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  1. You'll need a ticket of some kind to get into the centre circle, surely?
  2. Waiting for someone to come on here and make excuses for Mr. Leese, tell us how he needs to be given more time. My crystal ball tells me that the Board don't have the balls to sack him. So, we're in for more of this tripe until Christmas when suddenly there will be complete and utter panic at the threat of relegation, falling attendances and player unrest. Having watched our manager's interview following the Velocity Cup win during the week its clear that he thinks the fans should be delighted at the season we've had: "There aren't very many cups you can win at this level!" He's right about that, but it does not make up for being dumped out of the FA Cup by lower league opposition, failure in the FA Trophy, and a season of abject home performances in the league.
  3. There is something intrinsically wrong with this ETFC side. A frailty and fragility which AL seems unable to remedy. I mean, he must accept that there's something wrong, surely?! He put this team together. Given that the Board are clearly not going to do what the majority of this fans-owned club want, its up to AL to fix this problem.
  4. (You mean Darnell Wynter, I think. Corey Whitely went off to play in the National League.)
  5. Our league form has to be just about the worst in the league at the moment. Why??
  6. That scoreline would probably mark the end for Andy Leese - and as you may have seen on the other threads, ETFC fans want a change of management after a disappointing season. Not a match I'm going out of my way to attend.
  7. The trouble is, 3spirit, that Andy Leese has made a rod for his own back by setting targets. He will not reach his target in the league this campaign - 2pts/game and a place in the play-offs. If he'd said that he had a 4-year plan and the club/fans bought into it, well that would be a different matter.
  8. If/when Andy leaves I'm not sure we'll be quite as decimated as when Brad left. I'd expect Sam Youngs (the only remaining ex-Chesham player) to follow him, perhaps Joe Wright too. The old Billericay boys, Johnson, Bricknell & Taafe might stay (particularly if the rumours of BB's 2-year contract are true). Micky Parcell is ETFC to the core so can't see him going anywhere. It would all depend, of course, on who any new manager wanted to bring in/ship out. So, the first step: thank Andy for his service and wish him well...
  9. Steph, what would your view on the manager's position be in the event that ETFC are beaten by Hornchurch on Wednesday? (No silverware, mid-table mediocrity and uninspiring football.)
  10. Yep, I don't buy the 'he's cup-tied so best try out someone else argument' either. If the manager's priority is the league cup when there were still hopes of making the play-offs then his priorities and aspirations are not in sync with those of the fans.
  11. I note that QPR have dispensed with their manager today in order to allow time to prepare for next season. I like their thinking...
  12. At least we're not in a relegation dogfight! I agree that the players have carried on working. The trouble is that the whole package isn't quite working - and has only flattered to deceive on a couple of occasions. We need a defence. I know that we've got players missing at the moment, but our defence this season has been about as solid as a blancmange. I'm sure someone can provide the number of clean sheets... Billy Bricknell - perhaps the best predatory striker at this level of non-league, BUT he needs someone alongside him to take some of the pressure off him. His game isn't chasing lost causes and out-pacing 3 defenders. He needs to receive the ball in the right areas. Yes, I know that Mo Faal looked to be the ideal strike partner, but he's been injured more than he's been available since joining. The Plan Bs that Andy has tried have looked pretty toothless. Andy cannot simply rely upon one or two players being fit throughout the season. Injuries are a fact of football. Speaking of injuries - any news on Ryan Blackman?
  13. I'm sorry, but that's rubbish. The buck stops with the manager - he signs the players, decides the formation, oversees training. If the players don't follow his instructions/aren't good enough then that is the result of the manager's lack of judgement. It is not for the fans to 'talk to the manager'. I mean, what good would that do?! Is Andy going to concede that his selections and tactics have been poor? No he isn't. I'll happily talk to the management team about a player's fitness or injury etc, but its not a forum for pointing out what they should be able to see out on the pitch or in training. Andy Leese set targets. He has failed to achieve these. There should be only one outcome as a result.
  14. Dismal. Thats the only word I can use. The performance was very poor. It seems as if the fans are now beginning to vote with their feet - a beautiful, sunny, March day, neither Spurs nor Arsenal playing and we draw a 'massive' crowd of 403 - with the few remaining Ultras out-sung by 4 Leatherhead fans! Ok, the pitch isn't great, but there was a distinct lack of direction and inspiration within the side. Where was the defence?? The goal was woeful - a corner clipped into the 6-yard box for an unmarked - yes UNMARKED - Leatherhead player to head home. Lets not forget the double save by Nolan, the Tanner's midfielder shanking wide from 12 yards and the effort which cannoned back off the bar. Time and again the defence were carved open - it seemed as if we simply didn't have one! If Leese is still the manager next season then I won't be wasting my hard-earned money at ETFC I'm afraid.
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