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  1. I spoke to quite a few of their players last weekend and they all said they were re-signing, when did this happen?
  2. Daniel can you send me an entry form to liameagle@hotmail.com. Thanks,
  3. Hellenic would be more suited, Wokingham, Ascot, Binfield, Bracknell all near by in the hellenic set up. Also Wokingham and Emmbrook have dropped out of the premier divison so would be good for Sandhurst to pick up some of thier players as Wokingham is only 5 miles down the road!
  4. It will be such a shame if Sandhurst go they are a great club
  5. The ref was threatening to report Cove because the players were trying to ask why he had cancelled it, if the game was played i couldnt see the game finishing with 22 players with that power freak in charge. Apparently your not even allowed to say hello to a ref now!!
  6. I wouldnt say that was always the case Duncs, a lot of the time it all depends on the new manager that is coming in.
  7. I presumed everyone trained twice a week, thursday definately and if no game on tuesday then tuesday aswell
  8. Cornell is the one chief scout, best striker I've played against at this level
  9. 7th in the league with games in hand, not doing to bad mate
  10. Why? Sandhurst are a well respected club. Oh hold on they dont hail from the 'CR' postcode zzzzzzzzzzz Bit of a lack of respect shown there Smudge Depends how you read my post N.L.N.,Thought that Sandhurst had a decent Manager in Dean Thomas,but I will bow to your greater Knowledge,that Managing Fleet Spurs and F.N.E. is the credentials I would look for in a New Manager at Sandhurst. you should be able to tell me deans mangement credentials before he took over then smudge as that is so important?????
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