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  1. The Crowing Cockerel

    Bognor Regis Town v Enfield Town

    For those of us who didn't make the trek, was there a change of formation then last night? I note that our new forward was pleased to play a full 90 mins - was he up top with Billy?
  2. The Crowing Cockerel

    New striker signs

    Having just watched Mo's 2017 Highlight Reel, I'd suggest he HAS to play up front alongside Billy. It would take alot of pressure off the latter. If Andy intends to use Mo as a direct replacement for Liam (i.e. on the bench until 70th minute), then it will be a complete waste of time all round.
  3. The Crowing Cockerel

    Brandon has joined Ware

    Bags a hat-trick on debut. I reckon he'll probably get another opportunity at a higher level - at least Ryman Prem level.
  4. The Crowing Cockerel

    Enfield Town v Kingstonian

    You simply cannot play Billy in such an isolated role. People on this forum have been saying this for weeks. I'm going to respectfully disagree with some of the above. Andy must be a bad manager if he is unable to adapt when it is clear that the system employed isn't working. Either the oppo have figured us out, or we were flattering to deceive with our early season form. Either way, a good manager would react and make appropriate changes. I want Andy to succeed. I want ETFC to succeed. Neither are happening at present. Something needs to change.
  5. The Crowing Cockerel

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    Its incredibly disappointing that our season is likely to be dying a death in November. The silly thing is that I strongly believe that we have one of the strongest squads (albeit small) in the league. We have a talented striker hungry for goals and apparently tied to a 2-year deal. I just get the feeling that the players have lost faith in the management. People can put up with substitutions and formations they disagree with so long as the points keep on coming. The problem is when things being to go wrong. If Andy persists with the tactics he's stuck with for the first few months, then I reckon we'll be looking for a new manager in the New Year. ...anyone got Brad's number?
  6. The Crowing Cockerel

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    2nd half miracle? Or 4 defeats on the bounce?
  7. The Crowing Cockerel

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    H/T Leatherhead 3 ETFC 0
  8. The Crowing Cockerel

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    Leatherhead radio commentary: "Bricknell does not look happy with the service he's receiving." Haven't I heard that said before?
  9. The Crowing Cockerel

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    Leatherhead goals 2 & 3 are on the Leatherhead Twitter feed. Absolutely no marking.
  10. The Crowing Cockerel

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    Leatherhead striker with free header - should've made it 4! Still Leatherhead 3 ETFC 0.
  11. The Crowing Cockerel

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    2 down after 16 mins Leatherhead score with a volleyed finish from a corner. 3 down after 17 mins. Freekick after Johnson booked for a foul. WHEELS. COMING. OFF.
  12. The Crowing Cockerel

    Congrats Kirbs

    Greater than Kevin Riley?
  13. The Crowing Cockerel

    FA Trophy 10th November

    Its now mid-November. How long before we should panic about the inability of our squad to achieve it's potential?
  14. The Crowing Cockerel

    FA Trophy 10th November

    90+ mins: Basingstoke Town 2-1 ETFC BTFC break and score. FT. As they say: we can concentrate on the league now. Not a lucrative year as a result of the major cup competitions.
  15. The Crowing Cockerel

    FA Trophy 10th November

    66 mins: Basingstoke Town 1-1 ETFC (BTFC twitter attributes goal to Joe Wright after a cross slips through his fingers and into the net)