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  1. Well goodbye The Bull at East Thurrock. Hullo again the Hoy and Helmet.
  2. Lots to think about in the last few posts. My observations, for what it is worth, were that the best side won on the day. I got a crick in my neck for the amount of time I was looking towards the Enfield goal and not to my own end. Hornchurch were a good side with, and I disagree with most on here, an astute passing game using both wide men who could play good football especially the left winger in the second half who had our defence in knots. If we put Hornchurch under pressure it was for seconds rather than minutes. If you want to argue how many corners did Hornchurch get compared to Enfield. I didn't count but I would be surprised if they didn't outnumber us by around 2 to 1. We had three very good attackers but our midfield was stretched and it meant that we had no width and our aim was to meet the target men, but that is no surprise as I think it has been the method for 90% of the season. (I don't say 100% as someone will come on here and say what about such and such a game). With a defence under pressure for most of the game they were bound to tire and sure enough Hornchurch got their just reward in the end. If we are to sum up the game and the season it is that we concede too many goals and the reason for that, in my view, is that our defenders lack pace and tactical nous. The best way to defend is always to keep possession but that does not seem to enter our management mind. Now I sound like an old fogey but I can remember the Tom Lawrence style of play. Soak up the pressure for the first 10-15 minutes assess the opposition and then as they tire start using your wing men and the overlapping full backs. Seemed to be Hornchurch style as well. It has to be said, however, that Joe Wright had a good game and certainly saved Hornchurch from having to chase a larger total at the end but one man does not make and team.
  3. Correction noted. He also had a football brain. I will never forget the goal he scored against us at Bromley. Free kick about 5 yards in our own half by the side line and I could see the gap between the wall and the goal post. A pin point shot from distance left the goal keeper with no chance.
  4. If Faal had taken his chances we would have won 4-1. His misses demonstrate that he is at the right level and should put dreams of football league to one side. Carl Richards didn't miss those sort of chances and he never made it at football league level. Paul Furlong made it at Football League level but was a far better finisher. Peter Feeley scored a goal with his backside for Chelsea but that was his only claim to fame. All of those players were better finishers than Faal.
  5. Benjrider 10 said, " But I have to say that the ground itself is awful. Pitch was excellent so no complaints there but 3 sides of the ground were so narrow, you couldn’t call it terracing. It was just 3 narrow and uneven steps all the way round." The Finchley ground is dangerous especially night and I would not agree to be safety officer at their ground. Though I have to say it seems to have improved since last time I was there, The crumbling terraces seem to have disappeared in front of the stand though as I said above the ground is still dangerous.
  6. A good report BU but I think some further analysis of why the long balls is required. I cannot remember a single offside decision (I accept the correction if it is forthcoming) and that is because both sides seemed to play deep. I often saw Bowers back line had one player hanging further back which does not lend itself to offside. The style of play, unusual for many of the teams we have played recently where they defend on the half way line, lends itself to end to end football with long balls predominating. Yesterday we saw good switches from wing to wing, something which has been lacking recently, and man to man marking by Boweers which left little time on the ball. Still I may be wrong.
  7. People have mentioned the torrid time our defenders had but have not written about Folestone's tactics. They definitely out thought us. They played with strength down the left flank and this could be seen when we scored our second when they kicked off with 4 players on the half way line on the left flank. We had no answer to this and I think we needed an additional player on that side to match their force. When they got the ball on the left they could play triangles and we were outnumbered. Football is a simple game.
  8. I was critical of Cunnington when he first came to the Town but I consider that he improves with every game as he has got to know the players strengths and abilities. Also when he is on the pitch Mo has more space as there is a big fella that has to be watched and Mo can play wider often losing his marker(s).
  9. You are mistaken AW. The twin brother has not gone to a game, as far as I am aware, since Essex senior league days. And the twin that comes to our games is a responsible person who takes photographs from the small stand opposite the main stand.
  10. Good post Andy. I think there were sedatives in our half time refreshments and prep pills in theirs. Carshalton played with more energy 2nd half and we seemed to go back to the long ball game. We also ignored the left flank as we constantly played down the right.
  11. An interesting game.First half was pretty even with both sides finding it difficult to break through well marshalled defence. Second half I thought that Kingstonian edged it and again we had to rely on Nathan to save us. The pitch has a definite slope and we had to defend against the slope second half and this may have contributed to the difference in play. It was an entertaining evening on a cold night.
  12. It wasn't just the ref. The line suggested that Mo had fouled the goalie by the one-line and it nearly got Mo booked. Mo and the goalie went for the same ball and there was no contact after the goalie had the ball in his hands. He went down as if pole axed and writhed about. That action was disgraceful. One of the things that is to admire in this team is that there is no play acting.
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