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  1. Looking forward to watching one of the two top teams in North London take on Hertfordshire opposition this afternoon. Good luck to the other top North London side as Spurs take on Watford!!!!! COYT and COYS!!!
  2. Wonder what the now ex con is doing now!
  3. Play offs looking more and more unlikely!
  4. I often wonder where those great players from our ESL days are now. Back then, the fans had a much closer relationship with the players. I guess the higher you go the less cntact you have with the players.
  5. Great result. 490 attendance!!!??? Hmmmmm!
  6. A great move...as long as he REALLY wants it?!
  7. Did contemplate coming today but apathy did set in and a good book beckoned. Glad the apathy did set in.
  8. I think Badger made an important point there. He will be bringing some children. In our ESL days, any of the more vocal youngsters who used foul language were asked to tone it down. That appears to have stopped and sometimes the language is pretty awful. There are a number of children from the primary school where I work who come to games and if we want to keep these families then we need to change some of the chants and some other older fans need to get rid of the OTT abuse of opponents and officials. Leaders of the Ultras well done to you but please take note of this post.
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