsh
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