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  1. I don't know if we have any signings in the pipeline so we'll allocate you Lewwis away if that's ok. We want to start promoting the away sponsorship so if we don't give you anyone now there's a chance you may miss out.
  2. Thanks Mike. I'm trialling a paid upgrade to one of the plug-ins that's installed so will see how it works out. In addition to the banner you also get configurable statistics (total shots etc), a match timeline, past meetings plus a bunch of admin tools so we'll see how it goes and whether it's worth it. Thanks.
  3. We will be making a couple of changes to player sponsorship for the upcoming season. With the increased attendances we wanted to give more supporters the opportunity to get involved. We considered the approach adopted by many clubs i.e. shirt sponsors, shorts, socks, training tops etc but decided to keep it simple and go with home kit sponsor and away kit sponsor. Prices: Staff Sponsorship - £70 (same as last season) Player sponsorship (home kit) - £100 Player sponsorship (away kit) - £70 As the home kit will be replaced for the 2023/24 centenary season home kit sponsors will receive a signed shirt from their player at the end of this season. We'll ensure sponsors are mentioned in every home match day programme and on the website against the player profile. We have also created new player graphics which display the sponsor and these will go out on social media for any player related events - goals, penalty saves, appearance milestones, awards etc Current sponsors get priority so we need you to confirm whether you want to renew sponsorship for the upcoming season, transfer it or let it go. Please reply on here so we can keep everything in one place. Thanks. Current sponsor list (confirmed in bold ) Management / Staff Sponsor Colin McBride Jago Mark Stimson Roy and Mary Thomas Tony Gay Bob and Kim Jamie Southon Fred Hawthorn Timi Olomofe Trevor and Arlette Ronnie Hanley David Hughes Sir Gary Hall Blackballed Player Home Kit Sponsor Away Kit Sponsor Nathan Bertram-Cooper Dave Abbs * Available * Ellis Brown The Slobs * Available * Joe Christou MadAboutFlags * Available * Jordan Clark Trevor and Arlette * Available * Kenny Clark Fred Hawthorn * Available * Rickie Hayles Wivenhoe Urchin * Available * Sam Higgins Oliver Roberts * Available * Tobi Joseph S.A.A.P * Available * Ollie Muldoon Leaside Colts White U10s * Available * Liam Nash Paul and Stephen McEnnerney * Available * Ola Ogunwamide Pony Tailed Urchin Reserved - to be confirmed Mickey Parcell Joe the Geordie * Available * Lewwis Spence Upminster Taproom MikeMike Charlie Stimson Ian and Ann * Available * Remi Sutton Kel * Available * Tom Wraight Belfast Urchins * Available * Joe Wright Mitch and Les Walker * Available * Example Graphics
  4. Next season. 1923, so will celebrate in the 2023/24 season.
  5. Haha thanks. I think we created the better chances but it was definitely squeaky bum time at the end .. with the shot that just missed the far post (Reynolds I think) and the late rally of corners that were dropping on our 6 yard box. I agree, Stortford are looking good at the moment but hopefully you'll still be fighting for a play-off spot (and have something to play for) when they visit you on Easter Monday.
  6. Postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. Bar will still be open, from 1pm to 7pm.
  7. Quiz date changed. Now Friday 4th February.
  8. The primary purpose of the Junior and Youth teams is to engage the community and give local boys/girls an opportunity to play football in a controlled and safe environment. Just take a look at the uptake of mascots for instance to see how proud some of our junior teams are to walk out on a Saturday alongside the first team. Doing what we do, we'll still unearth some very good players, a number are at non-league clubs or higher (Shadrach Ogie is at Leyton Orient for instance) but the absence of an U21 or U23 side means we may not be able to realise a player's full potential. To do that they may need to move on to get the experience they need before progressing to a first team.
  9. At the moment this is all a bit embarrassing. FA Trophy winners, loads of momentum going into the new season yet here we are, languishing towards the bottom of the table and knocked out of both cups by sides who, let's face it, were pretty rubbish. I really feel for the players, no-one wants to lose, they are busting a gut to turn this around but it's just not happening. We've done well off the pitch in terms of attracting sponsors etc but our squad was never big enough to cope with the rigours of a new season. Last season we could operate with a squad of 15/16 players when we're playing once every 4 weeks but not when playing twice a week and with the inevitable injuries and suspensions. So when we did get those injuries (granted - more than we would have expected) we end up scrambling around in the "transfer" market bringing in players who simply aren't good enough - players from clubs 2 levels below the level we're playing at. It's no wonder our form is poor. It's also very sad to see lads like Sak Hassan leave. He's a very good player now and will be even better in the future but without any means to develop him or give him competitive game time he's going to want to leave. We have no Academy, no U21 side and no U23 side where players coming through our youth set up can play competitively and follow a pathway to the first team. You can almost guarantee that the lads that make up our U18s side now will move onto new clubs at the end of the season. We bring these players on, nurture them, educate them, yet lose them because there's no route to the first team. Final point, on the subject of communication .. I'd love to be able to provide more info and insights on the website as to player availability etc but the club simply does not share any of this info. We (the HFCSA) have asked for years to get formal communications going with the club especially with social media so important but all requests simply fall on deaf ears. It's frustrating, especially when we find the Romford Recorder have more info on the club than appears on the club's own website. But a culture change is needed to address that and let's face it, that won't happen. On a positive note .. despite the doom and gloom this squad, assuming it stays injury free, is easily good enough to start climbing the table. For 3 or 4 of our previous games we should have been out of sight by half time but either through poor finishing or good goalkeeping we haven't been and have been made to pay for it second half when we've not been able to hit the same heights. We need a scrappy 1-0, then the wins will start to come and the play-offs will soon be within reach.
  10. 09/10/2021. Away to East Thurrock Utd (ILP) No online tickets. Cash only, on the gate. 12/10/2021. Home to Cheshunt (ILP) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122ilp04/hornchurch-vs-cheshunt Available now. 16/10/2021. Home to Leatherhead (ILP) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122ilp05/hornchurch-vs-leatherhead Available from midday 11th October.
  11. 05/10/2021. Home to Bowers & Pitsea (FACQ3R) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122facq3r/hornchurch-vs-bowers-pitsea
  12. 25/09/2021. Away to Lewes (ILP) https://www.tickettailor.com/events/lewesfootballclub2/555895/
  13. 14/09/2021. Home to Margate (ILP) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122ilp03/hornchurch-vs-margate Available now. 18/09/2021. Home to Walthamstow (FACQ2) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122facq2/hornchurch-vs-walthamstow Available from midday 13th September.
  14. 04/09/2021. Home to Barton Rovers (FACQ1) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122facq1/hornchurch-vs-barton-rovers
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