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  1. michael


    COULD SOMEONE post the link to the margate fans facebook group. i have jst changed my laptops all around,and that site was not im memory or favourites. the one i am after is the supporters one (but not the 'official supporters club site/facebook group )Rather the one that has the occasional margate fc comment, interspersed with videos of dancing dogs and other nonsense. i am daFT enough to post on there occasionally as well, but as i said-can't locate the site. i think it has something like 188 in the facebook group number. hope someone will be kind enough to post the link. cheers
  2. michael

    Bull's keeper hunt goes on

    its just like the old days-good to have Mr Sanderson back
  3. michael

    Gate part company with quartet

    aw-such a tease as ever BGA. go -on -live dangerously-give us a clue . why not provide the fourth letter of the new soponsors name-then i can spend the close season guessing who they will be, as opposed to spending the time platting my nasal hair
  4. michael

    Bull's Gate blueprint

    i buy into that. i did read elsewhere NB describing it as a 'project' however. always get a bit nervous when football becomes a 'project' !! (and whats wrong with lumping the ball up in the air if it brings wins !!.Retain the hoof i say .MF-T will slay them with his swashbuckling style)
  5. michael

    Gate part company with quartet

    I know we have thanet taxis sponsoring the sand BGA, but i was thinking more of significant shirt sponsorship,so you are advising that is also 'sorted' for next season then. and that is thus with who ?? Perhaps my definition of sponsorship is a bit different-i normally associate it with a company/individual handing over a fair and reasonable sum of money in return for the promotion of that company/companies products/trading activity .
  6. michael

    Gate part company with quartet

    who is (one of) the sponsor for next season then BGA ?
  7. michael

    Gate part company with quartet

    good post NKN. very valid points. 12 months ago,despite the alleged high wages,TB was saying it was hard to get players to margate-but he was able to 'sell the (Lasletts ) dream-new ground, division one,etc etc. well that was a load of boxxxcks. so its left to NB to sell the nightmare-smelly portacabins,relegation battle/low wages etc . I can see a team being made up of Nikki's mates-players who NB knows ,and he'll call in a few favours-but maybe havent got the quality required.still-any team is better than no team. equally as NKN says-how are the club going to pull in the sponsorship required ? How much have ATC fire and Dreamland actually paid the club i wonder,and where will sponsors coe from next season-who will find them ?
  8. michael

    Lifeline for Gate

    Pretty certain that havant will win one of their two games. a draw no good to margate,so that leaves st albans at home to dartford or margate away to bath. sadly to me ,as they are at home , st albans have the easier task, to my mind, that makes margate, relegation favourites unfortunately. i wonder how the bookies envisage it panning out ?
  9. michael

    Doom and Gloom......maybe not

    can only speak for myself, but i think a lot of the doom and gloom is related to the league position. frankly-we are in a reegation battle . 2 wins over the weekend-and we are safe-and g and g is lifted. 2 losses (i am anticipating one point from the two games ) and we are in the mre, with a youthful set up. what a difference two wins will make-sadly-i can't see it-but hope i am wrong
  10. i don't think you will get many margate supporters disageeing with you. It what most of us know realise and expect. the next thing in about a months time will be the 'appeal' for additional investors to help the cause,which will fall on deaf ears-and then it will all be the fault of the supporters . just so predictable that given-if anyone could provide the specific link to the article in I of T gazette, it would be appreciated. many thanks
  11. michael

    red cards

    if you were a player-and had to change in those dressing rooms-would'nt you also want to take an early bath ?
  12. michael

    Bull holds players' summit

    can only speak for myself-but appreciate the numerous articles on MFC that you provide. to be fair (whisper it ) seems we get more margate stuff than most other kent clubs so it is appreciated again. along similar lines to the article,i noted in NB's post match interview with ryan as per the official site, on 3 occasions he used the phrase 'in the main' when talking about how the players were responding. possibly that implied that he was not 100% happy with everyone ?
  13. michael

    Bull to go

    so what are these specific 'managerial skills' that you seek ?-UTG. once definedhow do you know if he has or has not got them ? What specifically is experience ? TB was extremely experienced. Jim-i have lots of managerial experience -Harvey is very experieced-but has won nothing of consequence. could 15 years experience mean that i have been doing a job the same bad way forthe last 15 years ?
  14. michael

    Bull to go

    totally agree UTG. Nikki Bull should be given a 2 year contract tomorrow
  15. michael

    Bull to go

    forgive me if i think these are some really odd posts. first to admit that i thought bull was the wrong appmnt. Having seen and listened though-i now think he was absolutely the correct appmnt (well done the board for ignoring most of us on this issue at least ) I hope to see him appointed for next season real soon. his work ethic and what seems to be meticulous planning will be winning results. need two more wins to be safe,and then we can lose all the other games as far as i am concerned . its all about next season.