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  1. Also I thought the bottom Club in a league had to be relegated, unless no clubs to replace Cove finished bottom and are included above. This may not apply to Step 6?
  2. We have had Croydon Clubs but in recent re-organisations they were put in other leagues
  3. Spoke to a number of referees in past weeks and whilst there is support for the idea most think it unworkable in the current system. A thought In ice hockey penalty boxes are maintained by officials of the home club. This may be an idea. I am assuming that players rejoining play will only do so at a break in play and therefore can be checked when ready to come back with respect to the time. In ice hockey it is recorded on the scoreboard and they can re-enter play at any time which obviously is against football laws. This is making the assumption that someone put into the sin bin is therefore say 10 elapsed minutes and not 10 minutes of actual playing time?
  4. I heard Westside were not accepted by CCL due to being Croydon based? Do the leagues have any say over Jersey
  5. Interesting that at the bottom of Div 1 we could lose some clubs based on above. Cove are long term members of the League and they are struggling. This is Cove's 3rd year near the bottom.Fleet Spurs transferred to league from Wessex League, Kensington Borough, Deportivo Gallicia and even Eversley are all in mix
  6. Chris why only 2 come down? Currently we could get 1 relegated from the Evostik and 2 from the Ryman League. As all Div 1 teams are eligible for promotion than potentially 3 could come up. I guess potentially 2 could get promoted Will this mean clubs relegated from Div1? 18 teams in the League..+ Jersey + potentially teams Applying to join
  7. I agree that the League is for local clubs and I personally thought going to Guernsey was a pain in the ass. However i accept not everyone felt this way. The issue is that this is an exceptional circumstance that cannot be accepted on the night of an AGM like a local club, it needs a lot of planning. I question whether the FA should accept these Club into the English League structure. If they do then someone has to then make a decision of what League they go into. If they choose the CCL then so beit. I don't feel the CCL should be volunteering to take them unless the Clubs are asked and wish them to do so.
  8. Haven't been on here for a while but seems quiet On reflection its a shame noto have a strong forum Surprised to see Camberley struggling Thought Badshot Lea and Cobham would have kicked on after their promotion Sad to see Cove struggling at bottom I hear football is not good there at the moment. No new influx of players and management team very inexperienced A defeat against Sandhurst today would mean 6 defeats on the trot Still it's nice to see Ash and Frimley Green playing good football again
  9. Tonight Cove FC v Staines Lammas KO 7.45pm Southern Combination Cup
  10. Be interested to know if Referees were being extra fussy with the new push for fining Clubs for every step out of line.
  11. Cove FC are looking for a friendly on Saturday 29th July Pitch available if required Costs to be shared contact John 07834 271705
  12. Well done Redhill Good luck back in the Premier League
  13. Build on this? I heard the Management team resigned after the game?
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