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  1. The team appear fitter and certainly CC looked drained in the last ten minutes. We hit the bar and Britnell missed a pen 5-1 would not have flattered us.
  2. I don't agree. I thought that either side could snatch a win and we did. You have to recognise that Rushden are one of the top clubs in the Southern league. It is true that mcdonald had a good game and dealt ably with the crosses but we rode our luck and the goal was well taken. I also considered that the ref made many poor decisions perhaps the worst was one of our defenders got scythed down into the second half and absolutely nothing was given. And why he did not ensure that throw ons were taken roughly where the ball went off especially in the second half when the long throw expert came on.
  3. Well we ate camping at Rayleigh awaiting tomorrows game.
  4. I am glad that the crowing cockerel saw the same game I did. But on another point can someone please explain to me that at the PB corners our two attackers both stood on either flank. Are they not talking to each other or do they have a body odour problem. A loose ball comes out and neither forward would reach it before the PB centre back.
  5. Central defenders - not as I suspect high crosses from wide with Our goalkeeper out of position.
  6. I am glad I wasn't there and able to look at baby photos at the game.
  7. Well I have an excuse. I was at Cropredy listening to Fairport Convention. I am now camping in the Lake District and off to Edinburgh on Tuesday where I will stay till Saturday then make my way back to Hemel. Anticipate my first league game will probably be Saturday week. Football should not be played in August!
  8. The three games I have seen have formed my opinion that the players who play first half, especially against Spurs should challenge the best in the league but, when substitutions are made, the strength in depth looks weak, reserve goalkeeper appears sound. Next week and the real thing will determine how good we are. We often struggle at the Dripping Pan 3 points will be extremely good.
  9. You got friends supporting Barnet!
  10. It may take a very long time if you have an in tray from your employer which must take precedence. Sorry for being old fashioned but I came from a time when work was placed in an in tray rather than an email system which does not differentiate between work and leisure, commercialism or just plain junk.
  11. Others have funds to place players on contract. If we can't offer a contract what is the point of announcing as another club, knowing that a player is available, just come along and take them. Players are free agents until they sign for a club. We have to thank the Bosman ruling for that.
  12. Forward. For defenders he needs them to run around and make the occassional air kick so that they appear busy and put their opponents off.
  13. Don't worry. Andy has organised a competition to be carried out last week of June first week of July. He will sign the first ten players who can accurately pass from the half way line and hit a stick on the penalty spot.
  14. Grays. Where is their ground now? Didn't it used to share at East Thurrock after the developers got their hands on the town centre site?
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