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  1. Happy Birthday Eastside_Aggro!

  2. He will be getting an earful tomorrow don't you worry...
  3. My comments were my view, Looking back on it quite harsh. The reason I use this forum is because I enjoy being at the club and i use this to voice my opinions of what goes on through the gates. I know times are hard at our club not having any (as of yet) home games and money will obviously be tight being this far into the season without a home match. There are other people who are the same as me that go to games and communicated and talk about matches & goings on. On my topic/post It wasn't aimed at anybody specific because that's just digging out and will cause only more problems, all i wanted to do was voice my opinion of our match at grays and the games we played beforehand. I do agree with jammyboys post as in we have lost many home and away loyal supporters which is sad to see because this is a great club, The over the top constant balls that lead to an opponents goal kick or throw in obviously doesn't work and could need a bit of seeing to. our match against Wingate Saturday we was unlucky, Special mention to George Purcell who I personally played so well but came away empty handed. We played the ball on the floor and at this level there ain't many teams that do so. That's usually seen at the higher levels (Conference) you see "on the floor" attacking football. When we play that style it works and you can clearly see a difference. We played that Saturday and it was a lot better than what we played at Grays. We was just unlucky. Thats the way our start to the season has gone so hopefully on Tuesday night against Maidstone we can get the ball on the floor and let the goals flow. Thoughts please?
  4. This season is nothing short of a disaster, we seem to of replaced players last year with sunday league standard players this year, with performances like that why would anybody bother to watch our games this season? I know it's hard to play many games away at the start of the season but its not so much the results its the actual performances that are below par, keep playing like that we will be saying hello to ryman one teams next season, something has got to happen before its to late, heard a few people say that other teams are in our situation but thats besides the point, forget about other sides from now and focus on us for a change. Maybe we will get somewhere with that
  5. Hello annie, can you take one off the list for pete, travelling up and coming home with tony, thanks (2 left for return from club)
  6. in all honestly if Jim has read this or heard about this he will know what to do as a manager but it is my belief that he will no longer play for us as a club, think a few fellow fans will agree with me on that as we know he can achieve a higher status in football. Ramo we we have to rely on other teams results before anything can happen. it is a squad of 11, not just 1 player, we as a club have had this before and it was very noticeable and to be honest very annoying, If this verbal abuse was from one of our own fans then I myself will ask around saturday who it was but i highly doubt one of our own will give it to our own player. Think all of this should be dropped now anyway.
  7. Who even are you? what have we said bad about him? stop milking the situation ramo
  8. Do not see why we are the ones getting an earful from who i presume are mates of the player in question. personally would like to hear stef himself on this case and an apology is needed. No matter what league he is in he is still getting paid to play football.
  9. Ramo now relate that to watch EU said earlier, to shut up fans getting on players backs put the ball in the back of the net instead of reacting in that way. i don't condone abuse from fans, but if it there that is the way you shut them up
  10. Wasn't present at the game saturday, i was on about the first image tagged dated yesterday morning about getting sent off
  11. Who is to say it was one of our lot? played at Canvey's ground remember, they dont like us and they always get on our players backs, just like we do with them, so who is to say it was one of our fans?
  12. i haven't said stef is not a great player, but surely himself as a player with experience not be posting stuff on social media like that?
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