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  1. Match report from today we’ve got a lot of injuries, but had been playing well. Didn’t play badly today but were punished efficiently. On to Tuesday https://www.harefieldunited.com/news/harefield-united-25-biggleswade-united-injuryladen-hares-off-the-boil-at-preston-park-2580097.html
  2. Not the best of games for either team to be fair. The team sheet revealed a couple of Broadfields old boys joining on a dual reg from Chesham for the game, or so i was told. The astro is of really good quality but it does take some getting used to for a match situation. The bounce is really quite different to the soft grass pitches elsewhere at the moment. I think those home teams who use an artificial pitch can really capitalize on that. We lost to a saved penalty, they tapped in the rebound. Not tons of chances for either team. We picked up some injuries, including to our maestro number 10 Sam Shaw, who pulled up with his hamstring. We wish him a speedy recovery. Personally always happy to see the staff and committee of Broadfields, having played with their reserve team a few years ago, i can attest to what a great club it is. From Harefield's perspective, after such a great start, we do seem to have hit a speedbump or two in recent weeks. I think "personally" we will need to work with the squad to bring players in, who haven't had their chance yet, as we rightly didn't make too many tweaks to the line up, why when your winning, but playing so many games in succession, especially after the long enforced covid break may be having an effect.
  3. I missed the game last night, as i'm still self isolating, but by all accounts Edgeware played very well and definitely capitalized on a bad day in the office. the L had to come at some point. I hope to back at training for Thursday, so we can start to put right those mistakes and keep going with the good start we've made.
  4. He's back. All things Harefield this year, where I'm Goalkeeper Coach. The old knees aren't what they used to be, but enjoying working with the next generation.
  5. 4 wins on the bounce. Two clean sheets. Good April for Southall. About 6 months too late but great building blocks for next year.
  6. In my opinion. If as a club you have serious ambitions to get promoted, part of the planning process in pre season should be to asses the gaps in regards to ground gradings and have a plan to have all works completed in good time. When I was part of the squad that won the league with Rayners Lane and the club didn't have the desire to ensure it got promoted it surely defeats the purpose and the wonder of playing in the football pyramid. And it's utterly defeating for the players as well. If you fluke a top position in the league then I think the counter argument is the FA need to provide subsidies for grass roots clubs especially when it comes to ground improvements. Denying promotion in April because of no toilet is buerocrasy gone mad. This is easily achievable by September. It's not like they need lights or anything with planning permission
  7. Liam Kenna has to be the lead singer of the sterophonics and he's Welsh
  8. Whoever doesn't have numbers in their phone. Contacts make a manager at this level.
  9. Yes. 4th postponed game in a row. Interestingly the same ref on two of those occasions. Weather app could have told you that it was going to chuck it with rain but it's just heavy not standing water. Apparently we may injure ourselves if we stand in mud. I don't know what anybody did for the last 50 years. In regards to the shower problem if your late into the showers they are regularly cold. More than once this season I've had to have a cold shower. Jack ward is a great guy and deserves everything that is going for him at Edgeware. Very good player.
  10. Nobody wants to play or Ref us at the moment. There was a patch of mud 1 sq metre that was a bit heavy. The rest of the pitch was perfect. Called it off near 3pm after they had been in the canteen having a cup of tea most of the afternoon. Both sets of players disappointed and will cause an unnecessary fixture backlog again come the end of the season. Went and watched North Greenford play their second half and their pitch was 10 times worse. Must be different standards from Spartan to Evo-Stick
  11. I'm not sure what protection of their young players they're looking for. Tough pitches and solid impassioned opposition are a great testing ground for young players, they will get little time on the ball and they will have to sort their first touch out, plus they'll appreciate the facilities or changing rooms and hospitality so much more when your used to huddling around one shower spitting out Luke warm water. If they come through and make the step up. On a nice flat pitch with more time on the ball they will be worldies.
  12. Great result for us yesterday and a clean sheet in my 50th appearance. I've had to wait a while but the new manager has brought me straight back in the team. New faces at the club. Some old faces back at the club. Great atmosphere in the changing room a great buzz and all the players have gelled well. Pitch was almost unplayable in a couple of areas. Not sure Hanwell will be pleased we played on it but ref's call.
  13. not exactly that excited to be there. "Seeing as NSp were the only ones to pick up the phone" ?? I'd be disappointed if my new manager said that.
  14. Tough for us in the league at the moment. Struggling to score goals given the chances were creating and then getting punished for defensive and goalkeeping errors. Sometimes football is not a happy pastime. On another topic. I've been playing top eleven for a long while and I have now downloaded the Biggleswade shirts for my team Southall FC. The irony is not lost on me.
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