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  1. Your exactly right loop "most" not all!! And I take great pride in saying that the small minority that did not want them in are now being proven right. GFC will have to drop out of whatever cups they are still in for the fixture list to really work which makes it all the more laughable. I would like to point out that I have no personal vendetar toward GFC but not a lot of thought went into this and it is purely a cock up on the league and FA's behalf. Good luck at step 4
  2. Blimey, still on this round-a-bout! It's like driving through Milton Keynes.
  3. A great gesture. But please don't think any of this is towards the team, it's about the situation!
  4. I would prefer a genuine and factual answer to the question Geordie
  5. Can anyone from Guernsey tell us what is the longest time that flights have been grounded for?
  6. There you go again, speaking for other people. At you or have you ever been self employed? Are you a boss of staff? I know for one that my boss would go ape if I didn't return to work.
  7. Beano you are close to contradicting yourself. Volunteers cannot afford for flights or games to be cancelled abroad. Please remember at most clubs it is the players that get paid and not the "volunteers".
  8. Cannot agree more. As I stated in a previous post, the Guernsey faithful live in this little bubble and don't really care about the smaller man! Teams will go bust!!!!
  9. Beano. I think the current climate is enough proof don't you? Not everyone has the luxury of 800+ fans and there own tv channel.
  10. Oh and there is also the difference between paying £400 for a coach to get to a game on main land uk as appose to god knows how many ££'s for cars to the airport, parking the cars, flying over to Guernsey and for the Hotel. No comparison at all between the two other then a round ball
  11. That's you. How you can speak for others and try to justify cost is beyond me.
  12. How the hell you can compare playing a game in Guernsey to playing on mainland uk is just pathetic. Clubs at a higher level will go bust because on Guernsey FC. Clubs are just about staying afloat net alone having to fork out for games abroad. Imagine a team paying out for hotels and flights then the game gets cancelled. Will they have to fork out again for the rescheduled fixture?? In all fairness to Guernsey they applied and got accepted its the FA that should take up the slack.
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