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  1. aw-such a tease as ever BGA. go -on -live dangerously-give us a clue . why not provide the fourth letter of the new soponsors name-then i can spend the close season guessing who they will be, as opposed to spending the time platting my nasal hair
  2. I know we have thanet taxis sponsoring the sand BGA, but i was thinking more of significant shirt sponsorship,so you are advising that is also 'sorted' for next season then. and that is thus with who ?? Perhaps my definition of sponsorship is a bit different-i normally associate it with a company/individual handing over a fair and reasonable sum of money in return for the promotion of that company/companies products/trading activity .
  3. who is (one of) the sponsor for next season then BGA ?
  4. good post NKN. very valid points. 12 months ago,despite the alleged high wages,TB was saying it was hard to get players to margate-but he was able to 'sell the (Lasletts ) dream-new ground, division one,etc etc. well that was a load of boxxxcks. so its left to NB to sell the nightmare-smelly portacabins,relegation battle/low wages etc . I can see a team being made up of Nikki's mates-players who NB knows ,and he'll call in a few favours-but maybe havent got the quality required.still-any team is better than no team. equally as NKN says-how are the club going to pull in the
  5. so what are these specific 'managerial skills' that you seek ?-UTG. once definedhow do you know if he has or has not got them ? What specifically is experience ? TB was extremely experienced. Jim-i have lots of managerial experience -Harvey is very experieced-but has won nothing of consequence. could 15 years experience mean that i have been doing a job the same bad way forthe last 15 years ?
  6. totally agree UTG. Nikki Bull should be given a 2 year contract tomorrow
  7. forgive me if i think these are some really odd posts. first to admit that i thought bull was the wrong appmnt. Having seen and listened though-i now think he was absolutely the correct appmnt (well done the board for ignoring most of us on this issue at least ) I hope to see him appointed for next season real soon. his work ethic and what seems to be meticulous planning will be winning results. need two more wins to be safe,and then we can lose all the other games as far as i am concerned . its all about next season.
  8. good video to be fair. new breed of manager syndrome-all good. take the point about JS,floyd hasselbank and a few others. i would suggest though that there is a massive difference and massive more pressure , taking on a team halfway through a season, who are in relegation spot, and where you have been part of that team yourself. it'll take more than half a season to distance yourself -and unfortunately-the next 4 fixtures are as tough as they get-which will mean the pressure mounts. wishing him well to pull it off. Up the Gate
  9. like everyone, i really wish NB well-and hope it works out for him,club and supporters. i think i am more aligned with NKN view . I so want to be wrong-but an honest view is that end of January, team wqill be in 21st place, panic will set in.just like holloway before, NB will be told its not working,re-offered opportunity to stay on-won't as a point of principle and the club will be looking for another manager and a good goalkeeper. that said-decent start today-realising that he can't both manage and 'keep. so sacked himself as captain as well then. Good luck NB Up the
  10. those advocating current players as managers,may wish to reflect upon how successful Robin-we're goin to bash'em-Trott was ? did he not successfully take a side that were storming away with the league and promo certainties to about 8th in a matter of six weeks
  11. they wouldn't be my first choice but when i read about the likes of richard hill and steve browne being bandied around, whilst i only observe characters from the outside-without knowing them (and supposedly opposites attract )i do wonder whether there would be a bit of a personality clash with Mr Laslett,and indeed how they would take to Mr Pope . Jamie Day still for me-but one name most of us have bypassed-again not (quite for me-although suspect we could do worse ) would be Jake Leberl (CK taught him all he knows ?)
  12. michael

    New Kit

    whilst on a personal perspective i like the purple kit,(and it is purple/not blurple-but very clearly purple )are some things just sacrosanct ? You don't go meddling with graves. similarly-is it a case of you go changing things without very careful consideration,whoever your God is,has a way of punishing you ? are there spirits out there conspiring to blow the ball out of the net ?
  13. michael


    for all i care, we can misplace every pass, but just win the game. apart from all of that ,accepting every media has its place and uses, nice to read some varying views and a modicum of debate as opposed to one liners and ploughing one's way through posts on pub meet up times
  14. michael


    seems a bit harsh to me Chris,but respect your view. i'm not one for 'performance'-couldn't care less-just want three points and to win everything-i even get upset if we lose the toss for choice of ends,but notwithstanding that-if margate do perform 15% better (and i have doubts that they can)we'll storm the league. play as per saturday-and will beat most teams anyway . In reality though-most games wont be played on nice pitches with nice football,it will as ever be about grinding out boring wins .
  15. michael


    If it was a HDP-we would have been saying what a gorgeous pitch. it really was lush andwell cut wasn't it. I thought for one minute we were playing at Augusta National ?
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