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  1. Having been born in West Derby in Liverpool and moved to this area at 7 does that mean I should be supporting another side rather then the club from the city I was born in? I think what annoyed me about your post is the fact that I have played since I was 5 and although I am only 30 now I am still playing, this might not sound great but I have had more major injuries then you could imagine and have had to drop down quite a few levels to keep playing, now if I didn't truly love football then I think many in my position would of called it quits. During one of my longer injuries (a double ankle break) I took on managing a side at local level because I was going mad not being involved at all. When I get home from playing I always check local results from the combined counties down to Sunday league Aldershot & District Div 5. But regardless of all this because I prefer watching a higher standard of football I am not a true football fan? P.S on the note of watching in the wind,rain etc etc, I would love to watch Liverpool week in week out but I simply cannot afford to. You say watch any football? I presume you are seen regularly on Sunday morning watching a local div 5 Sunday league game?
  2. Brilliant... Because you prefer watching CCL level football and I prefer watching Premier league level football that makes you more a football fan then me.
  3. I am guessing there is a major improvement in playing staff even if you were to join the Surrey Elite?
  4. But surely performance has to come into the equation at some point? By footballing rights they should be in the Surrey Intermediate Div 1 next season after finishing 2nd from bottom in the Intermediate Prem? And from playing against them they would even struggle in that league.
  5. The youth team thing is a difficult one for me. Having played in the best youth side for our age group in the area by a mile which for reference was Frimley Green at the time I can see the attraction of a team running a youth team at this level. The best players tend to all play for 1 team in the area regardless of school, friends etc. All it takes is for your team to be that team that they all happen to play for in one particular age group and you have the basis of 2-3 maybe more players for your first team. I will use my own side as an example at least 3 maybe 4 from that side played for Frimley Green later on.
  6. I wasn't at the game but from the highlights, Epsom's defending would be something I would be embarrassed to see on a Sunday morning. To be caught out by a long ball over the top that many times excluding the fact the midfielders had all day to pick a pass of their choosing is poor.
  7. I always thought that if you appealed your ban was on hold till after the appeal? It definitely used to work that way anyway as I once appealed the most blatant red card for foul and abusive language to play in a cup final.
  8. Duncs, I'm not against change I just prefer playing on grass that's all. Like I said its most likely just a bad coincidence but it starts to plant the seed of doubt in your mind. I love the idea of 3G the fact you get an even bounce and a true running surface is brilliant but for me its just not the same.
  9. Played 2 games on 3G pitches this season. Seen 2 broken ankles and 1 broken leg and not a tackle in sight for any of them not including my own double break last year on one again no tackle made just controlling a ball from the air. It might just be a horrible coincidence but the grip you get is far to unpredictable especially when wet. I hate games being called off but its not like you really miss out they still have to be played.
  10. The pitch hasn't been any good for over 10 years.
  11. Sounds nice Smudge. Last week I paid £3 to train paid £5 to play and paid £12 to take the kit to the Launderette because it was my turn to do the kit and as most know it was a little muddy on Saturday and we have a white kit.
  12. Come on Redders this is Saturday football its more important then anything else. You abandon it and pay the fine/release fee after the game
  13. The Aldershot and District Sunday league run an U21 league which Alton Town and Badshot Lea have sides in. With regards to rules on any over 21 players I do not know but by the fact its a Sunday Morning league I guess its not as useful as this proposal for any player returning from injury or lacking fitness.
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