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  1. Josh Hill's loan was originally advertised as lasting until 3rd January. Given the cancelled fixture(s) pre-Christmas, any news on whether the loan has been extended at all?
  2. Alas, I suspect they'll probably do just about enough to survive this season following a disastrous start. At the same time, I would fear for us in the National League. It would take some serious recruitment, improvement and ££ just to be competitive on the pitch and then there's the added travel. But lets worry about that if and when we have to.
  3. Agreed, I thought Chez had a very good debut. He got involved like a player keen to impress - which for an experienced player dropping down a step was really good to see. I can see Isaac and Thomas working well at the heart of the midfield, which will allow Sam Youngs to play much further forward. That being said, the PB goal was disappointing with their stand-out midfielder allowed to turn, run and then shoot from just outside the area. Without taking anything away from the menace that Cunnington can be, I'm not sure I've seen an opposition team deal with him so poorly. They tried doubling-up, fouling, and even dropping off him. None of it worked....and long may that continue!
  4. The visitors certainly entered into the spirit of the season of goodwill in the second half - and there was me thinking that our depleted defensive line would be the difference. Cunnington should've had a hat-trick to match Youngs (- with the crossbar and penalty-hogging LDV preventing him from getting on the scoresheet). Wyllie certainly should've bagged a couple, and an 8-3 scoreline might've accurately reflected the chances. I'll gladly take the 3 points, but I'm not sure we should read too much into this particular result.
  5. Absolutely - Danny Clarke, Bryan Hammatt and Liam Hope.
  6. Looking at Hill's CV, depending upon how he really is following the injury, you'd think he was a seriously good signing with a wealth of experience and still in his prime. Mind you, we're only an injury away from a crisis. Any chance of luring Nathan Smith back? https://www.onenathansmith.com/
  7. One Emergency Centre Half in! Wonder whether there'll be a second...?
  8. So, former professional Wordsworth will get a 2-match ban for saying something stupid (knowing full well that two others had already been dismissed). Plus Knight and Redmond will receive 3-game bans for violent conduct? I was just thinking before the game that our disciplinary record had been pretty good this season!
  9. Anyone care to comment on the game? Presumably we are now without both first-choice central defenders for our toughest games to date? With Bray having departed, who's left to play there? Dropping out of the play-off places and looking like our annual dip in form.
  10. Lewis Knight = a more prolific Mo Faal. Discuss.
  11. I think it would be a mistake to wait until May/June to make a change. It will take time to identify a replacement and then that replacement will have to assemble a squad. I would much rather they have an opportunity to begin the rebuilding process before the summer break and pre-season. I agree that AL does have credit in the bank which is the reason I can't see the Board doing anything decisive just yet. We need a complete change though. Any thoughts on whether Mario might be up to the job? Or would that simply be more of the same? Otherwise you've got younger managers such as Billy Cove, Luke Tuffs etc.
  12. Post-match interview AL: "Hopefully they [the players] get changed before I do."
  13. Jake Cass substituted and chants of "You don't know what you're doing!" directed at the manager.
  14. 0 - 3 at h/t. Fans booing off the team. It is time for a change. In his post-match interview last week AL said that there was a lack of effort. A poor mid-week showing and then getting pasted at home does not suggest to me that AL is the man to turn this around. Time to get someone in who can salvage the season.
  15. Having watched highlights from one of his displays for Tonbridge I can see why they didn't hang on to him - he had a shocker!
  16. Didn't make it, but caught some of the Bognor commentary. Sounded like an open game. Strikes me as the type of game we'd've won last season. But no PK or Mo to supply a moment of magic means that we're dropping points and will be fortunate to make top 10 come May.
  17. AL was interviewed post-match. He also used the words "embarrassing" and "pathetic" AND he offered to refund fans from his own pocket! The FA competitions are so very important for us. There is absolutely no point in getting promoted unless we have the resources (playing and financial) to stay up in the National League. At the moment we are nowhere near good enough to survive in the National League. Just look at the rude awakening that has been Cheshunt's season so far - they've had to change most of their squad and are still struggling (which might be expected of a side which was only the 5th best in the Isthmian League last season). Unless we're planning on winning the lottery, winning a couple/a few rounds in the FA Cup / Trophy is essential. Instead we have performed abysmally against sides at the same level in the pyramid. My considered view is that it is time for a change. We need a new manager and a rebuild of the squad. If the players aren't performing when it really matters then the buck stops with the manager.
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