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  1. Exactly the point I was trying to make, in case it sounded like I was saying Egham didn't deserve to be champions. 96 points certainly makes you worthy of winning any league. Just trying to make the point it could have been different, through no fault of Egham's of course, if Guernsey hadn't had to cram in so many games with so little rest.
  2. If a team refuses to travel by plane after Guernsey FC have been accepted into that league will purely be their problem Bob - they would be guilty of failing to fulfil a fixture and probably docked points as a result. As for the best team debate, yes Egham have been excellent this season and are worthy Champions, but who can deny that if it wasn't for the fixture backlog and games had been played at a more regular rate, Guernsey surely would have picked up the extra one or two ones they needed? Maybe they wouldn't, who knows? just my thoughts that if it wasn't for having to play matches with little or no rest, Guernsey would have turned a couple more of those draws or losses into wins. Have enjoyed debating on here but you Bob have never been able to balance your arguments, with them being fuelled out of pure dislike and bias against. Haven't been on here for a while so congratulations to Egham and good luck in whichever league the FA puts you in next season. I'm just delighted that after all the difficulties and challenges, my team has managed to go up too. Thanks to all those clubs who made our away trips so enjoyable, a lot of friendly, welcoming folk in the CCL (for the most part). From now on, whether we are eventually back in this league or not, I will always be following this league closely (both divisions) to see how it's going, particularly the fortunes of Eversley & California, Hartley Wintney, South Park, Molesey, Farnham Town, Colliers Wood United, Raynes Park Vale, among one or two others. Will also keep an eye on how Egham are getting on in their division. For those who will miss us, thanks for your support. For those that don't, who needs you? As for the original point made in this forum, thanks very much to Farnham Town for their gesture. They are well within their rights to do so even if they don't have to. I think it was great they congratulated and acknowledged the overcoming of such a huge challenge that Guernsey faced. Let's not forget that rugby teams do this pretty much EVERY game
  3. For BobUK's benefit, 8 goals With ross allen only as a second half sub i might add! Hat-tricks from Nigel Hutton and Marc McGrath. Loaring and Drillot with the others Come on Bedfont!
  4. kind of puts into perspective how English based teams do not want to do it just once a season, when the Guernsey players do it multiple times. In the first season I know one of the Guernsey players was using his annual leave for every midweek away. His employers (very kindly) said that this season he could just go to games and make up the lost time elsewhere as things were going so well.
  5. The one-man team strikes again. 4-1 w/o Allen against a top half side. lovely
  6. Proved we weren't a one man team too. Ross had a couple of chances but Heaume and Hutton were the heroes, as were Mackay and Hamon at the back. Matt Drillot on his first start provided the steel we needed in midfield Farnham looked great in the first half and deserved to have a couple of goals. Like when we played Hartley Wintney earlier in the season, hard to see why they aren't higher up the table if they play like that regularly.
  7. Egham have two tough away games coming up this week in RPV and Cove so momentum could swing yet again. Looks like it will be an exciting end to the season for neutrals. Agree with everything Ormering has said above. We have definitely looked tired but well done to Cove and Camberley for two excellent results for the away side at Footes Lane. We'll just have to go and put things right against Farnham. Luke Winch's miss definitely the key. That would have been game over. Awful sitter.
  8. well done Cove. We did look tired and they exploited that well. perhaps we should have changed a few more players or had a couple more options on the bench. Still up for grabs though. Tomorrow is another game
  9. As important as he is for us, not a one man team. First goal a pen - anyone decent at penalties could have taken it or been fouled in the box, Second from about six yards out in front of goal, a place where any half-decent striker wuld have buried it if they were the one in that position. Not trying to play down Ross as he is amazing, but just saying it's not a one man team - plus, someone has to be provider for him We have played three games without Ross in the squad and won them all, scoring 13 goals in the process. Not too shabby
  10. Huge win and a very satisfying night As has been mentioned, South Park were the better team first half and were unlucky to go in behind at half time, although there is no doubt it was a penalty. Guernsey much improved in the second half and getting the second goal so quickly was very important. Three good chances for Dave Rihoy, Another for Ross, one for Heaume and one for Hutton that I can remember but a couple of defensive slips at the other end nearly saw SOuth Park get back in it. Apart from one sliced clearance that nearly led to conceding, Tardif was soild as ever. Have to say, South Park is a wonderful club, really welcoming and staff couldn't do enough for us on the night. Really hope we play them again in the near future - but in the Ryman South of course! Important result in one of the hardest games we had left and we took full advantage of Egham's slip-up. Apparently they claimed some of it was down to the number of games they had to play in a week (HA!). I'm confident that despite the congestion we can sneak up to the top come the end of the season. 17 points behind, 24 points worth of games in hand - we can afford two defeats along the way, and that's only if Egham win every game, which I don't think they will. COYGL "We're on the march with Vancey's army, we're NOT going to Wem-ber-ley, 'cus the boys in Green and White think the FA Vase is sh*te so they'd rather go ahead and win the league!"
  11. Bonus point for colliers wood in their survival bid, great result from Guernsey's point of view. Seeing Egham drop four points against two teams fighting relegation could give us a huge boost. We have one of our toughest games of the season away to South Park tomorrow to get through first though, otherwise Egham's results won't really have meant anything if we lose. The batttle to survive is becoming extremely interesting now - teams down there are picking up surprising wins and draws and it's tough to predict who is going to go down.
  12. How is it sour grapes if it was before the game? Most satisfying night as a GFC fan in a while. Zimmerman outstanding at CB. Brilliant night
  13. because a lot of players just want to have a night out in Guernsey HKP
  14. surely two draws is worse than losing one and winning one E & E, only 2 points for two draws and three for one win. If you are referring to catching you guys up, I am confident we could still do that with the games in hand. Egham are the team that it's going to be tough to overhaul as they are much further ahead.
  15. Well noone can say the league bend over backwards for us as a special case. With teams not agreeing to come away midweek it is the opposite Be delighted if we get top three with that pile-up
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