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  1. Ok, there's your answer then! So I guess AL needs to look at recruiting some quality from elsewhere - if the kitty isn't completely empty.
  2. I haven't. Are any of them worth a run in the first team?
  3. Were it not for Billy and Mo we would be staring relegation in the face. Heaven knows what we'll do next season when they are both likely to have gone. Just imagine if they had an organised, tight defence behind them and a little more creativity in midfield...
  4. Call me the harbinger of doom, but it looks like the wheels have come off. Even if we make a miraculous second half recovery, this is not a one off. Defensively we are not good enough. At no time during his reign has Andy been able to assemble a decent enough defence/midfield.
  5. The annoying thing for us would be if a Premier League side did come in for him. Unlike a football league club, they may not be put off by the prospect of a transfer fee in the tens of thousands. But I guess the chances of being plucked from non-league these days are tiny.
  6. In which case why did he turn down St Albans and Concord? Was it because they would only take him on a contract - which he wouldn't be prepared to commit to? Maybe Bolton couldn't afford to add anyone to their payroll? Either way, it looks like MF has a decent agent who is managing to get him some incredible publicity! I guess it does ETFC no harm if it demonstrates to others that players at the club might catch the attention of Premier League clubs. Just as it was nice to hear ETFC repeatedly mentioned (as the only side to beat them up to that point) during the pre-match and commentary of the Maldon & Tiptree FA Cup match.
  7. On the plus side I think we'd have difficulty getting relegated this season! I just don't think that we have the finances to mount a promotion challenge. It looks to me as if we've spent all our cash on our forward line, and then we paper over the cracks in midfield/defence. Over a long season we're bound to come unstuck.
  8. So it looks like we're going to lose Mo at some point soon with The Sun and Sky carrying reports that he is being tracked by a host of Premier League clubs. Given that he is the reason we are riding fairly high in the league, can someone answer the following? If he is not on a contract (and the likes of Weatherstone/Bricknell are), why isn't he? Even a short-term deal would've potentially netted us a very healthy return - and his performances have certainly merited the commitment. Is there any prospect of AL finding a comparable replacement if/when Mo leaves? https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/10475593/liverpools-joe-gomez-cousin-enfield-vardy/
  9. I agree 4WF. The problem is that there isn't anyone else we can put there because our squad is so small. We saw that recently with Hatton being deployed in the centre of midfield. The long and the short of it is that Ryan Blackman is no Billy Crook.
  10. Not really. I thought we were poor against Kingstonian. We were fortunate to scrape a draw against Wingate.
  11. Now 3-0. Unfortunately it looks like I was right. 68mins 3-1 (Faal)
  12. I fear this is the point that the wheels come off our promotion challenge. To be fair it feels like we've been punching above our weight so far this season in the league.
  13. You could say that other results went our way today - or perhaps we missed an opportunity? I've said it before and I'll say it again: this Town side will score goals, but it will also concede. We are a commanding centre half (to play alongside Weatherstone) and perhaps a little more strength in midfield away from really challenging for promotion. No-one wants to face Bricknell and Faal at the moment. Any news on when/if Potton and Taaffe will be back in contention?
  14. Very concerned at the lack of depth in our squad. With no Blackman and Youngs injured we were left with Hatton and Thomas in midfield. Should have been 1-0 down within 30 seconds. Anyway, we cling on to our unbeaten away record. I fear for us against Maldon though.
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