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  1. What a GREAT result,wanted to go today but had to work,as said long may it continue
  2. TonyM


    Oh well not bad result up there,thanks for the updates Chris.
  3. I like that Steve....good post
  4. Well done the GATE,and thanks for the updates Chris
  5. TonyM


    Good post GA11, its a shame that sort of thing happens,but its allways by the twats and its got to get out of all sport.
  6. Happy birthday mate sorry its late all the very best.
  7. GREAT post DR, and yes every GATE fan Should make the effort to get to HDP this Saturday and get behind the NEW MARGATE FC.
  8. Well done the GATE.I have to admit I did lose faith for the first time in many years but now it seems the team are as one and we can get out of the drop zone,keep this team for next season and move on .Well done the GATE and another WIN on Saturday PLEASE.
  9. Had a word with Jay he dropped a fireplace on his foot at work but he said he shuold be ok for Thuesday.Cookies post by the way sums it up today.
  10. Well done the GATE,seems like we are at long last getting it together,thanks Wellsie for the com;
  11. Well done the GATE,could this hopfully be the turn around we need,lets hope so?
  12. Dont knock it tone at least we r winning,at the mo??
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