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  1. My view was not as blinkered as that. I have spent the last 10-12 years doing my best to save and make the club as much money as possible, so am fully aware of what any extra income means to the club. The realistic view is that we had a blip recently when we dropped points over the Easter break when we had players missing and several running on empty. I have said before that this will never be an excuse of mine and it isn't, as this is part and parcel of us have a reasonably successful season so far with quite a small squad. However, we were refreshed on Wednesday of last week and the performance showed that, and we have had a break with last weekend off. That may or may not benefit us. Problem is we are playing this Wednesday and are already aware from the people at Colliers Wood that their pitch is heavily sanded, so it is certain that apart from a decent CWU side to overcome we will have a tough night of it anyway. Playing our main rivals two nights later just does not make sense as recovery time will be minimal. Had we been playing tonight it may have been a different story, as we are aware of the interest the game has all around the CCL due to the potential rewards for the winner. Regarding different kick off times, I can't imagine an earlier or later time would have the effect of double the normal gate as suggested. Sunday is not workable as the club has other commitments, and we play again at RPV the following Tuesday. My comment to you was that having devoted my attention 100% to winning the league since June 2014 when we started pre-season, my focus was on 3 points and not crowd sizes, and I would imagine that any manager would feel the same. As far as discussions with my committee over money go, that is totally irrelevant as I don't get anything myself and never have. I do hope we get a better than average gate, and we will certainly get more that when we played them for nothing at a similar stage of last season, but as much because I said a long long time ago on the "style of Camberley" thread that it would be a cracking game, so the more the merrier. Colliers Wood tomorrow first, though. Some people know so much, and yet so little'
  2. Well I'm off to see Molesey v Epsom next Wednesday with the home club having a few people who don't like them according to Steve Webb in the local paper last week. To be fair they do like a moan especially Lewi but all clubs do to a certain extent and can be quite entertaining at times Not quite sure where that came from as no recollection of saying that, but only a fool would believe everything they read in the newspapers. As far as I am concerned I just try to get on with everyone and enjoy my football, but you obviously cannot please everyone. It's a shame that this forum has been taken over by people who seem to want to generally slag people off without, in most cases, knowing the true facts. There was a time when it was a very informative and fact based, but now it is full of negativity. Maybe we have all been on it too long and some fresh blood is required and I, for one, will not miss it. Hope you enjoy the game next week and maybe you could give a good, constructive report on how you actually think the game went - now that would be a refreshing change. Two sides in very good form who have a lot of respect for each other both on and off the pitch, so there should be something worth reporting.
  3. Don't know how that smiley came up as it was typed in as a bracket, so nothing meant by it.
  4. Molesey 4 v 2 Hanworth Villa, Southern Combination Cup.The games are certainly mounting up for the Moles,will it become their Achilles Heal ? Played a lot of reserve/fringe players last night and they all did really well. So, with games coming up it was good to see that we have some depth, as they had to put in a performance to get the result. Without this game we may not have learned as much about them. If we do not ultimately win the league, you will not see me moaning about (a) too many games and ( Camberley's style of play, as neither is an issue as far as I am concerned.
  5. Hartley Wintney:2 Molesey:2 The MOM performance was from the HW keeper. He pulled off a number of outstanding saves. Molesey's 2nd half display was poor compared to their first. Bit harsh on HW as they changed shape and personnel for the second half and were very positive - maybe threw caution to the wind but it paid off in the end. Yes, we were thwarted by the keeper first half and could have been out if sight at the break, but that's football for you. Overall we felt disappointed to drop points - our first league draw of the season - but with the other results today not a bad outcome, plus HW gave us a game and we can have no complaints in the end. I must add that the people at HW were absolutely first class and made us very welcome before and after the game. I also thought the officials were decent overall, the game in general was played in a good spirit and must have been quite good to watch. We move on to a couple of cup ties this week, before getting back to league action Saturday - all good fun to be fair.
  6. Chris, yes, we did speak that morning. I must admit it was a bit earlier that I would have expected but if it's off it's off, so I just accepted it and it gave me loads of time to organise training and the rest of my day. I've got no idea about anyone questioning the league, but it certainly was not me. E&E I assume you are referring to our game Saturday when you mention twitter. I don't do twitter but can only assume that one of our lads who was helping out Saturday morning expressed his views after he had heard it was off. I was expecting the game to go ahead from what I had been told, but did not see the pitch so cannot comment. Problem is getting the timing/decision right. Do it early and you get questioned as to why you didn't wait, which is something that has come up regularly on this forum. Leave it late or don't bother at all and get grief if it gets called off by the match referee. For the recent Ashford game we had two inspections and the pitch was passed - it wasn't great - so we went ahead. The match referee was made aware of the situation but when he arrived (late) he deemed the pitch unplayable and called the game off. Ashford did make comments about why the game wasn't called off by the referee who inspected it but we could do nothing about it. Once passed we could not then call the game off. We try and get every game on, regardless of any player availability or form, as the club is reliant on the income we get from home first team games. February was a complete washout for us. Tomorrow we hopefully host Badshot Lea in the Surrey cup, and they already know that Thursday has been pencilled in should the game not go ahead, but we are hopeful that it will. Anyway, sorry Chris if someone questioned you but, as you said, we just move on. Look forward to seeing you both on a Wednesday in April. Cheers.
  7. hammer59, on 28 Feb 2015 - 11:36 AM, said: May I see the refs postponement form? Strange comment, Chris. Any reason for this?
  8. Seems there are a couple of goal keeping issues to be sorted.
  9. Any news on the Guildford game tonight. Hopefully the weather today will enable the game to go ahead.
  10. So the pitch that was 'unplayable' last night at Ashford Town for Staines v Chessington has miraculously recovered and is now playable for Ashford Town U18s to play on!! Weird!! Our game last night was called off after a second inspection, as part of the pitch was frozen. The referee did say it was a shame that it wasn't tonight as the pitch would have been playable with another day to thaw out. I even considered at that stage asking Chertsey if they would be interested in transferring the game to this evening but we eventually decided that it was too short notice all round. However, we probably would have played tonight, so it's not that strange to be fair.
  11. Molesey v Chertsey is off unfortunately.Lot of work trying to get it on but it failed the second inspection. Funny how people sitting at home complain when this happens and don't appreciate the hard work put in by certain individuals in an effort to get the game played, only to be thwarted by the weather.
  12. Let's get this right, I am not digging out anyone who was there, one of which was Duncs. The referee told us that he had confirmed to Frimley that the game would go ahead as they met the criteria as far as numbers went. I was in our changing room doing the set plays whilst our lads warmed up and my main concern was having to make sure our lads went out with the right attitude, in view of the circumstances. I cannot honestly say whether or not the players they had there actually changed. The Frimley people at the game were very apologetic and, as I said earlier, they are not the ones at fault as such. It was very frustrating all round as a lot of work goes into organising a game these days but, with the recent wet weather followed up by a severe frost, it was an even greater effort that was required by the people at the club to get the place ready. Enough said now, we move on to Tuesday night and leave yesterday in the hands of the CCL committee.
  13. FA Website said A v A,more importantly presume you will get the 3 pts,but with it being so tight at the Top.Goal difference could be a decider,do they give you any goals as well as the points? To be honest I'm not sure. A few years ago Croydon cried off and we got nothing except the game played later in the season on a Wednesday night and we only drew that one. I suppose the fact that team sheets - well ours at least - had been handed in and the lads were literally coming in from the warm up, plus the referee had told us that the game was going ahead as they had the minimum requirement to start - could mean that they would give us the points. However, my recollection from the past is that it would be something like a 2-0 which, with due respect, we would have hoped to have bettered on the day anyway. Certainly had the game gone ahead with the seven men we would have been disappointed with 2-0. Problem is that, whilst goal difference could come into it, should we have to play them later this season they may be in a better position team-wise, as they appear to have at least one excellent candidate looking for the job (Don't ask me to disclose any names). We feel that effectively the game was live and should have gone ahead under FA rules - remember they ultimately refused to play - so the points should go to us and the goal difference is something we will have to deal with by trying to win games that are coming up. If they had seven they should have played shouldn't they? As above, yes. Let's make it clear though, the lads there on the day are not the culprits and it possibly wasn't a very enticing prospect having to go out and play a game in such circumstances. However, rules are rules, but we will see what happens when the management committee meet up. At least it was not too bad a day elsewhere for us as far as certain results went, I just hope we get the chance to take out our frustrations on Tuesday night against Epsom in the Surrey Senior Cup.
  14. Molesey A v A Frimley Green Abandoned? Never got started as they refused to play with the seven that bothered to turn up. Absolutely gutted after the effort put in but more to come on that. Waste of a day!
  15. Villa website says their game at Bedfont has been called off by match referee. Our pitch was inspected by our local referee half an hour ago and passed fit for the Frimley game.
  16. As for Tuesdays, we've got loads free! From the rumours I'm hearing I think another one will be required for tonight's tie....... Unfortunately, you are right, as the game is off due to a waterlogged pitch. We are free next Tuesday but not again until 10th February (my birthday) so, as the Surrey Senior takes preference over other competitions, I assume we will be looking at 20th January. Looks like a circuit for the lads and then the West Ham game after!
  17. Good to see that you don't deny it though ......mmm, I think we'll leave this subject now. On a different note and not wanting to seem patronising, I've been looking at your website just now which I have not really done before and must say that it really is as good as I've seen. Credit where credit is due and I take my hat off to you - quality work! Hope we can get the game on, as it is one I have been looking forward to, and we will soon run out of available Tuesday nights if we get any more postponed, so fingers crossed.
  18. I'd rather be involved with a team that play to their strengths than one that try to get players sent off all the time - looking at your current record - and you have actually commented on this yourself - I don't think people have had to try that hard to get your players sent off. See you tomorrow, weather permitting, should be a good game.
  19. Smudge, you need to let go of that bone! The person you state as being NG/BG is not the one, as he attends virtually all of our games, so could not possible be attending the matches in question. We have trained the last two Saturdays and been back at the club after so he certainly was not at the games, whereas NG/BG obviously was. Unfortunately, your determination that he is the one has had the normal effect on people ignorant of the actual facts - FARCICAL - and they jump on your bandwagon and make themselves look stupid with their comments. With regard to Camberley, or any other team, and their style I cannot understand the problem people have. If you are a supporter you can make your own choice. If you are the opposition it is up to the manager to choose how to play against your opponents and decide whether you stick with your system week in week out, or adapt for specific games/opposition. I either watch myself or have a scout watch every opponent that we have played this season, so have an idea of the various styles of play. We then deal with that and hopefully get a positive result and if we don't get that we will look at ourselves rather than moan about the opponents style. As for our style, it is certainly not special, but we work hard on and off the pitch and so far this seems to be working. Today is effectively the start of the second phase of the season, so that could all change, certainly not the hard work but possibly the rewards we get. Final note on Camberley. I think we play them towards the end of the season, at home, and I honestly hope that both of us are still in with a shout of the title because it will be a cracking game and one really worth watching. Smudge, not sure what your issue with the club itself is. The pitch has been moved up a bit. The houses are now mostly built and some up for sale. We have some new lights, new fencing and the place does look a lot tidier all round. Not sure about the improvements being "lauded" but the process has made it possible for the club to continue.You would not begin to understand what some of the people have gone through over the last 10 years or so, and certain individuals have worked harder to keep the club going than many of us would ever know and certainly done this purely for the sake of the club and community. Their efforts deserve more than snide comments being made from the keyboard of a laptop but unfortunately this is all part of life now. Anyway, off to have a shower and get ready for our game with Spelthorne which should be a good one. Now, where are those notes?
  20. News from the ground is that the Molesey v Spelthorne game should get the go ahead.
  21. And Smudge, before you draw conclusions - it's not the bloke you think it is!
  22. Definitely a game of two halves and well contested all night by both teams. One allegedexpert suggested it was game over at half time as Windsor didn't have what it takes to get back into the game! Not sure about your suspicions Smudge, but the chap you seem to think is BG was not there with me at the game. Also add my thanks to Ashford who were, and always are, very welcoming. You don't oftenget invited into the boardroom when on a spying mission but Alan and his colleagues aretop people and were, as ever, generous with their hospitality.
  23. Take it no other games in doubt with the rain we are having.
  24. I must say we discussed this amongst ourselves following the email from the league. It seems like a done deal, but it is strange that the Premier will now be an odd number and Division 1 even, a bit like the tail wagging the dog. With certain teams not having lights I would have thought dealing with odd numbers in Division 1 would be easier. My view to our club was that I felt for Eversley and thought the league could have given them this season to try to turn the ruling on lights around. A deadline of 31st December, or maybe March 2015, with prior knowledge that failure resulted in relegation without appeal would at least have rewarded the promotion and given them half a chance to secure Premier status. Clubs have been given leeway in the past, ourselves included two seasons ago. Also, lights are not used that much prior to October or after March, so the restrictions imposed could maybe have been allowed to stand just for the 2014-15 season. Finally, if they are not being accepted into the Premier division, there is no doubt that there were only two relegation places for the league to allocate, so Ash must surely have grounds for a successful appeal. I am certain that most clubs put in that position would take the option, unless they did not want to. We are obviously not aware of all circumstances surrounding the case and this my personal opinion only. Hope we've got a game on August 2nd anyway.
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