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  1. 20-January 11 - Happy Birthday ooh!!bodyform :)

  2. happy birthday alan hope you have a cracking day!!!
  3. should you really be using aviation,fuel and laden in same sentence lol
  4. thats a huge loss to margate good luck to kenny and a hell of a signing for the rams such a shame i like him too
  5. bloody typical am gonna be working would have been nice for the boy to have his pic taken too damn s h i t and bugger lol
  6. sorry its belated jim but happy birthday matey!!!!
  7. just days after his memorial match against germany too such a sad loss to one of the best england managers there has been
  8. happy birthday aaron have a good 1!!!
  9. yes rams60 that was them the 'older 1 of the 2' lol she loved you for saying that was my missus and i was the male helping out in there at half time def same guys i have to say i was told they were rams fans but had a feeling they were stragglers that turn up to derbys for nothing more than making tits of themselves usually when idiots like that start their little tantrums i normally ask them to name 4 players on their team and that usually mixes the brain cells up a bit and they stumble dont know why i didnt tbh
  10. in all fairness alan one of the stewards told me he was only contacted an hour before the game and looked like colin was temp helping out too and others but even so isnt the key CONSISTANCY???
  11. im glad this topic has come up because i had to be pulled away from what sounds like the same guys after they verbally abused my other half in the outside catering unit then when 1 of them decided it was highly hilarious to laugh and swear at me he said [****!!****] off you mug im only 14(which he didnt look tbh) your about 44 you [****!!****] idiot, this was mentioned to a steward and witnessed by quite a few people too believe me they made me so angry i could have easily give them a slap myself but as always they were allowed to stay and watch the game so first they abuse a 7 year old then a female worker and a 44 yr old lol(no im not) fan and STILL they were allowed to stay, one of these guys had a very bright yellow t shirt on right? i know its the same guys cause they were the only people out of the 505 present that had stinking attitudes if a fan complains about abuse and nothing is done how can we have faith in the stewards? i quite often take my 8 yr old and believe me if they ever abused him and nothing was done i myself would risk a ban to sort it myself. enough said
  12. plz check your pm dan
  13. sorry guys am working both days otherwise i would be there
  14. have to say thats slightly worrying 55 grand is an awful lot of dough to find in 20 days is this achievable? and by whom? and what would the outcome be if the club was unable to find the outstanding monies????????
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