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  1. A win for us against them Sat will secure a playoff place for us A nice enough club with cover at both ends, only disappointment being no beer on tap....just cans
  2. Last season we were lucky enough to reach the first round proper at Slough and hold Mansfield to two draws eventually going out on pens...... Whilst that was fantastic and we gained a load of money from it, we then had such a backlog that we lost ground and finished just outside the playoffs so whilst the FA Cup can provide a much needed cash injection it could also prove to be the downfall of your whole season. As for this year, I would love a local game.....perhaps Windsor which should get a decent crowd
  3. Whilst I totally agree with it how will it be measured...... For example, if you overtake a lorry at 70mph in the middle lane and there is one 200 yards in front of you do you..... A) Pull into the inside lane and then run the risk of being boxed in and have to reduce to 50 MPH then having to try and pull back out with cars approaching at speed. Stick to a contsant speed to overtake the second lorry in the middle lane. I completely get it as there are some stupid people on the roads who sit in the middle lane going 60 when they are not gaining on inside lane traffic or its cle
  4. Hello All, Talk at our game on Saturday was that Farnborough will be quitting so thats one reprieval place up for grabs.....then in close season you never know what is going to happen......Isn't there a ridiculous stat that says the 3rd bottom team has never been relegated since the conference south started
  5. Just to put it into context kevchencko. We had 5 first team players missing and didn't play great but we still won. The sign of a good team. As for Ashford I thought you looked an average side. I was impressed with your Japanese full back. He was your best player. Up the rebels!!!!
  6. Foxyhills Not once have I heard anyone state we were going to walk it. In fact if you bother to read our post we are all saying how nervous we were about the game as we are expected to win so a probable banana skin
  7. Unfortunately hv fans in the stand went too far. Yes Slough probably did the same in the 80's but like 99.9 percent of clubs we left it in the 80's. I did feel sorry for the hanworth team until their manager started egging them on
  8. It's was like being in the bloody 70's again Songs like "your gonna get your [censored] head kicked in" and "your going home in a st johns ambulance" A good side with thuggish fans. If we are talking about banter how about our fan who said "can't afford to go and see Chelsea" he says this at every game and it's a joke but your hanworth so called fan decided to try and push through the Slough crowd to try and start a fight.
  9. Hi Guys, I have started spreading the word about saturday too and hope for a good atmosphere and a good game
  10. To add to WR point. Aylesbury have 2 games in hand also so it really is a promotion challenge. Further to this they have signed a new keeper who used to play for Roma. And of course you get to spend an afternoon with the friendly Slough masses drinking beer
  11. Didnt you guys at Ascot have Jamie Jackson from us on dual reg for a while?
  12. Hi all. I believe a comment on our forum was made about letting in season tickets holders of Windsor free to our games. I think this is a superb idea as revenue would still be generated by the bar and tea bar. Maybe one of you should contact stfc
  13. 24-December 10 - Happy Birthday Mark44 :)

  14. Good news! Hope you turn it around completely and we get our derby game back next year
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