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  1. ...and Brad gets the sack! Wonder whether Ryan and Lyle will be retained by whoever is appointed next with the club at the bottom of the table?
  2. In advance of BoJo's announcement this evening, and the league's intention to give at least 14 days notice before any restart, I'd be surprised if we see any league football before mid-February.
  3. The loss of 3 key players has been publicised. Any ideas what the rest of the squad are now up to football-wise? Are they now playing Sunday League? Or pay-to-play Saturday stuff in the amateur leagues?
  4. We need cash to allow a manager to put together a squad which is capable of not only achieving promotion but being a force in National South. I understood ETFC's raison d'etre was to recreate the past glories associated with Enfield FC. A club which was arguably the biggest and best in non-league football - and should have reached the Football League. Is that completely unrealistic? Well, it has been said that a man's reach should exceed his grasp. Being a little more serious than my tongue-in-cheek post earlier, it seems to me that there are only 2 ways in which ETFC can obtain the finan
  5. Is there - or could there be - an orderly queue of people looking to invest in ETFC? Watching that documentary of EFC from the 90s a couple of weeks back I was reminded of the way Lazarou treated Enfield FC and Southbury Road. Presumably no-one will want to invest in ETFC unless there's something in it for them? I can't imagine the club would ever accept a Glenn Tamplin type character waltzing in and taking charge. The way I see it, as a fans-owned club we have 4 options to bring in enough capital to catapult us up the leagues: Go on a magnificent FA Cup Run with a couple of
  6. I did hear the interview. To be fair to Ryan, I got the impression that he was more trying to say 'the right thing' for the supporters of his new club rather than having any kind of a dig at ETFC. The fact he paid us a visit on Wednesday probably says more about his feelings for the club rather than an off the cuff remark.
  7. With interest in the Cups over for another year, our better players heading to pastures where they will actually get a game and London likely to enter Tier 3 sooner rather than later - is 2020/21 now a write-off for ETFC? Having called for AL's replacement for some time, and another defeat against lower league opposition, would it make sense to make the change sooner rather than later?
  8. It was a live interview at half-time of their game - doubt it was recorded. Wings Radio.
  9. By that stage even you'll be dual registered, FJ!
  10. He was just interviewed by Radio Welling - he's suspended for tonight's game. Apparently he's "got his love for the game back" since moving to Welling...
  11. Cheer up, Lovely Stuff - you're now playing centre-mid tomorrow night!
  12. Interested to hear what BQ said about the signings of Ryan & Lyle: https://www.wellingunited.com/wufc-tv-interview-bradley-quinton/ Suggests that Welling were in regular contact with Town prior to the signings and will be looking to return the favour and dual-register some of their players with ETFC when we re-start. I'll believe it when I see it.
  13. Where are they going to go? I guess the likes of Billy Bricknell could go to a National League South side. Otherwise the only option would be a game in one of the Amateur Leagues - such as the 'pay to play' SAL.
  14. I see the Chairman voted in favour of continued suspension of the league. Lets see how the vote goes!
  15. Wasn't the long-stop date for the Tier system the beginning of February? What happens if Kent remains in Tier 3 until then? Not sure that Margate and Folkestone could be expected to catch up on fixtures missed between now and then?
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