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  1. Many of us probably remember the reasons behind the 'Not the...' title. Fortunately that story (eventually) had a happier ending for those with a healthy dislike of Leyton FC (RIP) and it's former owner.
  2. Training tonight promises to be an intimate affair!
  3. "The Ian W Premier League" certainly has a ring to it.
  4. I expect Hornchurch to unveil him as their latest signing any day now.
  5. I see Mark Kirby has left Haringey. Any idea where he's gone?
  6. It was basically a direct response to whats been said on this forum. I'm reassured that the Chairman knows there is disquiet, however I'm afraid there wasn't much substance. I interpreted it as saying "Look, we've got 3 players who can't jump ship even if they want to. There's not much money left, so you're going to be seeing plenty of the U21s playing for the 1st team next season - unless Andy can find a load of bargain bucket non-league has-beens."
  7. I wonder whether those 3 have taken up a significant portion of our budget already?
  8. So far I understand the following: OUT Joe Wright Matt Johnson Mickey Parcell Jay Porter Aaron Greene Matt Nolan IN Nathan Macdonald CONTRACTED for '19/20 Billy Bricknell Marc Weatherstone
  9. I'm afraid you're right, WR. It was the wrong appointment - based upon a couple of good FA Cup runs with Chesham. I'm sure that crowds will be down next season and the side will struggle. I just hope that they get the next appointment right and don't wait until we're at real risk of returning to the division below.
  10. Yep. Apparently Real Madrid and Gareth Bale are considering an offer from ETFC following the Sultan of Brunei's surprise decision to pump his cash into ETFC.
  11. Presuming the role comes with a hefty salary?
  12. So far I understand the following: OUT Joe Wright Matt Johnson Mickey Parcell Jay Porter Aaron Greene Matt Nolan IN Nathan Macdonald
  13. Are Hornchurch the new Billericay? 😮
  14. Hope you don't mind me sticking my beak in here. Given the signings you've made already - and the 'word on the street' being that you offered Arthur Lee more £££ than he was offered in National League South - where has all this money suddenly come from? I was under the impression that you were 'fan-owned' after the difficulties you had in the recent past? No ill will - just curious.
  15. I mentioned this time last year that there were murmurings on social media from some players that they did not enjoy playing under AL. Now it seems that members of the squad are voting with their feet - Micky, Aaron, Joe, MJ....and I'm sure we'll eventually hear about others. I still think AL will be gone by Christmas - when the Board finally grow some balls.
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