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  1. Oh ye of little faith! Any minute now, Andy, we'll discover that Lovely Stuff is in fact Joe Thwaite - winner of the £184m Euromillions jackpot - who has decided to provide Andy with a £10m 'war chest' this summer!
  2. Interesting to note that Bishops Stortford have already signed-up most of their squad from last season, Lewes have secured the services of their front 3 once again (including the prolific Joe Taylor), and Hornchurch's Tom Wraight has committed for next season. We, meanwhile, will no doubt have to wait until the last of the friendlies to see who has signed-on for next term. Fingers crossed that Andy, Mario etc have been able to identify some fresh exciting talent for next season...?
  3. Just watched TheColdend's highlights of the SpartanSMFL Gladwish Cup final between Stotfold and Hadley FC. I was reminded of our FA Cup meeting with Hadley. I was very impressed with Solomon Ofori - he looked a constant threat with serious pace. Despite the fact he's the exact opposite of a 6'6" target man, perhaps someone our management might want to consider for next season?
  4. Agreed, LS. It seems as if we're heading in the right direction - getting a crowd of 2,000 into the ground shows that. Plus there definitely seems to have been a growth in sponsorship. If we can find a way of growing crowds to 'Dulwich levels' (- and I don't see why we can't in the long term), then surely we can be competitive at NLS level? Its hard to be patient as a football fan, but I guess we're in it for the long haul. I think we'd all rather that than going through a repeat of the demise of Enfield FC. You never know, perhaps a fan might win the Euromillions this week and decide to chuck a couple of million our way?
  5. AW, my friend, my concern was more for ETFC rather than Cheshunt. As you know, we don't have the money-man who could bankroll any extra expenditure. I think Cheshunt will survive in NLS, but having been the 5th best side in the ILP, I don't expect you to pull up any trees next season. It will clearly take some effort and expenditure - you can see that from the exploits of both Chelmsford and Billericay this season - with both struggling in a very tough league. I hope Craig can work some more of his magic and that we meet again in a year or two.
  6. In the Final? Well, the goal-line clearance on 87mins, or the disallowed Hornchurch goal in the 90th minute with the ref blowing for a foul by virtue of the Cheshunt player flinging himself into the air rather theatrically. I would put both of those incidents down to luck rather than skill.
  7. It was interesting listening to Andy's post play-off interview. Whilst I have criticised him in the past, I actually agreed with what he had to say. Like it or not, it seems there is a way to maximise your chances of promotion from this league and that is to play direct football taking into account the condition of the pitches towards the end of the season. He comfortably got us into the play-offs and from there it was a lottery - with a very direct Cheshunt team having that bit of luck. Worthing were able to play a passing game at home on their 3G, but had to change things when playing away. Unfortunately I think we're in for more of the same next season. Getting the ball down and trying to pass it around didn't work for very good footballing sides like Lewes and Folkestone. Its going to be very tough to get into the play-offs again next season, and expectations are now understandably high. It will be interesting to see who we retain and who we are able to recruit.
  8. Congrats to Cheshunt. Will be very interesting to see how they get on in the National League South. I'm sure our Chairman and Manager have some kind of idea about this, but I did start to wonder a few weeks back what the financial implications are of promotion to the National League. Promotion from the Championship to the Premier League is worth in excess of £100m, yet you don't even accrue any more prize money for winning League 2 and securing promotion from that division. So presumably the only increases in revenue with promotion from the Isthmian League to the National League South would be later entry into the cup competitions (so a better chance of more prize money), slightly more in the way of sponsorship opportunities and the odd increased crowd (e.g. Dulwich)? You'd have to weigh that up against the need to increase the playing budget for 'National League Players' and increased travel costs for trips to the likes of Chippenham, Bath, Dover(?) and Kings Lynn(?). Are crowds likely to dwindle after the initial promotion euphoria if you're looking at lower-mid-table mediocrity? I hope its possible to succeed in the National League without the need for a Money Man and hopefully Town can find out eventually.
  9. Local derby against Leamington! 🤣 Whatever happens tomorrow - and wherever the two teams end up playing next season - there's no beating the drama, excitement and crowds in the play-offs. Non-league football really is in rude health and long may it continue. Good luck to both sides! Prediction: Hornchurch 2 - 1 Cheshunt (AET)
  10. Surely they wouldn't put either team in the National League North?? That'd mean trips to Chester, Darlington, Southport, Gloucester, Blyth... I know there was some talk on the Stortford forum about that, but I can't see it happening - particularly with the likes of Chelmsford, Hemel and Oxford City in the National South.
  11. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but Andy has a reputation for failing to make timely tactical changes. Why, oh why, didn't he make changes at 2-1 up with 15 minutes to go? Surely that would've been the time to go like for like and shore up the midfield with some fresh legs. The 3 up top hasn't really worked when we've tried it this season, and given the space in the centre of the park (Hornchurch 2nd goal) and down our right (3rd goal), in the end it didn't work again this time. Is this hoof-ball a means to an end and the only chance we have of getting promoted from this league in the future? Or do we need a complete change - and dare I say it: a management change?
  12. Bitterly disappointed as luck dictates that these opportunities only come round every few years. That being said, whilst Town could've snatched it, the team with the better players won. I would venture to say that Hornchurch's budget is significantly larger than Town's, and it shows when you can bring on the likes of Sam Higgins - and don't seem to miss the incredibly unfortunate loss of Tom Wraight. Hornchurch's 2nd and 3rd goals were really very good. I fancy that both Hornchurch and Cheshunt have enough in the way of finances (at present) to be mid-table National League South sides - Hornchurch's squad is certainly good enough on paper already. At this point in time I would worry about Town struggling on the pitch in Step 2. With attendances up this year and 2,000 people attending the Play-off Semi, things do seem to be on the up for Town. Some consolidation, astute signings and a Cup Run to swell the coffers, and we might just be ready for the National League. As I said at the beginning, there was a large slice of luck which saw us through to the play-offs, and it will be no mean feat to get there again next season. I fancy the likes of Bishops Stortford, Lewes, Folkestone, Horsham, Kingstonian, Cheshunt/Hornchurch will be very strong once again. Plus there will - and need to - be changes made to the Town squad. Will Mo stay? If not, where are his 30-40 goals coming from? Can we hold on to Jake Cass? Can we find a decent couple of centre-halves? (Gyebi and Bray worked hard, but the latter was at fault for the Hornchurch opener, and there were some dicey moments which demonstrated why we've conceded so many this season). Now we have a chance to reset, I would much rather Town didn't continue with the hoof-ball tactics next season (except when absolutely necessary). Time for a breather before we go again!!! Up the Town!
  13. Over 1,000 tickets sold already. The place is going to be bouncing!!
  14. THIS kind of occasion is precisely the reason we formed ETFC in June 2001. Our little club has come a long way since that dusty, roped-off pitch in Brimsdown. The thought of a play-off semi-final for a spot in The National League taking place IN ENFIELD with around 2,000 fans in attendance was completely and utterly beyond my wildest dreams 21 years ago, and yet here we are. Very proud of the people who had the courage and passion to put this club together. Delighted for the players and management who have had an incredible season - the best in the history of the club. No reason we can't go all the way! Come on Town!!!
  15. Afraid its rock hard and bobbly. There's no real way of getting enough water on it, I'm afraid. Both teams can play attractive football, but I've already resigned myself to an evening of hoof-ball.
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