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  1. nice to see coachie still knows nothing about football! the standard of the esl is very poor but coachie you keep on being delusional and think the esl is the holy grail as esl observer describes your opinion
  2. enrico get a grip? you can wish one hand and sh!t in another!
  3. i really dont think you did coachie i bet you £100,000 pounds
  4. oh god read that back now! right lets go with im not who you think i am. thanks for pointing that out!
  5. do you know how stupid you look right now im not who you think you are. i could come up and say hello to you and you wouldnt know who i am! and harlow town didnt deserve the reprieve but the facilities of other clubs arent good enough. lets face it most grounds in the esl are very poor!
  6. bitter? i think youll find you have got the wrong guy again! that was just an honest opinion. but of course the coach is ALWAYS right hence why your still in the esl
  7. i havent been out my house today coachie so i find that hard to believe. and its hardly way off the mark even some of the players playing say its the same but with a cash bonus and a few stands. saying its sunday league level is probably an insult to sunday league
  8. the fact your bragging about winning a first QUALIFYING round shows how poor your standards of football are! just go play your hoof and chase football
  9. i cant think of a good team in the esl. watching sunday league and the esl i dont see much of a difference
  10. the standard of the esl just isnt good enough its basically sunday league football in a stadium with 1 or 2 stands
  11. even with that translated to english that doesnt make sense! im guessing your mother didnt bring you up well that must be why your a fat s***
  12. think what u want does not bother me one bit! if you just accepted my opinion in the first place like u do with your own views we wouldnt be talking still
  13. and by the way i dont care if i get banned i only come on here to tell you what i fort of u and that is mission accomplished!
  14. well if you got banned for this and you were a adult this shows your as immature as a teenager. dont worry i took the insults u gave me but if u want to go cry go and cry then DONT GIVE IT IF YOU CANT TAKE IT
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