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  1. I blame it on the conference south...lets all go back and play in the ryman league..
  2. sorry yes small shit team from Romford!
  3. It ain't a sprint tho is it eastside it's a marathon and we won that race, ryman league champions. Shit team from romford!
  4. At home so cant really complain, against a new team, happy with that. What we should all be looking forward to now we have progressed a league! Cambridge Uniteds away record reads well in our favour only having won one away game all season. COYB!
  5. out of interest does cup money get paid round by round or at the end of the season?
  6. a pre-season trip to scum island.. http://canveyislandfc.com/news/2012/06/pre-season-schedule-announced
  7. seems like the facebook page could do with some work as well. ours is linked in with our website so all the news stories go onto facebook as well. plus all followers get send a event invite to every match/club event.
  8. their already talking about getting a european team to the bridge for a pre season game on the runners up forum, BBB!!
  9. Thought the celebrations were rather muted. Deffo was not like the scenes at margate! First time the hornchurch 800 were heard was the 118th minute.
  10. What's the prices?? Will take it out of my beer money.
  11. Don't wana go home, don't wana go home. this is the best trip I've ever been on!
  12. I'm sure eastside could do some real damage with one of those crutches..
  13. Been there...got the tshirt ...went bust
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