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  1. Ian_W

    25-June 11 - Happy Birthday Tom :)

  2. Here's the link: http://www.twohundredpercent.net/?p=10874
  3. A firm he is involved in has gone into liquidation. http://www.windsorexpress.co.uk/news/article-19523-solicitor-firm-goes-into-liquidation/
  4. Cut O2 off, sorted. Get them to fix their mess.
  5. Surely the concern should be though if the Judge looks at the business plan which says "Build x amount of 3G pitches" he will just think the money is there to pay off the debt?
  6. Burnham are thinking of doing the same thing. I don't quite understand why you would want to given that FA Cup entry doesn't permit usage of 3G pitches for games, so potentially you are denying yourself some money. I had to agree with the presenters though - if you can afford to build them why not pay off the debt. I don't think Peter Simpson came across that well and seemed to dodge most of the questions asked of him.
  7. I don't want to stir anything but stumbled across this: http://thetownend.co....html#msg848606 Rumour of course.
  8. Ian_W

    25-June 10 - Happy Birthday Tom :)

  9. Pretty pathetic by the Express to be honest.
  10. Yes it was. I've refreshed and it's all changed.
  11. Ian all the posts on my account are showing with a unix timestamp i.e 1269256427 instead of the usual post time and date. This has been happening since the recently forum upgrade.
  12. Tom

    Gavin Smith

    Your not the only one Mal. I had an email from Steve Spencer after a comment made during the Keith Scott/Wycombe saga to the tune of "Can you contact me via email regarding the use of material on the Slough website." Which I did asking for how I could help him and never got a response. I then saw a copy of an email sent to one of Burnham's fans by Steve Spencer posted on their guest book stating; "People at Slough Town, Windsor & Eton and Maidenhead United are constantly moaning about our coverage." Yes we moan about the coverage because what he and Baylis Media do amounts to plagi
  13. From what I know Saunders has opted to join Ascot where he has some mates with the intention of "winding down his career", despite interest from Southern League clubs.
  14. I wouldn't trust the Maidenhead Advertiser with any form of general journalism let alone breaking news, they seem incapable of it. Most of what the cover in terms of Slough is copy & pasted directly off our site without our permission.
  15. Perhaps it might be an idea to prune the database and remove some of the really old posts. Maybe only keep the data going back a 2/3 years? Should help with the speed I would image as there is less to index.
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