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  1. andydick

    Quiz Nights

    Dates for the next 2 quiz nights have been confirmed as .... Friday 2nd November Friday 7th December
  2. Highlights of the game ... https://bhtfc.co.uk/2018/09/highlights-bhtfc-0-afc-hornchurch-3/
  3. andydick

    Non Hornchurch football thread

    Hopefully not as bad as first feared. This from Cheshunt's Twitter account ... " Good News from Kyle, no fractures. Freak dislocation- rest and a check on ligaments later in week. Thanks again to @Ldn_Ambulance team & Whipps Cross A&E. "
  4. andydick

    FA Cup Draw?

    Should be drawn today by 1pm. We are 1 of 72 clubs joining the draw with clubs at our level being the highest ranked in the competition to date. National North/South join in next round. More money at stake this year, with £6000 going to the winners of the next round (1st Qualifying Round). Useful links: http://www.thefa.com/competitions/thefacup/more/prize-fund https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018%E2%80%9319_FA_Cup_qualifying_rounds
  5. andydick


    Thanks Anthony, Most of the credit should be heading Jordan's way with the programme work but we are certainly both pleased with the way the first 2 have turned out. Agree, it's not great running out of programmes on the day but on the other hand we don't want loads left over either. Yesterday, we sold all 80 in a crowd of 267 (30%) so for the next game, vs Bognor, where we'll probably get a similar crowd, 100-120 might be better. I don't see it as a problem if 10-20 don't get sold as we'll be able to sell through the club shop or even online. If we do sell out then we may be able to do something online (see separate thread on flipbooks) but that's some way off yet and I appreciate reading a programme online is no substitute for those folk who want a hard copy programme.
  6. andydick

    Flipbooks ...

    I'm trying out a bit of flipbook technology so documents can be read online as opposed to downloaded first. You'll see what I mean from the page ... Document page is here ... https://www.afchornchurch.com/club-information/documents/ (Sidenote - I need to add this year's AGM report on here) Just click on the thumbnail and the document will open. You can page backwards and forwards using the arrows or just swipe. Lots of different desktops / laptops / ipads / tablets / phones out there so let me know of any issues viewing them. Thanks, Andy
  7. andydick

    Prediction for the season

    Only 3 go down from the Premier divisions ... but we don't care about that. More important is promotion ..... The rules for promotion are as follows: 6 teams will be relegated from the National North / South (3 each) so 6 teams from 4 divisions at step 3 (our level) will replace them. Each step 3 league winner will be promoted (4 of these) but only 2 of the 4 play-off winners will be promoted as desctibed below. Good luck understanding how they work out which of the 4 play-off winners end up being promoted ..... "They [the teams relegated from the National North & South] will be replaced by the Clubs finishing in 1st position in each of the four divisions at Step 3 together with a further two Clubs determined by a series of Play Off Matches. In each division at Step 3, the Play Off Matches shall be played so that the highest placed of the eligible Clubs plays against the lowest placed and the other two Clubs play each other (the “Step 3 Initial Play Off Matches”): The winners of each of the Step 3 Initial Play Off Matches will play each other resulting in one winner in each of the Step 3 divisions (the “Step 3 Divisional Play Off Winners”). The Step 3 Divisional Play Off Winners will play a further match against each other. The ties will be played on a single match basis with the home Club being the Club with the best points per match ratio in the Regular Season. If there are only three eligible Clubs then the highest placed shall receive a bye to a second match where it will play the winner of the other Play Off Match and the winner of that match will play in the further Play Off Match described above. Clubs finishing below position 7 will not be considered for Play Off Matches." Clear as mud !
  8. andydick

    season ticket

    Just spoke with Colin. Season tickets are available - same price as last season I understand - and Colin will be at the club on Thursday from 4pm and Saturday obviously.
  9. The club will be showing the England vs Croatia semi final live. Kick off Wednesday 11th July, 7pm.
  10. The club would like as many volunteers as possibe to come down to the ground on Saturday week (30th June) to do a fair bit of tidying, weeding and general cleaning up. We have Arsenal U23s arriving at the end of July so it would create a great impression if we can get the ground looking as tidy and well maintained as possible. If you can, please come to the ground from 9am to midday. Also, an opportunity to catch up with the players as they'll be starting their pre-season training the same day. Thanks
  11. andydick

    Website Updates

  12. andydick

    Peter Butcher

    Nice little piece in the Sun for Pete ... about half way down. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/6458760/dave-kidd-big-six-premier-league-cash-grab/#comments
  13. andydick

    Bostik Prem area next season

    Kingstonian and Leatherhead's ground share ended last season. For the coming season Kingstonian are sharing with Corinthian Casuals who were promoted to the Bostik Prem as the play-offs lucky loser !
  14. andydick

    Bostik Prem area next season

    There's a number of sides in West London which we could gain (Leatherhead / Dorking / Walton Casuals) or as easily lose (Corinthian Casuals, Kingstonian, Met Police). Personally I'd swap Stortford for Bognor but suspect it's unlikely. Bostik have tweeted the allocations will be out Friday.
  15. andydick

    Bostik Prem area next season

    Expected that Norfolk / Suffolk will join the new Midland league so the most northerly team for us would be Bishop's Stortford. Re Corinthian Casuals it is expected they'll be promoted to the Prem. This is to replace Thurrock, the ruling being that the best play-off loser, calculated on a points per game basis from the 6 step 4 play-off matches will go up. CC went into the play-offs as the team with the 3rd highest PPG of the 12 play-off teams. Hartley Wintney were 1st so they would have been promoted anyway irrespective of their result - if they won they'd be promoted; if they lost they'd be promoted as the best losing finalist. As Hartley Wintney won, Haringey would have been next had they lost. But Haringey also won hence why CC will be promoted. It's still all awaiting confirmation - the league met yesterday to discuss the league structure. Draft proposal is due out today with confirmation by Friday.