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  1. For him to play in the final means one of the regular players would of missed out he had more then likely been at the club and played the whole season.......what must that do to a player who has given the club his commitment for a season?? Every player who played regularly last season played in the final.The player in mind played a dozen games for romford but played games for m&b before and after his spell there.I think the ruling is a joke, players who try to work there way up the leagues who maybe have a promising start but then get cast aside and find themselves frozen out,now cant
  2. Having played in the league last year,from what I got told Kelvedon wasn't paying as much money as the previous season.Good luck to the players getting a few quid at least they don't have to pay a signing on fee,club membership and subs unlike the team I play for.As for the league team I think its down to who you know than to do with your football ability,this needs addressing.
  3. Haha im sure it was as his back was to goal?i dunno.If the number 9 was playing up front on his own that is Ricky Chappel, Or possibly Hussain Isa,i agree Gillard deserved motm but should of scored.Look forward to playing use next season.
  4. Was a close game,with Runwell having the best of the first half while bakers upped there game in the second half. Sub Arron chambers scored the winner with a over head kick in the 94th minute to win the tie. Motm was awarded to M&B's Danny Gillard.Agree with Smallsy the pitch was very dry and bumpy with some good football played in spells.Also quite surprised by how many turned up.
  5. If Frenford can keep the same team i see them being up there again.The teams i fancy to do well based on this season are Rayleigh town, Buckhurst Hill,Manford Way(based on a few of there reserve and u18 players being promoted) & M&B if they can get a consistent team out and improve there discipline.Should be a strong league with the teams coming up.
  6. May & Bakers V Runwell Hospital over at AFC Hornchurch 7.45 KO.It's the final game off the eofl season and shouldn't disappoint.
  7. Barking have had injuries but they have a reserve side who are top of league,with players more than capable if given a chance.So no excuse really. Up the Blues
  8. Best ground I've played at this season would be white ensign.Worst ground played at so far is Rayleigh town.
  9. I totally agree with voice of reason the senior league seems to be about big strong players who can play a bit of football, where as in the Olympian Premier teams get the ball down and play football.There are many players in the olympian who could piss that league and even ryman div 1.
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