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  1. Probably. But if we finished below them then we must go into the game as underdogs. So losing to them wouldn't really be a shock. None of that will stop me attending though...and hoping!
  2. Yep, they've got Cray, Brightlingsea, Bowers & Wingate. We certainly aren't going to catch Stortford now, so its time to start preparing to face the Urchins on their patch.
  3. Almost guaranteed a play-off place despite the defeat...and looks like we'll probably be away to Hornchurch.
  4. ? Worth checking out Lee's goal line clearance at 3m 42s! Chesham United 1-3 St Albans City. 5th May 2014
  5. ...Andy Leese was manager of a team in a play-off final he was defeated by a team including a current ETFC player. Name that player.
  6. Out of interest, would the club be better off financially finishing 2nd in the league and then losing in a home play-off final rather than winning the play-offs and playing in the National League South with the extra travel/playing budget etc involved? Just wondering whether a couple of home gates in excess of 2,000 would actually serve us better financially in the longer term?
  7. Ah ok, that makes sense. Although maybe its something they can bring in next season - every player in the squad has to take a turn in goal over the season?
  8. Made for an interesting game, but how have you ended-up fielding a midfielder in goal? I appreciate Joe was suspended, but given your embarrassment of riches when it comes to outfield options, surely you've got a reserve keeper somewhere? I know that Enfield, for example, have a young keeper off playing elsewhere on dual registration. Presumably he'd be called back in the event of injury or suspension. Was it due to this Covid outbreak I've read about?
  9. ft 1-0 By my calculations 1 win from the last 4 games guarantees us a play-off spot. With Cheshunt still to play Hornchurch, Lewes and Bishops Stortford, I reckon we might already be there.
  10. 0-0 at ht Catching up with our play-off rivals... Lewes went 2 down against Wingate & Finchley before pulling it back to 2-2 at half-time. Hornchurch have thrice been ahead against Bognor and head into the break 3-2 up. Of interest is the fact that Hornchurch only have 3 subs and have started the game with a midfielder in goal! (Presumably Wright is serving a ban for his red card). The midfielder's (Joe Christou) main experience in goal comes from 5-a-side at training. Bognor's second goal was scored from the halfway line. Bishops Stortford are leading Folkestone 1-0.
  11. ...and there's an interesting curve ball raised on the Bishops Stortford forum. Given the teams likely to be relegated from the National League, it is not inconceivable that any promotion for them might see them placed in the National League North with fixtures against the likes of Southport, Darlington, Bradford, Chester, Gloucester...etc!
  12. Whilst we're not there yet and the play-off wheels could yet come off, I'm already starting to think 'who do we want?' and 'where do we want to play them?'. Whilst our home record in the league is very good, we have not really been at our best at home against the Top 6 sides. Meanwhile, we secured a good point away at Folkestone, recently beat Hornchurch on their patch, very narrowly lost away against Bishops Stortford. So part of me thinks that home 'advantage' might be something of a poison chalice in the play-offs. But then again, a home crowd well in excess of 1,000 might just spur the Town on, so I'm torn. I guess the answer is to try to finish as high as we can and see what happens. The key with play-offs seems to be to take momentum into the games. It does at least feel to me as if we have a better chance (were we to make the play-offs) than we did last time we made it this far. Dulwich Hamlet completely steamrolled us in that play-off game. Whilst we may not have proved it regularly, I feel that on our day - and with a bit of luck - we can actually beat any of the top sides. That being said, it looks like being a complete and utter lottery. I can easily see any of ETFC, BSFC, Hornchurch, Lewes, Folkestone or Cheshunt going up with Worthing. The standard in the Isthmian Prem has been very high this year. Averaging 2 points a game, with 5 games to go, you have to say that ETFC have had a very good season. Lets see whether Andy and the lads can make it an excellent season!
  13. Don't think it was game-changing, but that was never a red card for the CC forward. Afraid the ref fell for the reaction of both player and team-mates. Would expect it to be successfully appealed. How often do refs look to 'even things up' though?
  14. Looking at those around us in the play-off spots the upcoming fixtures are very interesting. Folkestone are enduring something of a mini-crisis with injuries to important players and others suddenly leaving the club to take up management positions. Given how strong they are at home (- 1 loss in the league all season,) they'd be an even tougher prospect in the play-offs if they finish in 2nd. Lewes have also had some injuries recently, and barring a remarkable run I'm beginning to think they might be out of the running. Our friends at Cheshunt are making the predicted later run - and I fancy them to make it into the top 5 - perhaps even edging out Folkestone. Some twists and turns ahead, but odds on an ETFC v Cheshunt FC play-off final at Donkey Lane in front of 2,000+?
  15. I've always thought Mo needs to get himself a gym membership, get much bigger, stronger, better in the air and more robust if he wants to make it in the Football League. Thats going to take time and commitment on the part of both Mo and any club. Bolton took a punt on him and it didn't work out. Barnet likewise when they took him on loan. My view is that while he is technically very good, and there is no lack of self-belief, he currently lacks the physicality to play above Isthmian Prem level. Is he any better than the likes of Sam Higgins (275 goals in 10 seasons at East Thurrock) or Alex Read (now 200+ goals for Harlow - including 52 in one season!)? I'd say not at the moment. I don't blame him for wanting to play higher, but I can see him back at this level fairly soon if he were to leave at the end of the season.
  16. Having just seen the footage I think its a red. Not the worst I've seen by any means, but studs up and high. Think he's best off taking his medicine.
  17. What did Jake Cass do to earn a straight red?
  18. No easy games as we head into the business end of the season, but this is a toughie. Had they not had a comparatively disastrous first half of the season then Hornchurch would no doubt be pushing Worthing close with their FA Trophy winning squad largely intact from last season. I'd suggest our forward line is a match for any other team in the league, but at the back is probably where Hornchurch have the edge on us. Looking at the full-backs, would you rather have Chappell and Kirwan or Parcell and Sutton? While Lee Chappell's long throws are a very useful weapon, lets be honest, he's no spring chicken (due to turn 37 this year), and Ryan, on the other hand, is very much learning his craft. So you'd have to say that Hornchurch are likely to have the edge on us in those important areas on the pitch - both attacking and defending down the flanks. I think our best chance is if Mo re-discovers his goal-scoring form and we get in front early on. We've not done ourselves justice against any of the promotion challengers except Worthing (home) and Folkestone (away), so now would be the perfect time to find some confidence and fluency. As things stand, this could easily be a dress-rehearsal for the play-offs. My concern is that we revert to the long-ball game which hasn't worked against the better defences.
  19. 31st December, Albury wrote: "See you in the playoffs ...Thats if you have the staying power ????" Just curious, how's that working out for you, AW?
  20. Not a great spectacle. East Thurrock were poor and I can't see that we will be playing them next season. That being said, they had 2 or 3 very good opportunities (including a weak header back by Gyebi putting their striker in on goal only for him to panic and pass the ball to Nathan!). They also kept us penned in our half for long periods in the second half. I know Sam Youngs got it, but Maja was my man of the match. He covered a lot of ground defensively and won plenty of ball. Scott Thomas also had a pretty good game. We are going to need to play much much much better if we are to come away with anything from Hornchurch. The problem is, I suspect we'll revert to the long ball game which will be all too easy for the opposition to handle.
  21. Has Andy improved the squad season by season? Or has he got lucky with Mo's return and form for the first months of the season? Take Mo out of the team and I'd think we'd be lucky to be around 12th-15th in the league. Mo stops scoring and guess what? Yep, we stop winning! Worthing aren't reliant upon Oli Pearce for their goals. Hornchurch have had to do without Sam Higgins until very recently. Bishops Stortford dispensed with their top scorer in Jake Cass. All of them have still found a way to win recently. So is our squad actually that good? My point really is that I don't see Andy being able to achieve any more next season (assuming we don't go up!). Mo will be moving on to pastures new - although possibly not the Football League. How is Andy going to replace those goals next season? I predict even more 'hoof ball' next season with AL. That is why I'd like to see a managerial change.
  22. I am not calling for Andy to be sacked now. What I am saying is that he has been manager for almost 5 years. Whilst they've not been a disaster, and we've had a few bright moments, he's not been able to get us close to the National League South. This year was his big opportunity. If he fluffs his lines now (in relation to getting into the play-offs) then it is time for change as soon as the season ends.
  23. With Mo misfiring and none of the other strikers stepping up I honestly can't see us finishing above any of Bishops Stortford, Folkestone, Hornchurch or Lewes. Which means that we will miss out on the play-offs. And even if we did make it into the play-offs, we simply don't have the tactical nous to get past the other sides. I've watched with the interest the reactions of the Kingstonian management and fans as their team has fallen away from being at the top of the table. Despite being homeless, they have ambitions to play higher up the pyramid and their manager has fronted-up on camera after each recent defeat. We seem to have more resources than them - and a more talented squad, which makes our breakdown all the more disappointing. I want Andy to explain why the players are playing a long ball game?! If we finish 6th then I would be in favour of a new manager coming in - with new players and a new philosophy.
  24. I reiterate: if we don't make the play-offs then AL has to go.
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