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  1. No news is good news? Nothing on twitter other than a couple of Merstham subs reported by the home side.
  2. Well, sadly not the next round of the Cup! Not sure I can call for AL's head just yet - given that Peterborough Sports finished last season top of their division and very much in with a shout of promotion to the National League (had things not been curtailed). Plus a 2-2 draw over 90mins doesn't feel like a defeat. Still, I might start sharpening my axe a little.
  3. It may have been a good game against a strong side, but thats now 2 years in a row that we've bowed out to sides at a comparable or lower in the footballing pyramid. We miss out on much-needed funds once again.
  4. All pie in the sky until we can get fans through the turnstiles again, I'm afraid. Until then the only clubs able to survive are those with sugar daddies.
  5. Yep, definitely an ETFC old boy who hopefully is coming back. Have now watched the 2nd half. Not very impressed with the trialists given a run-out over that 45!
  6. Just watching the Brentwood friendly. Thought the side looked pretty good in the first half even without a few familiar faces. One of the trialists looked like an ETFC old boy who went on to bigger and better things.
  7. Get us promoted this season and he can do that!
  8. I know there has been talk about showing highlights of the pre-season games, but any chance of running a live feed?
  9. Anything of interest come out of the Zoom Q&A session with the Chairman, AL, Billy and Marc? (I didn't have a chance to log in)
  10. The 2019-20 season will not be completed. We are talking months before any resumption of competitive football - with or without fans. Just consider for a moment the fact that the Chief Medical Officer has now advised that those aged 70+ avoid social contact for the coming 12 weeks. The virus isn't going to suddenly vanish.
  11. Given that all professional football has been postponed I wouldn't imagine that many players in the Isthmian League will be keen to take the field. I'd expect all games to be postponed until April rather than playing behind closed doors.
  12. I received a messenger pigeon this morning.
  13. Is that right? Still don't think we'll make the play-offs. If/when it becomes mathematically impossible I hope the Board see that as an opportunity. Can't imagine Billy will hang around for another season with his contract ending and I'd think others will have similar thoughts. So perhaps it is time for wholesale changes from the management and throughout the squad.
  14. Call me a pessimist, but we're going to have to produce something special to get anything at Folkestone. Having watched highlights from alot of their games I fear we're in for a hiding.
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