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  1. As you say it's all about opinions but the problem as I see it is too many long balls and a lack of quality in midfield maybe the long balls stem from this lack of quality I don't know but perhaps someone can talk to Camberley cos they seem to do it ok
  2. Sorry Jellybeen although I agree with you with regards to the effort put in a decent striker wouldn't make a lot of difference as with the exception of a few crosses from the left the service to the front players was non existent unless you count the attempted long punt over the top as quality ?? The side they beat tonight are Div 1 and most of the the time their defence were untroubled hence only one goal being scored !
  3. Jellybean what game were you watching, a very good goal but little else, agreed Belmaine MOM but not much more to get excited about !!
  4. NLN youre spot on,also I think the the topic is embarrassing for Knaphill FC who have made great strides over the past few years especially off the pitch and I hope they distance themselves from these unnecessary comments made by a member of their management team.It sounds like sour grapes and probably is !!
  5. Looks like your prediction was spot on and having watched the game I can assure you that Liam Giles would have made no difference at all it will take a lot more than one player to turn it around as it seems that the new recruits are no better than Div 1 standard so it could be a long season ahead for Knaphill.
  6. Just wondering your reason for why you think Knaphill will finish bottom considering the improvement the club has made both on and off the pitch over the past 2 years
  7. Have to agree with NLN its pretty obvious that no other league wanted them so CCL is probably their last resort
  8. Interesting comments but I am not sure what Eversley will make of it !!!
  9. It begs the question if they can do at the top of the Premier why couldnt they do it at the bottom of the Div 1 ???
  10. Maybe you ought to as im sure with your knowlwdge you will be able to prevent another disaster
  11. I can only assume that you two were part of that successful regime that secured Knaphill 3 points from 6 games ,what saddens me is that you lot are still bitter 6 months later , please get a life and worry about your own clubs
  12. I think it is fair to say that Knaphill have improved since he left ???
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