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  1. It wasn't just the ref. The line suggested that Mo had fouled the goalie by the one-line and it nearly got Mo booked. Mo and the goalie went for the same ball and there was no contact after the goalie had the ball in his hands. He went down as if pole axed and writhed about. That action was disgraceful. One of the things that is to admire in this team is that there is no play acting.
  2. I disagree with Seaside Towner as I thought that we had the second half throughout. In the first half they had a tightly disciplined back 4 with a playmaker in front of the line. We tried balls over the top but two forwards not talking or communicating with each other were never going to break them down Second half we played the ball on the ground. There back 4 got more ragged and we gradually took control with a more methodical passing game. Extra time their goal was completely against the run of play as we were dominant. I do agree that the save by Natham was probably the save of the year, truly in Bank's class.
  3. How are players expected to know which laws of the game they are meant to follow. Last week against Hornchirch no quarter was given. Crunching tackles went flying in but free kicks were few. Yesterday the slightest contact was penalised. Two foul throws were awarded once when the ball went flying out of the ground at well over head height but the ref knew the exact inch where it crossed the line. The other foul throw was correct as the ball was not thrown from behind the head but the thrower gained no advantage as he threw back to his player and we have seen, so often, this not awarded. I thought that Sam Youngs had his best game in a town shirt and he was our player of the match. Billy demonstrated why he cannot be ignored with his well taken goal. Altogether an exciting game with a good team performance and, with better composure in front of goal, we could have been three up in the first 15 minutes.
  4. There may be own goals as our defence is crowded and too many bodies getting an "in off"!
  5. I have formed the opinion that Blackman is the key to our tactics. When he gets forward his distribution and effectiveness is apparent. However, when he gets too far back the forwards lack the cutting edge and we lose the "outball". Yesterday, especially in the second half, we were like rabbits in the headlights, unable to develop attacks for long periods.
  6. Didn't we also get a fee for Paul Furlong and Carl Richards at the old club?
  7. BHG, the rumour yesterday is definite then. If Mo is getting a wage, even if not playing, he is surely on contract and there may be a fee involved.
  8. The second yellow was clear. The whistle was blown for a justified free kick and Mo kicked the ball away in frustration. It was stupid especially as he had been cautioned already.
  9. The ref was poor. The first yellow was totally undeserved as he did not dive. I had a clear view as it happened on touch line barely 3 yards down from my position and across the running track. Second he kicked the ball away but how many times we see that and no yellow. I also agree with Andy as I was expecting a dismissal after the earlier incident.
  10. The team appear fitter and certainly CC looked drained in the last ten minutes. We hit the bar and Britnell missed a pen 5-1 would not have flattered us.
  11. I don't agree. I thought that either side could snatch a win and we did. You have to recognise that Rushden are one of the top clubs in the Southern league. It is true that mcdonald had a good game and dealt ably with the crosses but we rode our luck and the goal was well taken. I also considered that the ref made many poor decisions perhaps the worst was one of our defenders got scythed down into the second half and absolutely nothing was given. And why he did not ensure that throw ons were taken roughly where the ball went off especially in the second half when the long throw expert came on.
  12. Well we ate camping at Rayleigh awaiting tomorrows game.
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