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  1. We said there was someone missing yesterday, we rememberd you well from Ashfords game at Neots, shame you werent there.
  2. Great day out, everyone enjoyed themselves and a great show of respect shown with the guard of honour by the Ashford players. All the best to Ashford for next season, great asset to the league.
  3. Save the cupcakes, lets go for beer?
  4. That's great news, It's been raining on and off most of the day in St Neots. I'll be the one dressed as a horse/cowboy 2moro - say hello
  5. The forum currently isnt accepting any new members ( if that's what you meant) until the new site comes along soon. I am sure im not alone but the points come secondary on Saturday, I just want to finish what we started on Saturday and lift that trophy! I think most of us will be heading home on the club coach before 6 so sadly I wont be able to take part in the race night but I am looking forward to a great day for both clubs.
  6. Glad you started a thread, I didn't want to step on anyones toes. Really looking forward to this one - the bus is sold out/full so we will be coming in numbers and ready to party! Lots of us coming fancy dress so feel free to get involved. Nice of the League to sort out the trophy at last, only thing that was missing from last Saturdays game. Hope the weather stays drier than it has been in St Neots this week.
  7. What a performance to wrap up the league title with.
  8. Out of interest is this written anywhere or is it just a rumour at the mo?
  9. I think St Neots are set to join the Evostik Premier, not the Ryman.
  10. From a personal point of view I hope St Neots go to Ashford not needing to win, we should be bringing a good crowd regardless if we need to win or not.
  11. Good result, not an easy place to go and grab a win and 4 goals. Looking forward to the last game of the season!
  12. You cant beat the feeling of everyone coming together when the club needs some help
  13. Come on boy, put it a really performance against Slough
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