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  1. Gabadia, Kabbadi, Jappati, Chappati, Poppadom, Pappadam?? I used the Mumbai spelling. No racist SR...just a guess based on the fact the majority of Slough are of Asian origin, 51.8% of pupils in Slough have English as a 2nd language, there are not too many Asian gentleman playing in the Premiership or any other pro or semi pro divisions in England. So I reckon I wouldnt be too far off the mark. Quite happy for you to play the racist card, you fill your boots. I basically dont like you, think you are a tit.... Get yourself down to Burnham's opening meeting on 8th November see if yo
  2. Those blinkers must be starting to irritate by now Woody, coz your narrow mindedness on the subject of finances is becoming as interesting as a Kevin Blackwell team talk! Wanting nothing more to do with the club should mean that surely? and therefore no need to make any comment? Ground improvements (continuing ground improvements I should add), redecoration and some cosmetic work is well in advance of the planning stage, some considerable investment has been made in materials since season end already, and Supporters of the club who have time and the enthusiasm are welcome to volunteer thei
  3. and the song goes "seedel put the lights on, seedel put the lights on...theres only one matt seedel" thats what you call playing team till it hurts!
  4. I'm amazed the league can suddenly do this, its crazy. What a bunch of assholes. If I were Totton, Cirencester, Bridgwater and Co I'd object strongly to this. Tough luck VT FC, you cant play/fulfill a league fixture before the season end you lose the points...simple as. Play your ressies in the league cup final and your 1st team in a league game instead on the same night. Play consecutive nights, play twice on the same day it's just tough luck. If we have to play consecutive days, tough luck. Andover played VT FC on consecutive days recently, if they'd have known the season was going to be
  5. Well said Mrs Cat. Wood, just leave it now. Wait 3 weeks then talk all you want on this open fourm. You get to see the light of day when blinkers are removed.
  6. Away from the game yesterday (and I didnt think they were "dirty" - although the 9 would have been introduced to a set of six down the calf and achilles if I'd have been involved), and just to highlight what Mrs Cat said, have a flick through your programmes from earlier in the season, read the interview with Jim Melvin. It will just give you that little bit of reassurance you might need. We are in good hands. 8 games to go 10 points clear...everyone knows what is needed.
  7. The Fat Lady is only just warming up, so let's not get ahead of ourselves...Twelve games to go. Win the next ten and we can all run around celebrating! I say just keep thinking it, but not saying it just yet. U T R
  8. Try not to worry too much about the suitable replacement for Seeds. I reckon The Colonel will have an idea of what he'll do!! A centre mid for a centre mid would be the least disruptive change. As for Seeds, if he did nail either or both players intentionally he'll be disappointed (as I will I suppose) they got up relatively quickly.... I suspect both challenges were accidently on purpose - some you win some you lose. Seeds is a vital part of our TEAM, and you need different types of players to have a good TEAM - he does the job he's picked to do, and does it better than anyone els
  9. Phil & Grant won't be there Woody, you'll be ok! U T R
  10. Aside from Fuzzy v Woody and the "didhesaygate" scandal I think it's clear to see that we just need some preventative maintenance...lets do a little bit of work before we develop any problems. Playing not to your best and still winning is a good habit. Playing not to your best and losing becomes a bad habit. Bad habits are a lot harder to shake. I would suggest a couple of new faces might liven us up a bit, but we seem as attractive to prospective players as the Dedworth Dog after ten pints of Strongbow with a broken zip on his trousers. Still, 34 more league wins and we'll win
  11. I agree with you Woody. Can you use your sway with the FA and see what you can do? Looks like the English/West Country West Country/English dictionaries will be in constant use next season....eeeaarrrr
  12. another has had a rework based on assumptions, second & educated guesses, and come up with two possible league/division line ups for next season; BGBSW1 Abingdon United AFC Totton Andover Beaconsfield SYCOB Bedfont Green Bridgwater Town Burnham Cinderford Town Cirencester Town Frome Town Gosport Borough Hungerford Town Mangotsfield United Marlow North Leigh Paulton Rovers Slough Town Taunton Town Thatcham Town VT FC Windsor & Eton Yate Town or AFC Sudbury Arlesey Town Aylesbury United Barton Rovers Beaconsfield SYCOB
  13. Anyone wanting to join the new Supporters Club please email your details (name, address, age) to the following email address. wefcsc09@yahoo.co.uk Don't be shy. U T R
  14. Jake was good today. Needs to play that well week in week out and will soon become a regular. Seeds was good. Ben was Ben....and should have had more time in that No9 shirt this season. Not sure about Rob Bullivant's non-stick gloves today, much preferred his previous ones!! So, Jake P was my MOM. Nice to finish on a high.
  15. is that a hostel somewhere as I've had that address repeated a number of times...sorry my mistake, looking at Slough Borough Council's website under STFC. stick your ma's address in Woody (unless the Bailiffs are due again).
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