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  1. The Crowing Cockerel

    New Signing for Town

    So we've swapped Left-backs with Hornchurch? I guess tomorrow we'll get an idea who did the best bit of business! It seems Remi has gone back to his former Thurrock manager, so presumably the (now) Hornchurch manager rates Remi as better than Jay.
  2. The Crowing Cockerel

    Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town

    FT BSFC 2 ETFC 1 Town are nothing if not consistent in their inconsistency.
  3. The Crowing Cockerel

    Dorking Wanderers v Enfield Town

    FT Dorking 1 ETFC 0 Town sag to 10th in the League.
  4. The Crowing Cockerel

    Dorking Wanderers v Enfield Town

    Dorking 1 ETFC 0 (79mins) Sacked in the morning...?
  5. The Crowing Cockerel

    Town v Corinthian Casuals

    I suspect another side might come in with an offer for next season if they hear that BB isn't entirely happy at a mediocre Bostik Prem side.
  6. The Crowing Cockerel

    Velocity Trophy Semi Final Opponents

    Your statement inferred that all clubs did it.
  7. The Crowing Cockerel

    Town v Corinthian Casuals

    Billy must be thoroughly cheesed off that his mates Matt Johnson and Lewis Taaffe talked him into joining this Town side under this manager. Its so unbelievably frustrating when you look at the Haringey side flying high. Lets not forget that Haringey are doing rather well with 2 Andy Leese rejects in their side (Gabriel and Kirby). Gabriel was particularly scathing of AL during pre-season. At this point I would take Brad Quinton back in a flash, or maybe give the gig to Mario full-time.....we just need a change!
  8. The Crowing Cockerel

    Velocity Trophy Semi Final Opponents

    Can't recall ETFC doing this on a regular basis.
  9. The Crowing Cockerel

    Town v Corinthian Casuals

    AL came to ETFC with a reputation - for cup success and producing sides which had performed consistently well in the Southern League. Barring some fleeting FA Cup success last season he has failed to produce a successful and entertaining side. Is the budget too low? Well presumably AL doesn't think so otherwise he wouldn't have hung around as long as he has - or even taken the job in the first place. How long are we supposed to give him? I appreciate that this forum isn't used by the entire fanbase, but everyone on this thread seems to have reached the same conclusion. If the board don't either act or at the very least clarify what constitutes an adequate season, then it would be clear that they are content with mid-table Isthmian mediocrity. I, for one, am not happy with that.
  10. The Crowing Cockerel

    Town v Corinthian Casuals

    Honest opinion: Lease Out. Lets give someone else a chance to rebuild before next season.
  11. The Crowing Cockerel

    Merstham v Enfield Town

    In my opinion we could - and should - have been near to promotion this season. There are no 'really big guns' (i.e. Billericay, Dulwich...etc) in the league. Haringey have demonstrated what an organised, settled side can do. So from that point of view its disappointing that Town aren't setting the world alight in terms of league position.
  12. The Crowing Cockerel

    Terrible News.

    Surely we need to get another striker in on loan then?
  13. The Crowing Cockerel

    Bognor Regis Town v Enfield Town

    For those of us who didn't make the trek, was there a change of formation then last night? I note that our new forward was pleased to play a full 90 mins - was he up top with Billy?
  14. The Crowing Cockerel

    New striker signs

    Having just watched Mo's 2017 Highlight Reel, I'd suggest he HAS to play up front alongside Billy. It would take alot of pressure off the latter. If Andy intends to use Mo as a direct replacement for Liam (i.e. on the bench until 70th minute), then it will be a complete waste of time all round.
  15. The Crowing Cockerel

    Brandon has joined Ware

    Bags a hat-trick on debut. I reckon he'll probably get another opportunity at a higher level - at least Ryman Prem level.