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  1. Happy Birthday nick.ince!

  2. What on earth has happened at Cockfosters? Could potentially finish bottom pending the outcome of the Stotfold vs. Hoddesdon fixture. Obviously having worked with Dean Barker for most of this year, I understand that he was able to pull together a talented young squad with a non existent budget last year, but to go from 3rd to 23rd/24th is a huge crash. Having battled with the Cockfosters team that got promotion from Div 1 a few years ago, it will be a shame to see them drop back down.
  3. Some very boring, dare I say Italian'esc football being played in the development league by the looks of the results...
  4. Can't do any worse than Saturday... PREMIER DIVISION Biggleswade FC v Leighton Town (HOME WIN) Colney Heath v London Colney (HOME WIN) Harpenden Town v Hoddesdon Town (AWAY WIN) Holmer Green v Berkhamsted (AWAY WIN) Oxhey Jets v London Tigers (DRAW) St Margaretsbury v Welwyn Garden City (AWAY WIN) Stotfold v Biggleswade United (Draw) Sun Sports v Crawley Green (HOME WIN) Wembley v Hadley (HOME WIN)
  5. Really good win for Hoddesdon. By all accounts, it was well deserved. Worrying start for Brox. Not seen any of their pre season, but have heard that they have a very young side with little experience of senior football.
  6. In my defense...it is pretty hard to predict results on the first day of the season. That said, it was a pretty poor show!
  7. Haha...this was better than my Prem accumulator this week!
  8. Berkhamsted v Cockfosters (Home Win) Biggleswade United v Holmer Green (Home Win) Colney Heath v Hoddesdon Town (Home Win) Crawley Green v Oxhey Jets (Home Win) Edgware Town v St Margaretsbury (Home Win) Hadley v Harpenden Town (Home Win) London Colney v Leverstock Green (Home Win) London Tigers v Leighton Town (Draw) Stotfold v Sun Sports (Home Win) Tring Athletic v Welwyn Garden City (Draw) Wembley v Biggleswade FC (Home Win) I am not predicting a single away win tomorrow in the Prem
  9. The Hadley and Berko results are ridiculous. At least Langford can hold onto the fact that Hadley are a league above...but if you are a Stotfold player, you will not be looking forward to the new season!
  10. Will be an interesting couple of weeks on twitter...my feed is full of shaky hand or players signing on pictures!
  11. Winning the league should be the primary motivation, promotion is a by-product of that success. Those who say 'we couldn't get promoted anyway, so whats the point' are using it as an excuse for bottling it when it came to the crunch. That said, I would have been very surprised if Dean or anyone else (at this level) could have taken Cockfosters any further. Their apparent lack of resources in comparison to other clubs will make it very difficult to keep hold of their better players or bring in new players of the required quality.
  12. I seem to remember people saying the same thing about Welwyn last year
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