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  1. when the phrase sleeping giant is used in most cases it does not fit the club ,but maidstone only at to come home to show there standing .remember they have won the conference.i had a long chat with bill williams a director and the councils help was a smack in the face .a new ground with 4g and used by both the boroughs clubs is the way forward
  2. Some interesting points by the above. The same guy has done the gate for the last ten years, and he has never smiled. Albeit he is there every week and he does it voluntarily. The young family who used to sell the programs are a loss and I have spoken to the dad and asked him to reconsider their position as they are a lovely, hardworking family. The fifty-fifty seller at the moment only does this chore as the previous person had to work on some Saturdays. Must admit, she is a bit full on but you can't fault her commitment as all funds raised go towards away coaches, but everyone is entitled to say 'no thanks'. The food has been an issue for a while, the more choice, the more waste. Also, the task of producing more choice of food would be down to a small group of two people, but I will make sure there is some different food at the Margate game. I'm not sure what Michael meant when he said it feels like a league club, we took over a club that tried to be one and was left with debts of over £100,000 which has been cleared by the club. We also want people to come to the ground and enjoy themselves because, like all the supporters, it is our hobby as well. Perhaps, at times, I have not been the jolly figurehead of the club, but at times the pressure and responsibility of the day to day fund raising and running of the club affects me personally. I have been involved in non league football as a player, manager and chairman for 38 years and I can safely say the last three years have been the worst and least enjoyable for me, but in all the dark times, the thing that has kept me going at the club is the supporters and the people behind he scenes.
  3. clubs were given the option of playing night before or after but athletics got in the way of that.i am not a great england watcher,so not that bothered especially if a win takes us top
  4. watch it at the football club then,never realised you was so patriotic
  5. well done the supporters today ,loud and proud.5 games undefeated ,we will be there at the death
  6. you can look at stats whichever way you choose 5 wins in 9 or 1 win in 4 ,but the last two performaces have been poor .this was always going to be a topsy turvy season so a bit surprised with some of the views.we played plenty of possession football last season ,dont think we can keep the same style at this level .been with the manager all day and he knows what we need and trying to improve the squad daily.i know how much the club means to all of you and know one will work harder than jim to keep us in this league ,and i know you will keep giving him and the boys the support you always have
  7. a few of us are down club around 9am for an hour or two
  8. your right simon ,andys doing a great job
  9. if anyone wants to come down overnight with the team ,leaving ground noon on friday .evening meal bed and .breakfast ,with travel is 65 pounds let me know asap colin. matt.minty jack already on list
  10. yes poor performance obis but the two other games at home have been good and as for £11 with the crowds as they are perhaps we should come into line we other clubs and increase.this is a very good league and you will have to earn every point.plenty of positives for me from the first 5 games well done to the supporters for organising match stewards. we were all desperate to get promotion but these are different times ,we know we need a couple more players ,but lets do what we do best at hornchurch and stick together.
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