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  1. Smudge me ole chap i too like you LOVE GUERNSEY but as i keep saying "friends from Guernsey" im not a GFC Lion, but yes sack them all, and make them play all thier home games in Jersey !!!
  2. I do apologise if this has been disscussed already but friends from Guernsey told me this afternoon that Guernsey had played a suspended Keiron Mahon and have know been docked 3 points for this lapse of communication with the GFA. Will this change anything come the end of the season ?
  3. Well Done GFC, Good Luck for the future, next season will be more of a challenge but you have proved thus far that you enjoy a challenge.
  4. Chuck you must really do your homework chap !!!
  5. Fantastic Footage TRS, From what i saw from your Video there could of been more goals and not just for Guernsey eh !! Well Done Chap.
  6. Im with you on that one GD, 8-0 sounds like Knaphilldidn't even have time to park the Bus eh !!!! does anyone know the crowd ? reading some post sounded like it was gonna be a good turn out. Well credit dew where its dew GD well done to you and your boys very impressive Guernsey are well and truely a force to be reckond with although we knew that anyway. Is that about 45 for the season for the Ross "the mean green scoring machine" ? the guys not human but i believe he's dad was pretty good too did he not play with Pele in the good ole USA ? Answers on a postcard please.
  7. Bitter ole man ! I take it he's in the monarity ?
  8. Penfold, You of all people......., sorry should i be worried what Donkey thinks !!!!!
  9. GD, you agreed with my score line fella !
  10. Right Guys, Ross Allen is currently on 42 goals in all compo's this season depending on what you read or hear, now we are only half way through the season so god knows what he will finish with. Is there anything from the past maybe as recent as AFC Wimbledon who come near to his exploits ? Baker knocks a few in but seamingly not in the same quality as Allen anyone else ? Surely the other question that begs to be answered is when will a club further up the Pyramid come a calling. Your thoughts please.
  11. Bomaya, I believe its 42 in all compo's !
  12. You heard it here first folks Correct score and even had £10 on it......................................not really what a numpty !
  13. I feel something is really wrong here....cause i actually agree with Donkey 1-0 GFC, Cobham will want this game as they beat Guernsey last time of asking, but they are a different animal at home. Tight but still a home win for me.
  14. My Mate tells me when it snows in Guernsey.........like several flakes the whole Island comes to a halt ! true or not GD ?
  15. For me it has to be Hartley Wintney 2-2 Bedfont Sports, To close to call, so score draw on the pools this time round, which will only benefit GFC even more. Talking about tips here's one for GD's Family don't buy him a Comb for christmas............
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