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  1. Steph

    ETFC V Haringay

    I thought I was the pedant.
  2. Steph

    ETFC V Haringay

    I also get annoyed by the reference to "Haringay". Haringay is an area of London bordered by Wood Green and Manor House. Haringey is a London Borough formed in 1964 by the amalgamation of Tottenhan, Wood Green and in particular Hornsey. Haringay was the border between Wood Green and Tottenham. The new administration decided to incorporate the "ey" of Hornsey so that the inhabitants of that borough would not feel left out.
  3. Steph

    Lowestoft v Enfield Town

    I have read the report in the Non-League Paper and, it seems, that I really did go to Folkestone as they saw a different game to me. It was obviusly written by a disappointed Lowestoft fan. Lowestoft were on top from most of the first half, used their wingers intelligently and with 2-3 players always at Bricknell's elbow as the sole striker we really did struggle creating openings. Lowestoft used the flanks intelligently wheras we decided that the middle 30 yards of the pitch was all that we needed. If we had gone in 2-3 goals down at half time it would have been a fair reflection of play but whilst Lowestoft wingmen showed true ability their strikers let them down. Also another good display by Wright. Second half seemed to be a reprise of the first but the heavens opened and our superior fitness in the difficult conditions seemed to change the pattern of play. The manager brought on Parcell with about 15-20 minutes to go and Hope for Britnell around 5 minutes later. Hope does his usual and gets in there where it hurts and knocked in the winner with a minute of normal time left. Why does the manager not partner Britnell with Hope from the start that would give our opponent's defenders a real headache and create more space for Britnell? A rugged win which at the finish was just about deserved. BTW I do know how to spell obviously.
  4. Steph

    Tonbridge Angels v Enfield Town

    It is obvious.They missed me on the touchline and pulled out all the stops to ensure that I would be there at Felixstowe.
  5. Steph

    Tonbridge Angels v Enfield Town

    Missed last two games.See you Saturday.
  6. Steph

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    "It's not a coincidence, one goal in three matches, that someone has decided to be more negative in their approach. I find it hard to believe that all three coaches can be happy with this decision. " We have a proven goal scorer in Britnell but he is not superman. He needs the ball to his feet around the box and we see fireworks. He wont get the ball to his feet if there are three defenders around him as there is no one else up front to lay the ball off or keep possesion. That is Liam's strength so why is he on the bench? I wasn't there yesterday as I had a meeting, I wont be there Saturday as I will be sailing and I wont be there Tuesday as I am baby sitting. (Taking my nephews out actually) So my next game will be Felixstowe, unless of course the team dont produce the goods in the next few games as I wont be bothered to make the long trip, and I am nearer to Felixstowe than those in Enfield (just). Following week is poetry at Aldborough. Anybody see a trend here? It seems that the football being dished up is not enough for me to make the effort to go.
  7. Steph

    Margate v Enfield Town

    A game of fits and starts. A fussy ref who allowed shirt pulling to go unpunished. I am afraid that Britnell was the worst offender in this respect.Margate scored from an unlucky penalty. A clash on the left side of the box just in the area. A clumsy tackle rather than deliberate foul but pen nonetheless. We equalised about ten minutes later a well worked move ended by Blackman passing to Britnell ground shot from edge of the box. Second half I thought we were the better side. Corner after corner but then they scored from a breakaway. Perhaps we should have shut up shop and been content with the draw. We will play worse and win. Good hospitality by Margate and my dog, Jake, seemed to enjoy it.
  8. Steph


    To add my bit. I dont think that the leage this season can be compared with the league last year nor when Brad was here so that is a false comparison. I think that many of the players are better than when Brad was manager. My problem is that the manager does not convince tactically. He leaves substitutions far too late and seems indecisive as to how to use them. He does not change tactics when the opposition change theirs and, far worse, IMO is the team are not as fit as when Brad was here. Brad is a far superior tactician, works the players harder and knows his football. I am not convinced that, though Andy knows more players and can recognise skill when it is presented, but he does not seem to organise the players to their strengths and change when the situation demands. The substitutions last week, for example, were far too late. It was clear at half time that we were not making inroads into their defence as Merstham reorganised themselves after the first 10-15 minutes and there was no response from the bench. Too often we have seen the lone striker without support. We will see in the next couple of weeks with a difficult game today and Tonbridge on the 23rd.
  9. Steph

    Enfield Town v Merstham

    There were 4 good opportunities in the first 5 minutes. Goalkeeper fluffed a back pass, Britnell was unlucky with a header from edge of the goal area, Greene really should have had a first time shot rather than try to control the ball and a difficult chance from the edge of the box. After that we were dreadful and towards the end Merstham were the better side.
  10. Steph

    Corinthian Casuals v Enfield Town

    Seems a strong side. Currently in the south of France so can't be there. With you in spirit if not in the flesh. GO TOWN!
  11. Steph


    Bognor 14/1 seems generous odds. I think that Dulwich should be longer odds.
  12. Steph

    Skelmersdale v Town

    "Coach trip home was "entertaining" with the Players bonding well !!" Its good that they bonded but please spare us the singing next time.
  13. Steph

    Jack - groundsman

    I wish him well.
  14. Steph

    Football's Bereaucracy in a world of it's own

    8 coastal clubs (I have included Leiston) - I hope I have my boat berthed at Gosport this year and can sail to many of the south coast clubs!
  15. Steph

    Football's Bereaucracy in a world of it's own

    However that page does not include VCD Athletic who came bottom so BH were 4th from bottom and. as you say, confusion definitely reigns.