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  1. You got friends supporting Barnet!
  2. It may take a very long time if you have an in tray from your employer which must take precedence. Sorry for being old fashioned but I came from a time when work was placed in an in tray rather than an email system which does not differentiate between work and leisure, commercialism or just plain junk.
  3. Others have funds to place players on contract. If we can't offer a contract what is the point of announcing as another club, knowing that a player is available, just come along and take them. Players are free agents until they sign for a club. We have to thank the Bosman ruling for that.
  4. Forward. For defenders he needs them to run around and make the occassional air kick so that they appear busy and put their opponents off.
  5. Don't worry. Andy has organised a competition to be carried out last week of June first week of July. He will sign the first ten players who can accurately pass from the half way line and hit a stick on the penalty spot.
  6. Grays. Where is their ground now? Didn't it used to share at East Thurrock after the developers got their hands on the town centre site?
  7. He may just have become disenchanted with the game. He always gave 100% but often seemed exasperated at his team mates lack of awareness or narrow tactical intelligence.
  8. A very good post. We have to give the manager more time. He has been unlucky with injuries and he has failed against the top clubs but we are improving and with that in mind we should not change the manager unless results don't improve by late autumn Look at it again in October after the cups.
  9. Been lookinfoward to this all year. Too windy for boat, even for camping. So came by car and my annual pint in The Railway.
  10. It hasn't been a good season but it hasn't been a bad season as we have won a competition. There are people who do not accept the significance of that result, claiming it is a "Mickey mouse cup". It is a cup entered by 62 teams all of which would have liked to win it and we did! There are those who consider that the opposition were not up to it but Hornchurch soundly beat us only a few weeks earlier. Carshalton are a good side led by a type of player who we should have in our forward line, but we do not have such a player. In my view we did have such a player in liam but our manager considered that vision and experience are not qualities that he wants in the side. He prefers the direct approach of Britnell. That approach can work if there are supporting players who can put the ball in the right place for the forward but we do not have that. So what should the board do? We have 3 more games against lower league opposition. Like some on here I am seriously considering not going. (Certainly if the weather is warm and I can get the main up this week the I.O.W beckons). We should comfortably win those games and our manager should be looking to trial some of our youngsters or get some players from other clubs to strengthen our midfield and defence. If we do not win all of those games then the manager should be told, "Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish." If we win those games then the manager should look for some fresher, younger players in the close season and be told that if there is not a good start next season he will be out by end of October.
  11. I would refer you to Disraeli's view of statistics. 😊
  12. Your picture is very apt. Eeyore was always a misery guts. I prefer pooh.
  13. Yes I was there. I was recovering from Chicken pox and so went to the web site to check the date. As I was working at the time. It was 1985. Enfield won 2-0. Wikipedia says the club is no more. 1985 was a time, I recall, of severe economic depression and it was depressing walking to the ground past a once thriving industrial base. I felt the same way 4 years ago when moored in Seaham.
  14. A dismal performance with a disjointed team. The last 15 minutes we were all over Kingstonian so why did we not play like that earlier?
  15. I think Mickey would agree he had a 'mare yesterday.
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