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  1. Agree with the above, BR10! I'm unusually excited by the attacking options currently (or soon to be) available for Town. Although do we think AL will be able to fit Mo, Billy and Alex into the same side? I prefer the latest rumour r.e. Mo Faal - that he turned down Bolton in order to remain at a bigger club and fight for his place.
  2. I remember when EFC received fees for players who moved up the pyramid (John Bailey and Paul Underwood spring to mind). I appreciate that this was some time ago, but larger clubs didn't seem to be put off making signings based on these fees - has that really changed now? Are clubs really unable/unwilling to pay a few £k in order to sign young talent?
  3. Mo Faal by all accounts had a very good game for Bolton Wanderers U23 side the other night.
  4. Another winnable tie for Chichester away to Canvey or Bowers. Interesting ties for Potters Bar - home to Barnet. And Haringey - home to Yeovil!
  5. Sorry, but was it a defeat where we can (and should) heap praise on the team for a gallant performance? I've yet to hear anyone suggest thats the case. In which case, having dragged myself to Chichester and back ( - were you there? Do you disagree with my comments?) I am entitled to give my opinion on this platform.
  6. If that isn't the manager's fault then I'm not sure what is?! Surely he can get the players motivated for the FA Cup - I mean, at the very least its the ultimate 'shop window' for some of the younger guys with ambitions to play higher. Chichester were absolutely up for the game. I'm still fuming that many of those on the pitch didn't give 110%.
  7. I would've thought Chichester City run on a smaller budget than us...and they're in the next round!
  8. I had hoped that the long trek home would mellow my thoughts on Town's performance today. It has not. First things first: well done Chichester City. They seem like a nice club who could do with the prize money and the publicity. So good luck to them! In my opinion the only players who came out of today's game with any real credit were Sam Youngs, Jon Muleba and Nathan Macdonald. I may be being a little harsh on Alex Reed who held the ball up well at times and had probably only just met his team-mates. Chichester were well-organised. They sat back in the first half and kept things tight. Very sensible. Then in the second half two things happened: (1) Town began to grow frustrated at their inability to break down CCFC; (2) CCFC realised that there wasn't too much to be afraid of and took a few more chances going forward. Tactically, CCFC were a cut above Town today. Individually, their players were no better. But they had a clear plan and executed it. Time and time again we tried to thread a near impossible ball through to a forward. Perhaps Lewis Taaffe would have made the difference. We seemed to lack that bit of quality up front - Junior Mubiyai dwelt on the ball and rarely received it in a position to advance. Ken struggled for the most part - other than a break from the half-way line when his shot was well saved when a pass to Reed just inside the box might've created a far simpler chance. The midfield completely lost control in the second half. Ryan Blackman was back to the 'headless chicken' player of early 2018. Passes from both he and Scott Thomas often went astray - but perhaps that was down to the organisation of CCFC? Glen Wilson is a poor man's Mark Kirby. We missed Faal and Weatherstone. It shows just how much those two have been carrying Town of late. I hope the wage bill can still cover Bricknell, Faal and Reed now that a lucrative cup run is out of the question. Ok, rant over. I think I feel better for that.
  9. Noticed Mickey Parcell's rather pointed comment on twitter congratulating George Quarrington-Carter on being awarded PBTFC's player of the month. Seems MP thought he deserved more game time at ETFC.
  10. BRFC 0 ETFC 2 Taaffe with the second. Town up to 3rd. Serious risk of a nosebleed.
  11. I have no words. Bricknell injured, Faal gives himself the weekend off - against a Chichester defence which has conceded very few goals in the last calendar year.
  12. Couldn't have got a much tougher draw than that. Never know whether a home draw is a good thing with us! Nice for Jon and particularly Nathan to play against their old club.
  13. I see that Sam Chaney started on the bench for the same team as Liam Hope on saturday. It seems he's been able to commit to another club.
  14. Presumably Boreham Wood paid a fee for Ralston when they signed him in February (and gave him a contract till June 2020)? Ralston must've known there was a storm brewing - I mean, if he was convicted recently then he must've first appeared in court at the end of 2018. I wonder when Boreham Wood first became aware that he was due to stand trial?
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