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  1. 'Big up' to Sammi Naabad in goal (our sixth different custodian and seventh player in goal this season following Bitz taking over after a red card). The lad made his first team debut, had no chance with either goal, and played as if he'd already got first team football under his belt.
  2. Hi there. Unfortunately, there has been unrest behind the scenes following my report on Saturday's game against Bracknell Town. Even more unfortunate, the main area of disquiet has snowballed after what I feel has been a misreading of a comment (these things happen when you read an email and don't see the commenter speak in person) which was meant to signify dismay at the adverse scoreline on a commemorative day but has been interpreted as general disrespect within the club. I can assure you this was never meant to be the case with my remark. There are worse things to worry about i
  3. Fair comments there, manurgrate. For the record, I understand the final comment of the first post has been taken as a dig at how the players, management etc. have somehow disrespected Dave in general. Far from it and never meant to be read in that capacity, though I can see why some read it that way. Two things that need clarifying (and I'd forgotten the latter to be honest) is that, when we were first in the Combined Counties League from 1990 to 2000, the team more or less picked itself week after week and had very few transitional rebuilds and, more importantly, the League was two
  4. I think a bit more credit should go to Bracknell Town, who were clinical and well organised - you could see why they've started this season the way they have.
  5. Sometimes you can sugar coat the pill, but not today. One of our supporters from our first spell in the Combined Counties in the 90's came up from Bournemouth to pay his respects to Dave Baker, and Eric gave permission for me to say he thought we were rubbish and he couldn't remember us playing that badly in our early senior days. We missed good chances to take the lead and then equalise and paid dearly. In the 9th minute, Bitz was put through but didn't shoot first time and his eventual shot from a tight angle was cleared off the line by a tracking defender. Two minutes later Joe Gran
  6. Bitz came back after apparently playing one game for CB Hounslow United. Not complaining!
  7. Deja vu all over again today. For the second successive home league game we went in goalless at half time, conceded the opener, got a leveller and would probably be happy with a draw. Cheshunt had considerably more efforts on goal, many high and wide, a couple well saved by Tyler, and a cheeky first half lob which bounced on the rock hard pitch onto the underside of the bar and out. Their 59th minute opener came from a low diagonal right wing cross flicked into the far corner by Oluwole Akinsanya. Two minutes beforehand, Ashford's first real fruitful attack of the game saw Bitz go clos
  8. Defeat for Ashford, and a deserved win for Hayes & Yeading, but nothing to cry over. This was probably seen as a good opportunity to give the fringe players some game time and rest some big guns for the more lucrative FA Cup tie on Sunday. That said, United looked very lively and eager and, if this was mostly their first eleven and / or they keep up this level over the season (and work a bit more on shooting practice), they'll be up there at the end. At times the game was played at a minor contact, almost exhibition standard, yet we started very well and United keeper James Shaw ma
  9. You're too kind, Kev. I was probably too busy nattering to spot one booking! Just a thought - Tom as one wing-back, Samad as the other... that would scare the brown stuff out of many a team!
  10. Four points to make having read the website match report.... 1) Sorry, I didn't realise Hertford had two players booked - I only thought it was one 2) There was next to no backchat or whinging in the game which was refreshing (probably due to the new strict edicts on dissent), and the match was played in good spirit 3) The ref was unfussy, handled the bookings correctly and didn't get too much wrong 4) I didn't know we had a scoreboard! Can we have one placed on top of the goal end 'Dave Baker Stand' for wayward shots to aim at?
  11. Opening night (okay, afternoon) for our new look team, and a good performance which merited a draw. Hertford Town combined skill with a bit of old school feistiness and somehow got away with two fewer bookings than us but, in a tight game at first, they looked the more likely to score and did so with an unstoppable 20 yard top corner volley from Charlie Ruff in the 56th minute. Up to then we'd shown no lack of tenacity or commitment but needed that little bit more 'oomph' up front which we got with the introduction of the returning Kofi Lockhart-Adams, who made the difference. He latched o
  12. We also lost Mark Bitmead to CB Hounslow United a few weeks back.
  13. Correct, Tel. It was an overhead kick.
  14. Never realised that about the League officials and the ribbons. Cheeky b##tards! There was also the matter of Ashford having to change shirts at very short notice. At our place, the ref allowed our tangerine and white striped shirts and Brackley's red and white hooped tops but, at Brackley, we were made to change into Brackley's yellow away shirts just before kick-off and we then changed into the proper shirts to receive the trophy.
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