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  1. I'm not understanding you point 'the guardsman'!
  2. What a game! Michael Chennels absolutely superb, deserved to get the winner!
  3. Live text feed for the Windsor game today, not going well at half time unfortunately! http://www.localberkshire.co.uk/sport/roundup/articles/2012/01/28/56760-live-windsor-fc-v-molesey/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  4. Having a nice little conversation with yourself Rother! LOL Shame about todays result, that could be the league over now really unless guildford were to drop points against similar teams.
  5. Wasn't at the game yesterday but pleased with the 3 points! Bit of a scare with the floodlights going out again (Will they ever get sorted?!) Guildford are still winning so it is going to be difficult for us to catch and overtake them, it is getting to a stage where we need to win every game. On a side note keep an eye on hanworth villa still a danger to both teams at the top.
  6. Thought maybe that the own goal was actually a Chennels goal from where I was standing! Oh well 5 Goals for him still isn't bad!
  7. Well wasn't expecting that today! In case anyone dosen't know the score it was 10-0......Yes that is correct 10-0. Chennels (6/5 maybe Porter) O'Toole (2), Romeo, Anthony. Special mention has got to out for Ryan O'Toole's first goal, which was probably the best goal I have seen at Stag Meadow (his second wasn't bad either). Michael Chennels has clearly made a difference to the side, although still not fully fit, scoring a double-hattrick takes some doing no matter how good you are, but he looks a cut above some of the players in this division. Obviously Egham will put up a ster
  8. Windsor 3-1 up at the moment, including two goals for Ryan O'toole!
  9. Superb performance from Windsor, particularly impressed with Yash again, seems he can't stop scoring at the minute! All four goals were excellent and its encouraging to see them coming from all over the pitch. It may have taken a while for the team to get going, but once the first goal went in the result was ineveitable really. If we keep playing like this most of the teams in the league won't be able to compete. On a side note, nice to see Jake Parsons back, he didn't even come on and he still 'hit the bar!'
  10. 5-1 now! Anthony 4th, Chandiram 5th
  11. Has he signed on to the club for the season?
  12. Cove 0-3 Windsor Anthony, Yash and Chandiram Penalty. 40 mins gone
  13. A good battling performance by Windsor, it's useful to know that we won't give up if losing! Need to keep the momentum going now and take control of this league before christmas.
  14. Thanks for all the response so far, I'll make sure to include the bar and raffle in my research!
  15. Thanks Sparksy. A note to everyone else, I'm not collecting the data until probably next year due to course restrictions, I just want to find out who is prepared to help out.
  16. Hi all Windsor fans, I'm a student a Bucks University and I'm doing a study of Windsor FC, and in particular fan spending. The research is based around whether the recession has affected your spending at the club. Just wondering if anyone would be prepared to share details of their spending at the club, it would be a great help. Please message me privately if you don't feel comfortable sharing it on the forum. Thanks
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