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  1. The Crowing Cockerel


    Agreed. I seem to remember Chesham fans making similar observations about AL's tactics when he joined us.
  2. The Crowing Cockerel

    Hall of Fame

    Surely it'd have to be known as The Rudi Hall of Fame!?
  3. The Crowing Cockerel


    I note Billy 'The Cat' Cove cutting his managerial teeth at both Ilford and currently with Epping in the Essex Olympian League. I'll call it now: one day he'll come back to the Town.
  4. The Crowing Cockerel


    Certainly don't despise Brad. He took the opportunity to manage at a higher level. I don't believe he would've had the opportunity to manage in the National League with ETFC as quickly as he did with Braintree. Andy has put together a squad which is better than anything we've had before. He certainly deserves a fair crack at the job. I reckon we might see Brad again at some point in the future though.
  5. The Crowing Cockerel

    Enfield Town v Merstham

    Merstham were well-organised. That being said, Town weren't very impressive. Really missed Youngs and Blackman today. Matt Johnson ran his socks off again, but we struggled to control the centre of the park. We played with wingers but failed to get beyond their full-backs. The Merstham keeper looked pretty suspect from his mis-kick in the first minute, and yet we didn't test him throughout the 90 mins. Is that 4 draws at home already this season? I think I'm entitled to have a bit of a moan with the club emails suggesting we fancy ourselves as title contenders. Not on today's showing.
  6. The Crowing Cockerel

    Back of the Net (match highlights)

    Last I heard they were out of action for a couple of weeks due to illness and then the FA Cup. Think they should be back soon.
  7. The Crowing Cockerel

    Where are they now?

    11 and a half years.
  8. The Crowing Cockerel

    Lewes v ETFC

    There are match highlights on the Lewes twitter feed.
  9. The Crowing Cockerel

    Billy Bricknell

    Any news on when our marquee summer signing will make an appearance?
  10. The Crowing Cockerel

    Enfield Town v AFC Hornchurch

    Just home from the game and actually pretty unimpressed with what I've seen. The Town players are technically far better than last year's squad. I understood that last season AL had us playing some pretty basic stuff given the limitations of the players he'd been able to bring in. So, why, oh why, oh why are we still playing as if we have Simon Thomas up front? I just don't get it. We look so much more threatening when we play the ball along the ground, stretch the opposition and then either cross from the byline or thread a ball through. Liam Hope isn't a Simon Thomas-type target man yet time and time again we pumped optimistic balls over the top looking for him to hold it up or win a flick-on (for no-one in particular). We may not have lost, but Hornchurch were there for the taking. I can't believe that Bricknell will relish balls lumped forward either. The pitch is pristine at the moment, so please can we stick to the attractive, attacking football this squad is capable of. For the second time this season we've gone 2-0 up and this time we have thrown a lead away.
  11. The Crowing Cockerel

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Thought we played some great stuff in the 1st half and 3-0 wouldn't have flattered us. We weren't nearly so dominant in the 2nd half though and Stortford showed that they are a strong outfit. Reassuring to see that this new ETFC has plenty of resilience. I think we came away with 3pts but we also came away firmly grounded - we aren't the finished article yet and there's plenty of improving to do. Interested to see how Andy fits Greene and Blackman into this side and also how much more potent we'll look with a fully fit Bricknell up top.
  12. The Crowing Cockerel

    Where are they now?

    Bit of a leap for him. His recent posts on social media suggest he's not much of a fan of Andy's.
  13. The Crowing Cockerel

    Where are they now?

    Brave move by Brad given the spelling probs he had with this player before!
  14. The Crowing Cockerel

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    Any thoughts on whether we need to get another striker in? (With Wynter, Wadkins and Blake heading to pastures new). As I understand it we now have Bricknell, Taaffe and Hope.