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  1. The supporters' player of the season forms will be available at tomorrow's match with Whitehawk so pick one up when you arrive. They'll also be at the home game against Harlow on Bank Holiday Monday as well. You'll be asked to pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If you can't vote in person then you can send an email to afchsa@gmail.com with your votes. Or, send Jordan or myself a private message on here. Thanks, Andy
  2. Next season the club will be returning to its original name of Hornchurch FC. In celebration, the supporters association will be giving away a free scarf as part of their annual membership and are giving you the opportunity to select the scarf design. The 4 options are below: All 4 designs feature Hornchurch FC on the front but there are 2 different designs on the reverse and 2 different colour options. The poll will close at midnight on Sunday 31st March. Vote here: https://www.afchornchurch.com/2019/03/26/poll-select-next-seasons-hfcsa-scarf/
  3. one for me too please Tony. Thanks Andy - added
  4. It's a difficult one. Jimmy brought first teamers in - Chafer, Marks, Saunders, Spence, Clark - and without doubt they improved the starting 11. The only in-season blip for me was seeing Warner leave. Apart from Remi, Mark seems to have brought in squad players. Remi looked good on Saturday but Jay is a very hard act to follow. For the others Mark has added we just seem to have replaced the substitutes bench. None of the players that left were consistent starters - Hursit, McKenzie, Anidugbe, Hogan, Livings, Nana, Theo etc but of the ones brought in (Stimson, Winn G, Winn R, Christou, Goode) only George Winn seems to start so it's difficult to say whether we have improved the starting 11. I like Taylor Miles though if we could make that a permanent move.
  5. Of course we do, it's professional and recognises Jay's contribution over the last 2 seasons. As for Marks he's been excellent throughout - 15 goals, 7 assists is a good return so far this season, in fact his goal ratio of 1 every 160 minutes is the best at the club this season. We certainly don't need to replace Sean and we certainly didn't need to replace Jay. There's plenty of other positions that needed strengthening first - a permanent centre back alongside Kenzer and a striker alongside Sean and George to name but two.
  6. We have a huge youth setup with around 200 children and young adults taking part - that's where I would focus but unfortunately there seems no relationship between the youth teams that purport to represent AFC Hornchurch and the club itself.
  7. I honestly don't think we played badly. We may have defended poorly but Lewes moved the ball about very well and took their chances. On the positive side we created a hatful of chances ourselves - Spence could easily have had a hat-trick (one superbly saved, one just past the post and a missed header at 3-1), Warner's missed one on one at 3-1. Purcell, Saunders and Nana (superb save again) all went close. Lewes also could have added to their 2 second half beakaways as we pushed on. This, from a groundhopper ... " Bostik Isthmian League Premier Hornchurch Stadium AFC Hornchurch 1 Lewes 5 Admission: £10 Paper available Attendance: 184 (inc 30 from Sussex) New tick for me and a shortish journey for me on the Green line to Upminster Bridge and then a walk. I liked the ground, although its an athletic stadium, it doesn't have the open feel of any others with the pitch and the surrounds tight - I venture the gap between the two is wider at West Ham and the same as Arsenal. Both sides have made steady starts and I was expecting a tight Step 3 encounter; far from it. This was a richly entertaining game; probably one of the best I've seen this season. Lewes led on 3 with a fierce shot; as the defender lunged to block it, he merely diverted the ball over his own keeper and in. A completely unchallenged header on 17 increased the lead and another defensive calamity on 27 made it 0-3. By this time I'd made it over to the home shed and the rumblings from the home fans were ominous. The home side fashioned a couple of chances but they were snatched wide of the target to howls from the terrace. HT 0-3 and fully deserved. Home side came out firing in the first 15 of the second half and had several half-chances before being awarded a penalty on 53 which was smartly finished. The Lewes fans looked worried. However, normal service was resumed on 72 with a well taken low finish. There was also a splendid save from the home keeper to tip a fierce shot over on 64. That pricked the home balloon and they looked done in for the remainder; things only worsening on 90+1 with the final goal. A fully deserved win and a credit to both sides for a great game of football. Back to hotel in 40. "
  8. Dates for the next 2 quiz nights have been confirmed as .... Friday 2nd November Friday 7th December
  9. Highlights of the game ... https://bhtfc.co.uk/2018/09/highlights-bhtfc-0-afc-hornchurch-3/
  10. Hopefully not as bad as first feared. This from Cheshunt's Twitter account ... " Good News from Kyle, no fractures. Freak dislocation- rest and a check on ligaments later in week. Thanks again to @Ldn_Ambulance team & Whipps Cross A&E. "
  11. Should be drawn today by 1pm. We are 1 of 72 clubs joining the draw with clubs at our level being the highest ranked in the competition to date. National North/South join in next round. More money at stake this year, with £6000 going to the winners of the next round (1st Qualifying Round). Useful links: http://www.thefa.com/competitions/thefacup/more/prize-fund https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018%E2%80%9319_FA_Cup_qualifying_rounds
  12. Thanks Anthony, Most of the credit should be heading Jordan's way with the programme work but we are certainly both pleased with the way the first 2 have turned out. Agree, it's not great running out of programmes on the day but on the other hand we don't want loads left over either. Yesterday, we sold all 80 in a crowd of 267 (30%) so for the next game, vs Bognor, where we'll probably get a similar crowd, 100-120 might be better. I don't see it as a problem if 10-20 don't get sold as we'll be able to sell through the club shop or even online. If we do sell out then we may be able to do something online (see separate thread on flipbooks) but that's some way off yet and I appreciate reading a programme online is no substitute for those folk who want a hard copy programme.
  13. I'm trying out a bit of flipbook technology so documents can be read online as opposed to downloaded first. You'll see what I mean from the page ... Document page is here ... https://www.afchornchurch.com/club-information/documents/ (Sidenote - I need to add this year's AGM report on here) Just click on the thumbnail and the document will open. You can page backwards and forwards using the arrows or just swipe. Lots of different desktops / laptops / ipads / tablets / phones out there so let me know of any issues viewing them. Thanks, Andy
  14. Only 3 go down from the Premier divisions ... but we don't care about that. More important is promotion ..... The rules for promotion are as follows: 6 teams will be relegated from the National North / South (3 each) so 6 teams from 4 divisions at step 3 (our level) will replace them. Each step 3 league winner will be promoted (4 of these) but only 2 of the 4 play-off winners will be promoted as desctibed below. Good luck understanding how they work out which of the 4 play-off winners end up being promoted ..... "They [the teams relegated from the National North & South] will be replaced by the Clubs finishing in 1st position in each of the four divisions at Step 3 together with a further two Clubs determined by a series of Play Off Matches. In each division at Step 3, the Play Off Matches shall be played so that the highest placed of the eligible Clubs plays against the lowest placed and the other two Clubs play each other (the “Step 3 Initial Play Off Matches”): The winners of each of the Step 3 Initial Play Off Matches will play each other resulting in one winner in each of the Step 3 divisions (the “Step 3 Divisional Play Off Winners”). The Step 3 Divisional Play Off Winners will play a further match against each other. The ties will be played on a single match basis with the home Club being the Club with the best points per match ratio in the Regular Season. If there are only three eligible Clubs then the highest placed shall receive a bye to a second match where it will play the winner of the other Play Off Match and the winner of that match will play in the further Play Off Match described above. Clubs finishing below position 7 will not be considered for Play Off Matches." Clear as mud !
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