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  1. My view was not as blinkered as that. I have spent the last 10-12 years doing my best to save and make the club as much money as possible, so am fully aware of what any extra income means to the club. The realistic view is that we had a blip recently when we dropped points over the Easter break when we had players missing and several running on empty. I have said before that this will never be an excuse of mine and it isn't, as this is part and parcel of us have a reasonably successful season so far with quite a small squad. However, we were refreshed on Wednesday of last week and the
  2. Well I'm off to see Molesey v Epsom next Wednesday with the home club having a few people who don't like them according to Steve Webb in the local paper last week. To be fair they do like a moan especially Lewi but all clubs do to a certain extent and can be quite entertaining at times Not quite sure where that came from as no recollection of saying that, but only a fool would believe everything they read in the newspapers. As far as I am concerned I just try to get on with everyone and enjoy my football, but you obviously cannot please everyone. It's a shame that this forum has be
  3. Don't know how that smiley came up as it was typed in as a bracket, so nothing meant by it.
  4. Molesey 4 v 2 Hanworth Villa, Southern Combination Cup.The games are certainly mounting up for the Moles,will it become their Achilles Heal ? Played a lot of reserve/fringe players last night and they all did really well. So, with games coming up it was good to see that we have some depth, as they had to put in a performance to get the result. Without this game we may not have learned as much about them. If we do not ultimately win the league, you will not see me moaning about (a) too many games and ( Camberley's style of play, as neither is an issue as far as I am concerned.
  5. Hartley Wintney:2 Molesey:2 The MOM performance was from the HW keeper. He pulled off a number of outstanding saves. Molesey's 2nd half display was poor compared to their first. Bit harsh on HW as they changed shape and personnel for the second half and were very positive - maybe threw caution to the wind but it paid off in the end. Yes, we were thwarted by the keeper first half and could have been out if sight at the break, but that's football for you. Overall we felt disappointed to drop points - our first league draw of the season - but with the other results today not a bad outcome, p
  6. Chris, yes, we did speak that morning. I must admit it was a bit earlier that I would have expected but if it's off it's off, so I just accepted it and it gave me loads of time to organise training and the rest of my day. I've got no idea about anyone questioning the league, but it certainly was not me. E&E I assume you are referring to our game Saturday when you mention twitter. I don't do twitter but can only assume that one of our lads who was helping out Saturday morning expressed his views after he had heard it was off. I was expecting the game to go ahead from what I had been tol
  7. hammer59, on 28 Feb 2015 - 11:36 AM, said: May I see the refs postponement form? Strange comment, Chris. Any reason for this?
  8. Seems there are a couple of goal keeping issues to be sorted.
  9. Any news on the Guildford game tonight. Hopefully the weather today will enable the game to go ahead.
  10. So the pitch that was 'unplayable' last night at Ashford Town for Staines v Chessington has miraculously recovered and is now playable for Ashford Town U18s to play on!! Weird!! Our game last night was called off after a second inspection, as part of the pitch was frozen. The referee did say it was a shame that it wasn't tonight as the pitch would have been playable with another day to thaw out. I even considered at that stage asking Chertsey if they would be interested in transferring the game to this evening but we eventually decided that it was too short notice all round. However, we p
  11. Molesey v Chertsey is off unfortunately.Lot of work trying to get it on but it failed the second inspection. Funny how people sitting at home complain when this happens and don't appreciate the hard work put in by certain individuals in an effort to get the game played, only to be thwarted by the weather.
  12. Let's get this right, I am not digging out anyone who was there, one of which was Duncs. The referee told us that he had confirmed to Frimley that the game would go ahead as they met the criteria as far as numbers went. I was in our changing room doing the set plays whilst our lads warmed up and my main concern was having to make sure our lads went out with the right attitude, in view of the circumstances. I cannot honestly say whether or not the players they had there actually changed. The Frimley people at the game were very apologetic and, as I said earlier, they are not the one
  13. FA Website said A v A,more importantly presume you will get the 3 pts,but with it being so tight at the Top.Goal difference could be a decider,do they give you any goals as well as the points? To be honest I'm not sure. A few years ago Croydon cried off and we got nothing except the game played later in the season on a Wednesday night and we only drew that one. I suppose the fact that team sheets - well ours at least - had been handed in and the lads were literally coming in from the warm up, plus the referee had told us that the game was going ahead as they had the minimum requirement to
  14. Molesey A v A Frimley Green Abandoned? Never got started as they refused to play with the seven that bothered to turn up. Absolutely gutted after the effort put in but more to come on that. Waste of a day!
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