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  1. kevchenko

    Ash Trees 1 Blues 1

    1) Sorry, I didn't realise Hertford had two players booked - I only thought it was one Yep I was gonna mention that but felt it rude to correct you
  2. kevchenko

    Ash Trees 1 Blues 1

    Enjoyed today's game and the new lads all did pretty well and we have the makings of a good side I feel... I though Hertford edged the game having a few more chances but dragged several shots wide of the uprights... So pleased with a draw overall from the 90 mins...... It was a spectacular goal and was applauded by us fans at the other end of the ground in line with the strike... Great save from Liam near the end tipping over the bar and I really like the look of Warren, strong powerful and quick.... Keep up the good work lads
  3. kevchenko


    Or as I said to Ryan, we will miss "Fish, Bits 'n' Beadle"
  4. kevchenko


    Three very good players and will be difficult to replace, I wish them all well and thanks for the performances in the tangerine 'n' white stripes...
  5. kevchenko

    Wet, wet, wet !!!

    To quote Marti Pellow and the boys!! Just checking if the game is still on today?
  6. kevchenko

    Ash Trees 2 Ks 2

    Monday you say which means I assume that Tuesday's league game is postponed?
  7. kevchenko

    Ash Trees 10 Blues 0

    Was fantasy football at times and yes they had 10 men for a long period but how often have we seen teams dig in being a player down? The league table is looking very rosy and this young team continue to flourish and play the game in a correct and entertaining manner... Not sure if I have been to a game where a team have scored double figures before BUT I did call it on 28 minutes when the 3rd went in that we would get 10 My pick of the goals, the boy Cottee's hat trick on 90 mins, exquisite curling finish!!
  8. This match appears to have vanished from our 1st team fixture list but is still showing on H & Y website....Is the match on this Tuesday evening
  9. kevchenko

    Craig Ross

    As in "he's got no hair but we don't care, Craigy, Craigy Ross Saw him playing for Barnet against the Mighty Exeter on Tuesday night and have to say he had a blinder... Well done Craig and I honestly never thought he would be playing at league level
  10. kevchenko

    Ash Trees 2 Sarnies 3

    Spot on Ed and Gibbo we really did as the old song goes "2-0 and we $£%&*! it up" A special mention for Samad who's defensive covering and reading of the game was superb... Not sure who was given our MOM but he was miles better then anyone else in a Tangerine 'n' White shirt for me....
  11. kevchenko

    Up for the Cup!!

    So we begin our quest for Wembley this Saturday at home to Wembley ! will there be a camera there I wonder as the BBC always used to do a "Wembley to Wembley" slot following the non league team until they were knocked out and that team that beat them and so on On a side note it is great to see so many players retained from last season and the new boy "Cottee" looks very promising as well
  12. kevchenko

    Admission prices 2017-18 Season

    Cheap at half the price then
  13. Does anyone know what the prices are for the coming season? Thanks....
  14. kevchenko

    Is this forum still going?

    Season hasn't started yet