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  1. Pretty sure serco did our pitch at eversley at the start and then we got another company to maintain it which looks like a good choice now. Looked in great shape sat. Goal mouth been returfed as well after recent issues.
  2. Eversley 6 farliegh 1 ft Williams 3 Jeffrey 2 and fox
  3. Lots of goals at Worcester park. 4 4. We were 2 1 up at ht going downhill with goals from baker and William and looking ok. Second half credit to park as they battered us for 25 mins and got 4 2 up. Baker got one back with 10 mins to go and them centre half blockham grabbed and last min leveller . Strange moment in the game. Worcester park free kick 40 yards out. The player takes the free kick before the whisle is blown to go ahead. Everyone stops and centre half cathces in the box to retake the kick. Ref then gives park a penalty for handball as he had his back to the free kick and wasn't aware it was taken early. After a long time and alot of talking the lineman confirmed to the ref what had happen and we free kick was retaken. It was cleared when smashed in from 20 yards.
  4. Worcester park 4 - 4 eversley ft Baker 2, blockham and Williams
  5. When I was at the club (eversley) last Wednesday workmen were there planting about 30 trees down the stand side off the pitch to help keep the effects of the lights down . The pitch and far side barriers were being moved after sats game as far as I am aware. I dont Think we would waste alot of money In these jobs if the lights were not going up. Hopefully the snow has not delayed any work not much .
  6. Meps won't be coming to eversley lol. Great player but its not going to happen.
  7. Eversley have sighed forward enrico Rossoni back from egham.
  8. Just about got into a better mood after sat. Firstly the pitch was poor but both teams agreed to it and full credit to sheerwater for getting the game played. Eversley were the better side in the game and had more of the ball as sheerwater played on the break. The longer we didn't score the sheers player gained more belief and then a poor goal given away as a mix up at the back led to a tap in for sheers after 25 minutes. The rest of the half was even but a penalty put away by baker made the score 1 1 at ht. The second half we pushed forward trying the get ahead but our final ball was poor and when we did get the shot on target the sheers keeper pulled off some great saves. Again as the game went on sheers grew into the game and in the last 15 minutes also made afew good chances but missed them. Baker has done his shoulder again so came off and be out for a few weeks maybe more. Hamilton had our best chance with a header 5 yards out but put it staight at the keeper. With a couple of minutes to go sheers had a breakaway with us pushing and this time a cool finish made us pay. The final whisle went a few seconds later. A big blow to us and now really makes the frimley game we must get something out if. Yes we were poor but sheerwater player worked they socks off and in the end got a win . Good luck to them for rest of season.
  9. Sheerwater vs eversley is on. All parties agree play on second pitch
  10. Sheerwater vs eversley been moved to their second pitch to get the game played. Last I heard both teams and league have agree its down to the officials
  11. Even more bad news for the club today as Kieran Thorne our centre mid has broke his leg and ligaments playing this morning. Having an op tomorrow. Gutted for him.
  12. There is a photo of the state of the pitch on twitter of how the penalty area has been left follow @iansavage8
  13. Heavy rain since 4 30 with me ( near reading ) and looking at reports its not stopping with Sunday GREAT !!!! Can't see many games being on.
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