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  1. Oh dear! We need a cup run! COYT!!!
  2. Couldn't get there today. Any views on how we played? PB have had a great start to the season.
  3. Great result! Now we really need to push on for the runners up spot to ensure home ties in the play offs.
  4. Not sure who manages the Town website. However, the league table needs updating. It is still showing the table from mid November. Happy New Year to all Town fans.
  5. Whenever we played through the middle we looked dangerous. Unfortunately, we spent long periods of the game lumping the ball up front. Good game though and we are still top of the league.
  6. Looking forward to my first live game since March 2020. The club website states that tickets are available at the gate. However, it also states that this is for season 2020/21. Given that we are now in season 2021/22, is this still the same or do I need to buy online? Thank you. PS looking forward to seeing some faces I have not seen in a year and a half.
  7. So, do I assume that we are not planning on getting past the FA Cup first qualifying round and the FA Trophy third qualifying round?😃
  8. No beer!!! Hip flask it will be then!😆
  9. Looking forward to watching one of the two top teams in North London take on Hertfordshire opposition this afternoon. Good luck to the other top North London side as Spurs take on Watford!!!!! COYT and COYS!!!
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