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  1. Just to pick up on your comment Simon, it is our own Hornchurch U18s, under the stewardship of Peter Dutton, who represent us in the FA Youth Cup. It is not the Academy side - this is something different and is a partnership with an external company, Academy 1 Sports College. Perhaps I need to find out a bit more about how the Academy fits into our club structure.
  2. I think this was our new cameraman though I'm sure Jordan will confirm.
  3. This sad excuse for a man has now replied to the match report just published on Twitter with ... " Henshaw's tackle wasn't a bookable offence - he only went into the book under the pressure of your players surrounding the referee. Man of the match should have been the ball boy near us - countless times throwing the ball away, and kicking a second on to the pitch to waste time. " What a pathetic little bully, blaming a 9 year old for Stortford's 4-0 loss !
  4. All, A quick update ... We have been supplied with the Age-gating code by BetVictor which is to be added to all websites. The idea being that when you go onto the website it asks whether you are over 18. If you click yes it then shows the BV logo (in our case below the main slider). If you say No the question disappears and no logo is shown. The code has been implemented but it's garbage. There are a number of issues: - the Opt-in question appears on every single page, whether or not the logo code is on there or not. This is different to Pitchero websites. - if we opt-in on the home page, the logo appears. If we then refresh the home page it asks the question again. It should remember the reply at least for the current session. Again, this is different from the way it works on the Pitchero websites. - the BV logo displayed on our website is different to the logo on Pitchero sites - on our site, the logo links through to betvictor.com. On Pitchero websites it links through to betvictoristhmian.co.uk I've fed this back to the Isthmian league. The code will stay on there for today so they can see what a mess they've made, after which I'll remove it. Andy
  5. Kick off now 7:30pm - FTD's post edited. Admission £3 Under 12s Free Season tickets are valid.
  6. There are a number of clubs that now offer discounts to NHS staff, local authority workers, emergency services and military personnel. It would be good if we did something similar and not necessarily just on non-league day.
  7. MadAboutFlags will have Cheshunt on 14th December please.
  8. Don't be too harsh on their left back - it's Jay Porter. As for Tom Mills and his theatrics not sure he's still at Margate - he's not on their first team squad list.
  9. Can I have 2 please Tony, both black, 1 XL and the other XXL. Andy
  10. That's always going to be a problem when you have a Pitchero site, you have very little control of the content. If you didn't add the Betting.net link yourself, Pitchero just added it into the footer anyway whether you wanted it or not. Rightly or wrongly we just ignored it (having moved off Pitchero) and nobody seemed to care, though with BetVictor being the league sponsor I suspect we're going to have to carry something on the website this time around. I didn't think I'd say it but I'm now envious of the Scottish Challenge Cup - recently re-branded as "The Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup".
  11. Following the name change of AFC Hornchurch to Hornchurch FC we will be changing our website and all social media accounts as follows: Website: HornchurchFC.com We are still updating various parts of the website so bear with us, but all latest news etc will be published here. Social Media Twitter: @HornchurchFC Facebook: HornchurchFCofficial Instagram: HornchurchFCofficial Flickr: HornchurchFCofficial Our YouTube channel is unchanged and remains AFCHTV. The previous website, afchornchurch.com, will remain available for a period of time until all archived information has been transferred. Once complete, any access to afchornchurch.com will automatically re-direct to the new website. We won’t be updating afchornchurch.com after 31st May.
  12. OK, garbage was harsh and unfair (and disrespectful) on the players, but nevertheless in my view I don't think any of the additions, barring Joe, improved the squad. Whether we would have stayed up with or without those players or with or without Stimson running things we'll never know. And at the end of the season when you see the likes of Bentley, Lee, Marks and Purcell all depart and compare them with those that have been retained then there really is no comparison. Alex was a phenomenal player and leader for us. Your comments about Alex say a whole lot about how much you really don't know about this club !
  13. How can you possibly let someone like Alex leave yet retain the garbage that arrived from Waltham Abbey?
  14. League constitutions will be announced on Sunday 19th May. Rumour has it that we may gain Hendon and lose Bishop's Stortford because of the excess of teams in the Southern Premier South. Two of the relegated National South teams will end up there (Truro and Weston-super-Mare).
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