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  1. Tottenham supporter Chas Hodges, of Chas and Dave passed away today.
  2. With the death of Alan Bean, only 4 of the 12 people to walk on the Moon are still alive. Bean died at the age of 86 Buzz Aldrin is still going at 88, David Scott 85, Charles Duke 82 and Harrison Schmitt 82, are the 4 still alive. Looks like space travel has not impacted their life expectancy – assuming they made it to the moon, nothing like throwing in a conspiracy theory. It does question that in a few years’ time there will be no one left who has walked on the moon – has human kind stopped moving forward? Nearly 50 years have passed since the Moon landings and for the younger generation it may as well be made of cheese. Is it this lack of adventure that has allowed society to stagnate and lead to the social problems we face today?
  3. Sir Roger Bannister – a true sportsman and amateur who did it without drugs, and the money used today. RIP Sir Roger.
  4. As usual I am leading the way - one day they will realise that what I say is gospel.
  5. Ingar Kampred has died, the founder of IKEA. News is they are currently having to re-read the instruction leaflet and checking they have all the parts for his coffin as currently it looks like a coffee table.
  6. Looks like the Americans have a fruit cake in charge, thats not a hair cut it is icing.
  7. Wont be spending this Christmas in prison!
  8. Looks like the tory boys are going to regret getting their worms out in class and if too many have to resign, it looks like the very slender majority may slip away and there could be a change of government?
  9. Now that the WSL 2017-18 is about to kick off, with all the hype and political correctness the BBC can apply, is it really what it is made out to be? Two 10 team leagues, that are being pushed by the FA to show that they are not just a bunch of old boys feeding from the gravy train. The reality is, would these WSL teams be able to compete at level 8 of the men's structure - maybe. So in terms of equality and that the women's game wants to be measured on its ability, then it should attract the same amount of funding and publicity as the men with that level 8 of ability. Looks like level 8 men are now being under represented in comparison to the WSL.
  10. Bannon now gone - cant be many more left - even his "loyal" team is decimated.
  11. Looks like he has his orders sent via Trumpton Jnr. - starting to get spicy.
  12. He then sent his daughter to represent him at the next meeting - bet the other Presidents/PM's loved that.
  13. Looks like the Queen has a far better grasp of what is going on in the country than Theresa May. So when your 91 year old gran knows what is going on and you at 60 don't, something is badly wrong! Another election by the end of September this year?
  14. Martin Keown has had a dig at Craig Shakespeare for wanting the Leicester City managers job. Shakespeare has got the results so good luck to him. However It is very easy for Keown to sit in the warm studio picking up easy money whilst he puts everyone else down, especially as he has no experience of management so maybe he should keep his mouth shut and only talk about things he knows about - I am sure there is a donkey sanctuary who want is experience.
  15. Looks like Hereford have turned into the Millwall of non-league - just a bunch of thugs more interested in drinking and fighting. Pity they did not fold and disappear.
  16. Would be interesting if he ends up in court for slander against the press for some of his comments - maybe a UK journalist could raise a case against him here and when he lands he can be arrested and go off to his own special room in Bellmarsh at her Majesties pleasure and save the Queen the embarrassment of having to entertain him face to orange face.
  17. Coke head TPT also not picking up her pension.
  18. Think you missed the point JR As Zamo said "just say no" and you can pick up your pension!
  19. Liz Smith makes it to well into her 90's Parfitt, Michael and Fisher pop their clogs between 53-68 No wonder some ministers are calling for the legalization of drugs as it will solve the pensions crisis.
  20. She turned up for the re-dedication of our local war memorial on Friday 11th November this year as it was an appointment she accepted over a year ago - still looking after her constituency, remembering those things that are important and keep her feet on the ground.
  21. This Christmas I will be going down the shops to buy a seasonal cake covered in marzipan and icing - looks like the yanks have not bothered with the adornments and got one for the next five years!
  22. "You don't get good and funny headlines from me now," Mourinho. West Ham 2 - 1 Chelsea & Mourinho red carded. "You don't get good and funny headlines from me now," - Is he sure, as it looks like he has hung himself out to dry - what a clown.
  23. Leading the country wont be in his job description either. I give him a maximum of 18 months and he will be ousted as leader by the party and an acceptable face will be put in ready for the next election. I understand he knows the words to the Red Flag song rather too well - is it the labour party or the communist party you support Romford?
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