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  1. Quiz date changed. Now Friday 4th February.
  2. The primary purpose of the Junior and Youth teams is to engage the community and give local boys/girls an opportunity to play football in a controlled and safe environment. Just take a look at the uptake of mascots for instance to see how proud some of our junior teams are to walk out on a Saturday alongside the first team. Doing what we do, we'll still unearth some very good players, a number are at non-league clubs or higher (Shadrach Ogie is at Leyton Orient for instance) but the absence of an U21 or U23 side means we may not be able to realise a player's full potential. To do that t
  3. At the moment this is all a bit embarrassing. FA Trophy winners, loads of momentum going into the new season yet here we are, languishing towards the bottom of the table and knocked out of both cups by sides who, let's face it, were pretty rubbish. I really feel for the players, no-one wants to lose, they are busting a gut to turn this around but it's just not happening. We've done well off the pitch in terms of attracting sponsors etc but our squad was never big enough to cope with the rigours of a new season. Last season we could operate with a squad of 15/16 players when we'
  4. 09/10/2021. Away to East Thurrock Utd (ILP) No online tickets. Cash only, on the gate. 12/10/2021. Home to Cheshunt (ILP) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122ilp04/hornchurch-vs-cheshunt Available now. 16/10/2021. Home to Leatherhead (ILP) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122ilp05/hornchurch-vs-leatherhead Available from midday 11th October.
  5. 05/10/2021. Home to Bowers & Pitsea (FACQ3R) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122facq3r/hornchurch-vs-bowers-pitsea
  6. 25/09/2021. Away to Lewes (ILP) https://www.tickettailor.com/events/lewesfootballclub2/555895/
  7. 14/09/2021. Home to Margate (ILP) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122ilp03/hornchurch-vs-margate Available now. 18/09/2021. Home to Walthamstow (FACQ2) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122facq2/hornchurch-vs-walthamstow Available from midday 13th September.
  8. 04/09/2021. Home to Barton Rovers (FACQ1) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122facq1/hornchurch-vs-barton-rovers
  9. 30/08/2021. Home to Potters Bar Town (ILP) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122ilp02/hornchurch-vs-potters-bar-town
  10. 21/08/2021. Home to Cray Wanderers (ILP) https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/event/hch2122ilp01/hornchurch-vs-cray-wanderers
  11. With most clubs offering online tickets it makes sense to have a thread that covers availability, links etc etc so we're not all hunting around separately for them. I'll also update our fixtures page with "Buy Tickets" links when we have them. Fixtures Page: https://www.hornchurchfc.com/teams/first-team/fixtures-results/ Ticketing Home Page: https://hornchurchfc.ktckts.com/brand/match-tickets 14/08/2021: Horsham (ILP) https://horshamfc.ktckts.com/event/hor2122ipl01/horsham-vs-hornchurch 30% Discount Link: https://www.horshamfc.co.uk/2021/08/09/get-30-off-match-ti
  12. Full schedule Tue 13th July – Frenford (Away) Sat 17th July – Canvey Island (Away) Tue 20th July – Southend United (Home) Sat 24th July – Dagenham and Redbridge (Home) Sat 31st July – Great Wakering Rovers (Away) Wed 4th August – Grays Athletic (Away) Sat 7th August – Chelmsford City (Home) Sat 7th August - Warrington Rylands (Home) - Isthmian Charity Shield
  13. Didn't Halesowen Town get to the semis last season. They are tier 8, a level below us.
  14. The supporters’ association have restarted the fortnightly online 50/50 draws, with the next draw due to take place on Saturday 24th April. Deadline for this draw will be 10am on Saturday 24th, not the usual 12:30pm. As before, the draws will take place every 2 weeks. The draw will be done live with 50% of the prize money going to the winner. The remaining funds will be going towards helping the club through these difficult times, to support our live streaming and to our ground improvement fund once we are allowed to spend time at the stadium. Tickets will cost £1 a ticket
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