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  1. With most clubs offering online tickets it makes sense to have a thread that covers availability, links etc etc so we're not all hunting around separately for them. I'll also update our fixtures page with "Buy Tickets" links when we have them. Fixtures Page: https://www.hornchurchfc.com/teams/first-team/fixtures-results/ 31/10: Bowers & Pitsea (FA Trophy): https://bowersandpitseafc.ktckts.com/event/bpfcfat3q/buildbase-fa-trophy-3rd-qualifying-rd-bowers-pitsea-v-hornchurch 03/11: Folkestone Invicta (ILP): https://fifctickets.onlineweb.shop/ This is their main page - there are separate links for Adults & Concessions 07/11: Bowers & Pitsea (ILP): https://bowersandpitseafc.ktckts.com/event/bwp2021h06/bowers-pitsea-v-hornchurch
  2. https://bowersandpitseafc.ktckts.com/event/bpfcfat3q/buildbase-fa-trophy-3rd-qualifying-rd-bowers-pitsea-v-hornchurch I'll also add "Buy Tickets" links to our fixtures page. https://www.hornchurchfc.com/teams/first-team/fixtures-results/
  3. Bowers have re-arranged their fixture against Kingstonian for 27th October which is more than 2 weeks after the player tested positive (11th) so hopefully everything will be fine for the 31st.
  4. Absolutely ..... https://www.hornchurchfc.com/teams/first-team/statistics/
  5. Spotted this on Hampton's YouTube ... they may be live streaming the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bhBSyqt6No
  6. I've been advised that ticket prices will be as per their website i.e. £7 plus concessions of £4 Tickets will be at this link but they are not yet available online: https://www.walthamstowfc.com/product-category/tickets/ Tickets will also be available on the day at the turnstiles. Attendance capacity: 300
  7. Kel, Ian is right, there should be a new version available. Either go into the Apple store or Google Play and update the app or delete it from your 'phone and re-download it. The beta test app was called NHS Test and Trace if I remember rightly whereas the new one is NHS COVID-19.
  8. Confirmed for Joe Christou. Thanks Andy
  9. Just on the percentages .... The FA guidelines were a little ambiguous when quoting the 15% and 30% figures. The attendances allowed are 15% and 30% of the minimum capacity required at the step that you play (not 15% of your own ground capacity). For us, at step 3, the minimum capacity for a stadium is 1950, so the allowable crowd is 15% of that (292) which the FA has rounded up to 300. This is up to 31st August. From 1st September this rises to 30% i.e. 600. For step 4 sides it is 200 / 400; Step 5 and step 6 is 150 / 300. So, unless guidelines change, our capacity for the Ebbsfleet game (1st Sep) and Dagenham game (5th Sep) will be 600. The Isthmian League has already stated that they don't want to start the season without crowds and they put forward a whole host of different scenarios - how would the season pan out if we started 19th September, or 3rd October etc etc. As an example they may well decide to start on 19th September with the 30% cap (600) in place. For some clubs 600 is well above average attendance so anyone who wants to attend may well be allowed to. But other clubs, e.g. Worthing, Horsham who average 800-1000 will have different rules for away supporters since they could fill their capacity with their home support. My own personal view is that we scrap season tickets because we have no idea how this season will develop or what new outbreaks are on the horizon and we just pay on a match per match basis - my concern here is if the club has to refund or part-refund season ticket money received. Given our likely crowds and a 600 cap this should still ensure all home supporters can attend and therefore we could just make this pay on the gate. We'd obviously need to be mindful of some form of attendance increase if say Premiership grounds ban away supporters so we end up attracting a few West Ham when they are playing away or if the Vanarama rules affect us. I doubt there will be a one size fits all directive from the Isthmian League so I suspect they'll leave it up to each club to work out how it manages its own ticketing. As a club though (again my point of view) we should have some form of online ticketing option (most clubs use Kaizen) just in case the rules change and we have to cap attendances at say 200 so pay on the gate becomes unworkable. We need some form of online ticketing in place for the Dagenham game anyway as I suspect we'd easily surpass 600 if we allowed folk to pay at the gate.
  10. Don't forget to purchase your tickets for this Saturday's draw. Since we now have a friendly on Saturday (kick off 1pm at home to Catholic Utd) the draw will be brought forward to 11am. Deadline for purchase of tickets therefore 10am.
  11. Saturday 22nd August - home to Catholic Utd. Full schedule Tue 11th August, 7:30pm – Chelmsford City (h) 1-0 Sat 15th August, 1:00pm – Canvey Island (a) 1-1 Sat 22nd August, 1:00pm – Catholic Utd (h) Tue 1st September, 7:30pm – Ebbsfleet Utd (h) Sat 5th September, 3:00pm – Dagenham & Redbridge (h)
  12. Our next 50/50 draw will be taking place on Saturday 22nd August at 3pm. Please note that cut off point for the draw is 2pm on the 22nd unless all 500 tickets are sold before then. If so, updates will be posted on social media, on here and on the website. Tickets cost £1 each or 6 for £5. How it Works? 1. Visit https://www.hornchurchfc.com/product-category/50-50-draw-tickets/ to buy your tickets. 2. Pay for your tickets using PayPal. 3. You will receive email confirmation that your purchase has been successful. 4. On Saturday we will display everyone's ticket numbers on our Twitter page and website. The draw will be made live on the Supporters Association twitter page at 3pm on Saturday using a random number generator. 5. If you win, you will be contacted by a member of the committee for your bank details so we can transfer you the winnings. *The Winnings - The winner will receive half of the total profits earned from the sales (i.e. Sales - Paypal Fees). This will be advertised prior to the draw. Any questions etc reply to this thread or drop a note to either hfcsa@hornchurchfc.com or enquiries@hornchurchfc.com. Good luck everyone. The live draw will be streamed on Twitch.
  13. Winner: Peter Dutton Ticket Number: 269
  14. I never renewed afchornchurch.com so personally, I'd just let it expire. Not sure there is any real point in keeping old domains.
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