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  1. I therefore make Tilbury favourites to join one of ETFC or Leiston in the ryman premier next season. Whatever happens on Tuesday, well done to Leiston on an impressive season - and hopefully we'll be playing each other in the league again next season!
  2. What a time to carry out maintenance on the site?!?! Go on Town!!!
  3. Someone from Grays just said this on twitter that it didn't look too bad - but their pics show standing water on the pitch. A bit of work and it might be ok....if there's no more rain!
  4. A balanced report from our friends out east.
  5. I see Grays have a certain James Bunn playing for them.
  6. Perhaps not surprising given the situation but I thought Leiston showed a distinct lack of ambition. They lined-up looking for a 0-0 and very nearly got it. I thought Town looked like they might just be returning to form at the right time. It was certainly the right result given play over the 90mins. (Rudi having hit the post and a couple of good saves from Leiston's keeper). Can anyone help with the following: Will Micheal Ewang be suspended for the play-offs? Is Bryan Hammatt really preferred to Neil Johnstone? How did Liam Hope survive being jumped on by Mark Kirby after he scored? #squashedhope
  7. Me (and my lucky pants) take some credit for this win!
  8. Any truth in the rumour that Leiston's pitch is 8cm too long? Apparently there may be some trouble afoot!
  9. "Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! Stevie Newing's Blue and White Army! ...[i'm sure you get the idea by now]..."
  10. A side such as Leiston, perhaps? It might just have to be a 6-5 win next Saturday then!
  11. All I ask is that the guys have a proper go at Leiston next Saturday - no fear whatsoever. "He who dares, Rodders!"
  12. Yep, unfortunately Potters Bar don't have much to play for. The way I look at it is that we've got nothing to lose next weekend and can treat it as a rehearsal for the play-offs - a one-off match we have to win. It's nice to be able to keep the 'match intensity' up leading into likely play-off games.
  13. So, 2 to play. If we beat Leiston we'll be a point behind with each having one to play. I like to look at it as a nice bonus ahead of the play-offs......but let's see. Go on The Town!
  14. I do back Steve. However, his update on the website doesn't necessarily tie-in completely with some of the players' recent tweets - with confusion and disappointment at being dropped etc. Having said that though, I guess players want to play every minute, full-stop.
  15. Can anyone shed any light on this? Surely now is not the time to sideline one of the division's top scorers?!
  16. I get it now. This is all part of Steve's Master Plan! Now, keep this one under your hats, but Steve recognised some time ago that Leiston are head and shoulders above everyone else in the league and therefore it would be a case of manoeuvring for position in the play-offs. So, we finish runners-up after a string of indifferent results against sides dredging the depths of RL1N. Then, like a phoenix from the flames we surprise our opponents by romping home in the play-offs in front of two sell-out crowds at the Donkey Dome - thereby earning more money to spend on next season's Ryman Premier promotion push!! Genius!
  17. Look, I'VE done all I can. I've paid my admission, worn my lucky boxer shorts (blue and white, of course) and done my best to will the ball into the back of the opposition net. Apart from reducing my relatively quiet moans I'm not sure there's much more I can do! So, I guess it's down to the players and the management. Ill-Discipline Once again a Town player was sent off needlessly (I think back to Matata and Kirby at Potters Bar, Osei At The Dome). What was Ewang thinking? He disagrees with a decision or something said, so he runs 20yds to raise his hands and vigorously shove the Wabbey player to the floor. All about 2yds from the ref. I'd been led to believe that he's actually quite an intelligent lad. Well, he left a very good ref with absolutely no choice and condemned his team-mates to playing 45 minutes with 10 men. Formation/Side Am I the only supporter who thinks Steve doesn't know his best 11 or best formation? My view is that he got lucky last week against Needham. He's now lost momentum. Let's see if he can get lucky in the play-offs...
  18. Agreed, '5' was quite humorous. The league clearly have a sense of humour. Time to move on.
  19. The little Martian shoots.........and his effort drifts well wide.
  20. Not sure who that was aimed at. Town have been getting results at home having faced some relatively poor sides. Yesterday they lost 0-3 at home against 10 men. There is no way in which yesterday's performance can be said to have been a side 'playing good at home'. This is the business end of the season.
  21. The answer to your number 7 point!! If you are able to do a full time job and work in the evenings at the pitch, I would like to know how you would fit it all in?? If you want to come and help, then maybe we could have been watering all week and trying to get it flat. Likewise to many other people that work and volounteer at the club, souly for passion about the club come over an work really hard! Another hick-up that you should perhaps know about is that the mower broke down and would not start during the week, that caused me problems. I am passionate about my pitch and this is the first 'critisism' I have heard about it today, all the others have been saying how nice the pitch looks. Currently I am not being paid to work there so until then the pitch may not be looking at it's total best as I cannot magic more hours in a day!!!!!!! The pitch looked great and has been impeccable since we moved in! All I was saying was that it seemed a little hard and bobbly in places for the first time this season (- not surprising given the weather this week). Given the above, I'm more than happy to thank the groundsman for his efforts and apologise if my comment seemed critical.
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