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  1. Dan - who knows? Just don't come back over here calling the beautiful game "Soccer" and using words like "awesome"
  2. Richard Butler has barely played for H&RB this season, and hasn't featured in the squad for the last four or five games, leaving him more time to visit his Egham hair technician. Another ex- Ashford player still at H&RB - Billy Jeffries has apparently been talking to Slough with a view to join them on a one-month loan to give him more match fitness, according to his manager Paul Dowson. Sounds a bit odd to me given the last time I heard, he was team captain at R&B and on the score sheet a couple of times with good reviews. Mind you, last time I saw him play against Grays earlier in the season he did score an o.g., albeit very unlucky to do so. He was a very good player with us and his Dad (Gary) served on the Club's Committee until Billy moved on.
  3. After a very brief stay, Jamie Lawrence is one of two from Sutton United's coaching staff who have been released, with a suggestion that their exit from the FA Cup when they lost at home to Burgess Hill Town (1-3) has left them a bit top heavy and needing to 'cut their cloth'. Rick Wellard, who has played in two thirds of their games this season, but was not in the squad on Saturday's league win at Farnborough, is still there and must be wondering whether the Salisbury City experience, is following him around the leagues. It is especially worrying when cost pressures are being felt so early in the season for a club with reasonable support, but a sign of the times, maybe.
  4. We may be welcoming Scott Todd once or twice more this season if he plays against us for Hanworth Villa, who he has joined from Guildford City. I wonder how many clubs our former favourite has played for in his career, and his winner at Brackley Town in the last game in our promotion season in the Southern League days, was perhaps his most important goal for us.
  5. Rick is indeed at Sutton United where Jamie Lawrence is also there as Player/Assistant Coach. I think that Salisbury were caught up with a cowboy owner and bitter in-fighting, and whilst I sympathise with the Club, and their players and fans, I also think that the Conference had no choice. My last understanding that after being turned down by the Sydenhams Wessex League, whose clubs voted against their admission, Salisbury have a season with no league to play in, probably no players or staff (unless Mr Claridge is still hovering in the background), and a very uncertain future. Unless anyone knows otherwise!
  6. Back on the previous discussion about Nando (Christian Nanetti), he is featured along with his mate Raheem Sterling on today's Daily Mail Online. An interesting piece plotting his life since being on Soccer AM's Skillz School slot, with a mention or two of Ashford and Jamie Lawrence. see www.dailymail.co.uk/sport Apparently he is now working as a waiter in Soho whilst still on Dover Athletic's books - and is still determined to pursue a professional football career. My last memory of him was running rings around Bedfont Green at The Orchard a few years ago. Very good player, who was always destined for somewhere else, but probably not Soho!
  7. Last Sunday's NLP had photos from the Margate v. AFC Wimbledon friendly game, where ex-Ashford players Dannie Bulman (AFCW) and Brett Johnson (former AFCW, now Margate) pitted their wits against one another. Brett's photo shows him scoring for Margate in their 3-0 win, whilst Dannie (who I never saw play for Ashford, just his framed shirt in the clubhouse) is shown trying to dis-possess an opposing player. A previous edition featured a story on Mark Butler's new role as Commercial Manager at his beloved Aldershot Town. Ironically perhaps, he was also at Margate as team manager for a short while after his spell as player and then manager at Short Lane and took us to the heady heights of the Ryman Premier League. Arguably the most successful manager in our history. No pressure then, Ben!
  8. Rick Wellard has joined Sutton United and refers to their management team as including Jamie Lawrence as "Assistant Player / Coach". Not heard that title before. Another Club's results to watch out for next season.
  9. Let me try and resolve this culinary dispute. A casserole is similar to what Luis Suarez has been found to be, a stew is what England got themselves into, which leaves a hotpot. Hotpot it must be? Back on message Dave, - Liam and I are delighted that the op. went well and look forward to seeing you when you are back at the RPS. Take care, and do what the medics advise you. I am sure you will be a model patient and get your strength back before you know it.
  10. Dave - very saddened to hear your news, but I am sure you will take your 'second chance' with typical determination and remember that we at the Club and your many friends at other clubs are all rooting for you, not to mention your close family. Liam and I send our best wishes and look forward to seeing you when it is the right time for you and Carmel. From what I've read, you will be in good hands at St George's and we'll look forward to seeing you soon. Keith & Liam
  11. The Portsmouth Evening News earlier this week carried out a report about Christian Nanetti, currently with Havant & Waterlooville. The story revolved around a circular circulated to clubs saying Nanetti (who played for us in the Jamie Lawrence era, I think) was available for transfer, something H&W denied sending out. Gosport Borough (FA Vase winners) manager Alex Pike said that Lee Bradbury (H&W Manager) gave him the valuation fee of £6,000 and the telephone number of Nanetti's agent. Pike commented that this valuation was too high for the player despite the Gosport club's windfall from their FA Vase success. As I recall, Nanetti's agent was often at Ashford games and known to be actively touting him around. Both Bradbury and Pike are wondering what on earth is going on, and H&W say that he is still part of their plans for the coming season. Watch this space.
  12. If I am correct in thinking that the fine Staines' keeper has a brother playing for Bedfont Sports, and in the knowledge that Matt Le Tissier or "Le God" to you and I, may be available for the game for Guernsey at Bedfont on 30th April (a Tuesday evening when Ashford are not due to play) it would be a good opportunity to watch the game and donate to the breast cancer cause that I am sure we all respect. The game is between our next closest {mileage wise} neighbours and Guernsey, the latter of whom we could be playing next season?. Wearing pink would be a good sign obviously, I already have my pink woolly hat ready for the night!
  13. Rather belatedly, I think that however may win tonight, the game should be dedicated to two local legends - Messrs Alan Boon and Ernie Britzman. As yet, I am unaware of the score but that is of secondary importance when you think of the two fine gentlemen concerned. The Ashford angels are smiling tonight.
  14. Does the student concession include (very) mature students, such as those claiming to be students of life? Hope to be there Saturday, but won't be there on Monday as my Doc tells me to stay warm. Not sure if it'll be warmer reading of the latest Saints defeat (or Pompey avoiding one), but good luck lads.
  15. Dan - understood, I just knew it would draw comment given the bitterness of that past era, and a certain individual (stir, stir). As an aside on the player front, I think Cambridge (Craig Ross) are playing Woking (Brett Johnson) tomorrow in the Conference. I don't think they were at Ashford during the same period, but I'll be watching that result with more than the usual interest. I think the two lads concerned were signed during the managerial stints of Mark Butler and Nathan respectively, but correct me if I am wrong. Our list of players progressing after Ashford is one to be proud of.
  16. Picking up a previous report, today's Middlesex Chronicle (Feltham, Bedfont & Hanworth version) has a picture article (page 49) about John Warrington's Bedfont Town Reserves team being assisted to a 5-0 win over Godalming & Farncombe Reserves by John's son and grandson who bagged three goals between them. The three people concerned are shown posing for the camera, all smiles. Didn't Vladivar (vodka) get linked with Warrington in adverts some years ago? If so, did we get a few free cases, or were these diverted on their way down the M6/M42/M40/M25/A30?
  17. Brett Johnson is now at Woking and scored in today's game in the second minute against Lincoln City. Be nice to see him back at the RPS one day.
  18. Rick Wellard played the full game for Salisbury City away at Havant & Waterlooville against one Christian Nanetti who set up one of the hosts' goals after coming on as sub with about half an hour to go. Courtesy the NLP.
  19. Those of you who watch Soccer AM will have heard Jamie Lawrence say he is currently playing for Tooting & Mitcham. Nice to see on our site that Jacob Mingle has returned. I always liked watching him play, even if the red mist occasionally intervened. Welcome back, Jacob.
  20. One move that appears to have slipped under this thread's radar is that Ricky Wellard has moved to Salisbury City (once managed by former Saints Nick Holmes and Tommy Widdrington, Nick living a few miles from where I was brought up and often behind the counter at his family newsagents). Rick's move is reported as being on a permanent basis after a loan spell before Christmas. Lovely bloke and I wish him well. I gather their game may be off today, but will follow their results with great interest. It also seems that Craig Ross is playing quite often for Cambridge United, with the former preferred keeper (Hedge) on the bench.
  21. Good luck to Byron, who seemed to p*** off a few people when he left us. A good player and decent lad in my opinion. AFCW have parted company with Rick Wellard, Byron, and Terry Brown, now finding themselves at the bottom of League Two and facing a return to the Conference. Sad, but whoever is running the show needs a new plan. Cheltenham is another different club to track the progress of, and a reason for Mark Butler to remain positive when he deliberates whether to get back involved in football management. I hope he does. Just don't go anywhere near Pompey.
  22. Just to mention Liam - who played for the under 15's and is now occasionally turning out for Teddington, in between looking after the lush grounds at the University of Surrey in Guildford and a rare appearance in the Daily Mirror! Thanks to Bob and Bones for the kick-start on that - I have pics I can send on request. I heard that Doug may not have a Ressie Team after all (under John W's management). Can anyone clarify (Alan or Beano)? I thought that it had previously been established (after the exodus when Jamie took over), that Vinnie (aka John) was playing at Willesden under his true name. A sad loss of a great talent, IMHO. He was a great servant to ATFC and we never got the chance to show him our respect, after he literally disappeared overnight from the scene. I will always remember bumping (not literally) into him on the Piccadilly line to Hatton Cross, and his cheery smile when our glances met. Lovely guy, good player, and a true gent in the Ashford mould. Jonno is another lost talent and a very personable bloke. Wasted at Spelthorne, I think. As for the others, no opinions, except that not long after a collection bucket was passed around for Scott Harris, he simply buggered off to join GOLDmining for the money, I presume. Well, there you go. We've moved on with Burge and Batts (finely assisted by Mick Snowden and Ben etc.), and whilst the play-off places may be a big ask this season, maybe next. Believe. I do.
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