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  1. Again someone post an opinion on a forum and shot down, I though forum was about airing your own opinions
  2. Just found out if chipstead beat Torquay there away to arsenal Fc
  3. Thanks Anthony Good luck for rest of season
  4. Give me a ring pls mate lost your number and trying to sort programme
  5. It's looking like weds 6th but not heard anything confirmed yet. Looking forward to it should be a good game
  6. Cheers smudge looking forward to the game hopefully weds 6th nov still tbc
  7. Looking forward to having you come down to chipstead, come introduce yourself Chris, I'm Lloyd the chipstead youth manager
  8. Hi where abouts did you find this, been looking trying to find out who chipstead got
  9. I think the Kent league would be better for Croydon travel wise
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