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  1. I think Mickey would agree he had a 'mare yesterday.
  2. Intresting post. I want trophies and the last time we won a trophy was 2008 mwhen we won the Middlesex Charity Cup. (I do not count games where there is only one tie such as George Ruffell memorial trophy). That is 11 years ago. We now have the chance of winning the leage cup and that cannot be sniffed at. Gruelling ties in the dead of winter. I do agree that the football has been more exciting with other managers and there is no doubt that Andy's tactics leave a lot to be desired but if we pull it off and beat Hornchurc at Aveley in 5-6 weeks time I will consider this to a be a successful season. As teams fight to stave of relegation they are going to strengthen their sides and will be harder to beat, possibly, than a team that has little to play for except pride and their place. I have been as critical of Andy as anybody but I can say Andy you bring home a trophy you should be secure for the next few months but please do not play one striker when away from home.
  3. I am glad that Theo has recognised the contribution made by the manager in that game. Yes Joe had to be the man of the match but another hero was the manager yesterday. I was concerned when I saw the substitutions as to bring on three at a time is game changing and it could have heralded a rout but it was brave management and it did the job. Well done Andy but I dont love you ........ yet. Now as for the churlish comments what was the score remind me. We came back from 2-0 down and even 3-2. You cannot argue with that. Stortford tactics at 3-2 were totally wrong. They went into their shell and it allowed us to push forward. With a goalie as weak as theirs you cannot afford to sit back and hope. Our tactics, which have to be down to the manager, won the game. Yes Stortford were young and well drilled. They played well to a plan and it nearly worked but I could see that they were getting tired even towards the end of the first half and fresh legs crucified them. We talk about goals of the season but Youngs nutmeg on the goalie has to be up there. I was expecting him to cross as there was a player there but so was the goalie and I can only assume that he had his legs open in order to be ready to cover the cross. Youngs saw that and done him like a kipper. There are some that state that it was Stortford reserves. I don't know about that but i do know that there was the comment that some of their players were cup tied and we can only beat the players in front of us. A cracking, entertaining cup tie with a second half to remember.
  4. No that was Stalin and Mao. And the Labour Party in 1964.
  5. I think that they see me at the side and decide to put on their worst displays or were preparing to give BS a false sense of complacency before the cup match next week. After all we are unlikely to reach the play offs and all sports people like medals. Another idea is they played to the highest level before the AGM as they did not want the manager to have to face us on the back of a slump. On another matter Ryan has not been performing for the last two games and was subbed on Saturday. Is he really the man to be skipper? At the beginning of the season it could be accepted that he could lead by example, as his work rate, skill and commitment could not be faulted. He does not lead by bullying/encouragement and now that example is missing are their better players who can skipper the side.
  6. Everybody has said it all. I will be at the AGM on Thursday and it will be interesting to see what the manager has to say. It is my view that the budget is not the problem. We have splashed a lot of dough on a good player who, if he got the right service is clearly an asset to the club. Yesterday I saw him, for the first time running back to collect the ball as he was not getting the service from the rest of the team. His partner is young and may develop but yesterday he was clearly out of his depth. I saw the game last week and though Ibe did not set the world alight he was more of a threat than Josh, so has he gone or looked at the rest of the team and decided it wasn't for him. The man of the match was clearly Purcell who continues to put in a good performance but let's be clear Purcell struggled to get into the side 2 years ago and even now was not a regular at the start of the season so has he improved? My view is yes but for him to stand out the rest of the side has got worse. Also what happened at half time, the manager was out early but the teams stayed in the dressing room for at least 20 minutes whilst us on the terraces got colder and colder. There are people saying yesterday was the worst performance that they have seen from a Town side. I don't agree the game against Folkestone in 2017 stands out for me but the game yesterday was the worst I have seen at the Donkey Dome and is in the worst 2 games I have seen. Hooving the ball forward is not football.
  7. Interestng that nobody has commented on the narrowness of the pitch which, imv, must be the narrowest in the league and barely up to standard. Whilst they played wide, we did not and regularly overhit our crosses. In these circumstances it seemed to me that good link play was required getting the ball out to the flanks and then shooting it low into the box. These were the tactics that Merstham applied we strove, until the latter stages to play it through the middle. We rarely got to the byeline and when we did our crosses were overhit. From the way that goal kicks went out of play or from goalie to goalie it may even be that the length was also smaller than usual. But length is always harder to judge. Every game I look at the 10 yard line from the corner and consider how close it is to the penalty area. The ten yard line was barely a yard from the penalty box putting that pitch at around 55 yards wide very near the 50 yard rule minimum! It needed more effort from the players run fast, after all, they were not going to the cover the distance that they normally do on a bigger pitch. That field of play was worth a goal start to Merstham. Look at the table home form 8-2-2 away 2-6-4. it is clear that they know how to play on their pitch.
  8. Steph


    MoM deserved by Mickey yesterday. One of the best games I have seen him play. Also unselfish when the substitutions were made he seemed to revert to central defence and left Weatherstone? able to come up for corners. Agree with the feeling that we seemd to revert to one forward with the loss of Mo but Youngs put in a lot of work between midfield and Billy. I think we would have won easily if Billy had another partner.
  9. "Greatest ever player". Hm perhaps. I need to be reminded of a better player. I have thought of Lee Smith and Rudi Hall but they couldn't match Kirby. We have had some fine goalkeepers including Wright but also Andy Hall. Obviously Hope would be in there and I like to think that there would be, in the future, Bricknell and Blackman.
  10. >Theo Their goalkeeper and defence were very good. Reminded me of the of the old Enfield soak up the early pressure always playing out to fast forwards who will take on the defence and finally when the opponents have used up all their resources. Go for the jugular and keep going. We have done it once or twice this season but not consistently. We always come out of the traps fast but that sort of pressure cannot last for 90 minutes and it didn't yesterday. Perhaps that is why our away form is far better than our home form. (BTW before some smart alec corrects me I haven't checked the stats).
  11. I think that our management should consider the words of Abert Einstein,
  12. I thought I was the pedant.
  13. I also get annoyed by the reference to "Haringay". Haringay is an area of London bordered by Wood Green and Manor House. Haringey is a London Borough formed in 1964 by the amalgamation of Tottenhan, Wood Green and in particular Hornsey. Haringay was the border between Wood Green and Tottenham. The new administration decided to incorporate the "ey" of Hornsey so that the inhabitants of that borough would not feel left out.
  14. I have read the report in the Non-League Paper and, it seems, that I really did go to Folkestone as they saw a different game to me. It was obviusly written by a disappointed Lowestoft fan. Lowestoft were on top from most of the first half, used their wingers intelligently and with 2-3 players always at Bricknell's elbow as the sole striker we really did struggle creating openings. Lowestoft used the flanks intelligently wheras we decided that the middle 30 yards of the pitch was all that we needed. If we had gone in 2-3 goals down at half time it would have been a fair reflection of play but whilst Lowestoft wingmen showed true ability their strikers let them down. Also another good display by Wright. Second half seemed to be a reprise of the first but the heavens opened and our superior fitness in the difficult conditions seemed to change the pattern of play. The manager brought on Parcell with about 15-20 minutes to go and Hope for Britnell around 5 minutes later. Hope does his usual and gets in there where it hurts and knocked in the winner with a minute of normal time left. Why does the manager not partner Britnell with Hope from the start that would give our opponent's defenders a real headache and create more space for Britnell? A rugged win which at the finish was just about deserved. BTW I do know how to spell obviously.
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