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  1. True, but Mo contributed to 55 goals last season.
  2. For those living on the Moon, Mo Faal has announced his departure from the club. He has not yet revealed his destination, although there is a suggestion that it is 'a level up'. I could see him returning to Dulwich Hamlet. Surely Chesericay couldn't tempt him? 😳
  3. Non League Bible Predicted Isthmian Prem Table No surprise when you take away Mo's 30+ goals.
  4. I read with interest that Lewes were able to secure a ÂŁ750k grant in order to install a Hybrid Pitch over the summer. It is 95% natural grass intertwined with a mesh carpet to ensure stability, as used in the Premier League. They describe it as "a state-of-the-art playing surface, and comes complete with embedded irrigation system, pop-up sprinklers and drainage to maintain the performance throughout the year." Having read that Town are considering installing an artificial pitch (a la Aveley, Worthing, Dorking etc) and wondered whether this type of hybrid might actually be a more attractive middle ground? Might there also be scope for obtaining a similar grant? Have the Board considered this option? Whilst I see the financial benefits of a Worthing-style artificial pitch, I'd rather watch football played on a grass pitch. Plus, I understand there are arguments that it leaves players more prone to injury. I'll be very interested to hear reports on Lewes' new pitch. Its also interesting to note that artificial pitches are not permitted in the football league. Recently promoted sides have had to tear up their 3G and re-lay turf - Sutton, Harrogate Town.
  5. Your You're a strange lot over here. Big fines 😏 - A few £k is definitely small fry for you big time Charlies at Chesericay. A ban for Frempah 😕 - The cancellation of his registration at Chesericay seems to be the least the FA would do, looking at previous cases. A 3 -12 points deduction* 😳 * See below Automatic Relegation 😝 * - I'm not sure the Spartan South Midlands League deserve you, but it seems about the right level. Compensation 😁 - Automatic relegation will be sufficient compensation. A hint of a court case 😑 - Perhaps they can televise it? And on your FB site someone wants to hang one on Frempah. Not that they'll have the bottle 😏 - Mr Frempah clearly knows how to make friends, bless him. Just to say thanks to the few who showed up on Saturday .Not all of you are so easily lead. - Not overly surprised that there were only a few fans in total. And don't forget to pay your £10 membership like good little club shareholders. God help you all if the ship sinks 😁 - Unlike Chesericay, the ETFC ship is not reliant on a benefactor of any kind. I'm willing to bet it floats the long of the two. 😘
  6. We were all getting along just fine - there was even going to be a Community Cup game between us - and then you Chesericians decided that the rules didn't apply to you! And then your little weirdy-beardy manager decided that was quite amusing! So don't come round these parts claiming the moral high ground, Albs!
  7. I'd've thought it'll be automatic relegation for Chesericay.
  8. Henceforth the little village club up the A10 will be known as Chesericay. If you think Mo was on big bucks then you really have no idea about ETFC. In the circumstances, assuming Frempah was registered correctly by ETFC, then I would expect Cheshunt to be reprimanded by the FA. Had this happened mid-season, then it would've been a fine and points deduction. I would much rather find out in July that a player has no loyalty to the club than later on, so thats all well and good. The damage to the relationship between the two clubs is a much more unfortunate side-effect with the blame for that certainly being laid at Chesericay's door.
  9. Quite humorous, but I'm not sure the Cheshunt Manager should really be getting involved in the banter given the circumstances. Still, its a matter for Cheshunt how they wish to present themselves.
  10. I suppose the main point for me is more about Cheshunt than ETFC. Cheshunt have some money, they've secured promotion and seem to have some exciting plans for the future. Their stated desire is to become a big non-league club. All very laudable for a club in a town with a population of only 45,000 people. At the same time, they've handled this situation with a rather 'small club' mentality. Its even reached the point where Cheshunt's manager (- who I know has something of a reputation,) is poking fun online. Perhaps the Cheshunt board and management have decided that they want to be seen as the new Billericay? We all know how that ended.
  11. I see that Mr Frempah has played (and scored) for Cheshunt tonight. If he is properly registered for another club then he is not permitted to train with Cheshunt and certainly not represent them in any kind of fixture. Its not simply a case of Cheshunt trusting the player's assurance that he is unregistered. They would have to check for themselves. There's no way that he could come back and play for Town now. The concern must be that Frempah will eventually find himself banned for a lengthy period with Cheshunt receiving a fine/costs and a 'sporting penalty'. I'm not overly impressed with the way in which Cheshunt seem to have conducted themselves. Had a genuine mistake been made then I would've expected a more conciliatory response from the Ambers. Afterall, we're going to be neighbours far longer than Ben Frempah will be playing for either side. There's nothing to stop them approaching players - particularly pre-season - but the arrogance of their response on social media has been disappointing. Still, I'm sure it will all come out in the wash!
  12. I see that Cheshunt have put a rather different spin on things: https://cheshuntfc.com/2022/07/21/kings-lynn-town-fc-join-us-for-our-community-cup-tournament/ Over to the FA now, and whatever happens, by the time they take into account legal fees, I suspect Cheshunt will decide it probably wasn't a signing worth making.
  13. Assuming there is actually something amiss (i.e. ETFC did actually register Frempah) then it looks like a real possibility of Misconduct under Rule E1(b). A complaint would need to be made within 14 days. Presumably it would then be for The National League to consider whether it would be appropriate for them to take any action against Cheshunt. Penalties might include the player's registration being cancelled and/or Cheshunt possibly being punished separately. First things first: has there actually been a rule breach?
  14. We're normally very very careful about announcing signings, so this seems very strange. Can't imagine it'd be any kind of dual registration situation as we'd've made that clear from the outset. Cheshunt must've known we'd announced the signing before playing him at the weekend. I'd suggest we politely withdraw from our place in this Saturday's tournament and leave Cheshunt and Haringey to have a friendly. Thereby avoiding any possible issues on the pitch.
  15. Could be wrong, but can't see our name in the FA Cup Preliminary Round draw - and from the Kingstonian forum it looks like that fixture is actually a league match.
  16. A little underwhelmed at the signing of Scott Shulton having lost Manny Maja. Don't recall him pulling up many trees during his recent stint at Potters Bar. Hoping he proves me wrong.
  17. Currently looking rather light on confirmed strikers for the coming season with the lad from Risborough (Wyllie) and Cunnington our only confirmed options so far. Any idea where Mo's off to? (Presuming he must've started training somewhere by now). Any news on Cass? How about Sayoud? Della-Verde?
  18. Not really a move for 'footballing reasons', but I guess it fits with his social media ambitions.
  19. They've got the former Bromley manager at the helm and financial backing, so suspect they will be a very different proposition next season.
  20. Think Andy said he'd considered Harold to have been our best-performing centre back before his injury against Horsham. Lets hope the rebuild is in hand.
  21. I think we both know it won't be ETFC who will miss the trips down the A10 the most. 😘
  22. Just when I thought we'd seen the back of you, AW - here you are again arguing about .... errrr..... parking spaces!?
  23. Oh ye of little faith! Any minute now, Andy, we'll discover that Lovely Stuff is in fact Joe Thwaite - winner of the ÂŁ184m Euromillions jackpot - who has decided to provide Andy with a ÂŁ10m 'war chest' this summer!
  24. Interesting to note that Bishops Stortford have already signed-up most of their squad from last season, Lewes have secured the services of their front 3 once again (including the prolific Joe Taylor), and Hornchurch's Tom Wraight has committed for next season. We, meanwhile, will no doubt have to wait until the last of the friendlies to see who has signed-on for next term. Fingers crossed that Andy, Mario etc have been able to identify some fresh exciting talent for next season...?
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