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  1. Had the pleasure of going to watch SCR and they really dug deep. Great resilience and well done to all involved
  2. Redhill and AFC Hayes struggling to adjust to CCL life? Looks like a repeat syndrome of Guildford and Chertsey last season.
  3. Whats going on at Redhill?? 4th straight loss. Are aims of a quick bounce back to Ryman South already over!?
  4. really surprised by Barnards departure?? is there more to this behind the seasons. surely cant be due to on field performances as were only 2 bloody games into the season!!
  5. I dont blame Flackwell in the slightest. The south west is a hellish league with extremely long days and ridiculous costs which could easily cripple the best of run clubs. We look at guildford and fleet town for example who have struggled in that league in previous seasons and you have to ask why? After all, players arent given premiership wages so is it fair to ask them to travel so far especially if what we are told is believed to be true that many players play for free. Its a very difficult decision for ANY team to turn down a promotion because lets face it everyone has the ambition to play in the highest league possible even if you do get relegated straight back down. No player/manager and i would home club official would be happy to coast along at step 5 with no ambition to push their clubs higher. The dismantling of the league system by the FA is the real culprit and is just another example of them ruining and disrespecting grassroots football
  6. I understand the point your making but Guildfords example might be due to a forced hand as they brought in a manager with little/no experience of our league and the only group of players was his former youth players? Lack of contacts in the game or a bigger plan to involve the youth team... im undecided on that
  7. Completely missed every point i made. Voiceofreason? More like TalkingB***cks
  8. It seems youve lost faith in humanity that a ground hopper turns up to support non league football, we do still exist i promise you. Ive stated many a time to anyone who will listen that id rather watch an end to end non league game then a premiership 0-0. Having been an ex-player and coach i do have some knowledge of what im talking about when analysing a team. But i somewhat do wish there were MORE groundhoppers as the more people who support non league football and get through the turnstile can only help the reputation of our step. Whilst the views may be negative from time to time about the teams surely making sure non league football is brought up in a discussion is a good thing. "Bad news is better then no news at all"
  9. I wouldn't write off a "groundhoppers views" so quickly. These views are often none biased and provide a good comparison of teams in the league. Whilst loyally following your team you might only see your opponent twice in a season a ground hopper will inevitably see them more than you. I have no qualms with where Camberley are in the league and yes players swap clubs (sometimes regularly) but that in my opinion DOESNT change the style of football a team plays so in fact YES they do adjust to the club they join and change their ways. My comments weren't inflammatory and Kroons understands that this was based on admittedly the little ive seen of Camberley and may have caught them in particularly heated/volatile games. Please dont insult my intelligence to say that i cant form my own opinion and i merely follow the opinion of a forum. That in my view is inflammatory. I actually would have liked to be at that game as it looked a good battle! Maybe E&E rich you should watch the video before defending the refs performance
  10. Kroons I wasnt at the game hence why i didn't comment on the result OR the performances of the 2 teams as i am in absolutely no place to do so however my 3 i's comment is based only the few games ive seen of Camberley over the years. As for the allowance of poor refereeing because some of us believe the league to not be good enough to warrant a competent referee... We must up our overall standards and expectations of the referees as the CCL should merely be a platform for referees to move furthur up the ladder and not just the pinnacle of their career. If this was a one off below par performance from 1 referee i could totally understand the opinion to let it slide but in my opinion the standard of nearly all the referees is not good enough. You may disagree with me as is your right but theres nothing more frustrating then the referee being the talking point of a game
  11. Clear from the highlights Camberley are still implementing their 3 i's of football... Intimidation, Imitation and Interrogation Nice bit of clapping in the refs face and sarcastic "Well done ref" which he was totally oblivious to aswell. You do have to wonder how these referees get the promotions they do. This highlights the need for strong performances at this level and so far the standard we currently have is making a mockery of the league
  12. Went to watch chertsey v guildford and must say i was impressed with the amount of people who braved the elements. Decent crowd. The pitch looked quite heavy but nevertheless think it was the right decision to play the game. Guildford started brightly and you can see their young squad are full of running and took the lead through chertsey error. Chertsey came back after that though and basically dominated the game for the remaining 70 minutes. quick mention to the chertsey centre backs who were very strong and didnt let the guildford strikers play or have time on the ball. Chertsey keeper though looks very suspect and dodgy in possession. Guildford however looked weak all over the pitch and lost almost ever 50./50 and committing numerous unnecessary fouls. 2 cards in 2 minutes is a record ive rarely seen before. I worry for guildford i think they are genuine contenders to go down.
  13. having read that back Smudge it was harsh but its just a shame that it appears guildford are going in the wrong direction. Terrible start to this season so far and such arguably have been challenging for the title this season, minimum runners up
  14. RedskinBlack i would love to know your definition of a successful coach/manager. From what i can see you have an ex pro player from a two bob league in Africa as a manager and an assistant whos only coached youth team football? Whilst this will come across rude i find your statement of calling them successful coaches as remarkable. We all know Raynor had a talented squad that won the CCL and im sure they were being paid handsomely.. is he arguably more successful then your current management? Many have tried to win this league with pacy kids and failed. Camberley for example are a big build squad of players who have had a very good season up till now. Its not all about tricks and flicks but more knowledge of how to play the game
  15. is it possible the ref at hanworth didnt fancy the game because rumours have spread amongst them that bottles were thrown at the officials on tuesdays game with guildford and racist chanting was heard? Maybe he was worried about his safety? Can be the only reason i can think he would call off what has been described by several players and fans as "perfectly playable". Certainly an incredibly hostile environment to be involved in
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