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  1. Lee - Navy? - XXL Added - Thanks
  2. I'm really sorry guys. My computer broke just over the turn of the year and I just recently got a new one. When I said to Jordan that I would take it on I didn't realise the amount of work it involved. I'm sorry that it didn't continue and I feel I have let Jordan down. Hopefully someone can take it on next year who will be able to do it justice Sorry again
  3. Luton been promoted to football league. Taken them a few years. Well done
  4. England cricketers have been useless this series
  5. What's the word on the pitch tomorrow? I'm doing an early and will try sneak off early if the game is on
  6. I'll be up for it. Can't make Wednesday tho
  7. Ill be there. Unsure on times at the mo as I am now working. Is there like a schedule or are we just turning up and going as we like?
  8. Got another guy from work. And I can confirm we Can all do Friday 3-midnight.
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