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  1. With the death of Alan Bean, only 4 of the 12 people to walk on the Moon are still alive.



    Bean died at the age of 86



    Buzz Aldrin is still going at 88, David Scott 85, Charles Duke 82 and Harrison Schmitt 82, are the 4 still alive.



    Looks like space travel has not impacted their life expectancy – assuming they made it to the moon, nothing like throwing in a conspiracy theory.



    It does question that in a few years’ time there will be no one left who has walked on the moon – has human kind stopped moving forward?



    Nearly 50 years have passed since the Moon landings and for the younger generation it may as well be made of cheese.



    Is it this lack of adventure that has allowed society to stagnate and lead to the social problems we face today?



  2. She turned up for the re-dedication of our local war memorial on Friday 11th November this year as it was an appointment she accepted over a year ago - still looking after her constituency, remembering those things that are important and keep her feet on the ground.

  3. Leading the country wont be in his job description either.


    I give him a maximum of 18 months and he will be ousted as leader by the party and an acceptable face will be put in ready for the next election.


    I understand he knows the words to the Red Flag song rather too well - is it the labour party or the communist party you support Romford?

  4. Now that the only thing worth watching on the BBC has been ditched, can I now get my licence fee back?


    As I don't see any entertainment value in :- x list celebs dancing, old people selling off their antiques, people doing DIY to improve their house price, people who cant sing trying to wake up the British brain dead, a bunch of cockneys arguing and shouting, sports "highlights" hours after other channels have shown them live, quiz shows that have to have the correct ethnic and gender quotas so that it ticks the PC box, trying to raise money by bolting the word "Comic" in-front of naff shows because it is for "charity", watching Fiona Bruce make a major drama out of a lost cat, and news that has such a blatant political slant on it that it should be called propaganda!


    So why do I have to give money to the BBC for this?


    I suppose it balances out the over priced politically opposite position of the Australian broadcaster.

  5. That's a bit strong to talk about Rhodes like that Romford Boy! :P


    However it is the freedom of speech that allows Rhodes and the rest of us to use this forum in the way we do and allows all of us to voice our opinions, sometimes controversially, that theses terrorists wish to stop. 

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