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  1. Its one thing to go down there and lose - its quite another to get yourself sent off when the game is lost. Just the time when we don't need suspensions in the squad.
  2. Anyone remember the last time Mo scored a goal?
  3. Worthing 2 - 0 ETFC No shame in losing to Worthing, but reckon we're heading for 6th.
  4. Long ball, long ball, long ball.....and it isn't working.
  5. I'm sorry, BU, but you cannot expect us to be full of positivity following a loss against lowly mid-table neighbours. The team are to be credited for occasionally giving us hope this season as they've flirted with top spot. But with that hope has come a degree of expectation. We know what they can do - so I don't think its unfair that we demand it consistently.
  6. Absolutely agree that AL has assembled a group of talented individuals. That is what is so frustrating! Just imagine if we had the coaching to mould them into a proper tactical unit? Dare I say we may well have won the league! At the moment I do still think we'll make the play-offs. If you look at the table there are probably 7 teams fighting over 4 play-off spots. The concern I have is that I cannot see AL outfoxing any of the other play-off contenders - let alone two of them in succession. We have consistently shown over the season that we cannot manage that.
  7. Wingate 4 - 1 ETFC Game over on 79 mins Sounds like a very bad day at the office.
  8. .....and we've had a penalty saved! Liam Hope didn't used to miss those...
  9. 46'Jonathan Muleba replaced Bilal Sayoud Erm, not the most attacking substitution.
  10. The bloody floodlights have come back on. Unless we can arrange a power surge, looks like we might have to score at least 3 this half!
  11. The only way that is happening though is if there is a complete capitulation and we don't make the play-offs. To be fair, with AL's tactical nous, I don't see us getting any points from the Worthing, Hornchurch or Leatherhead games for starters.
  12. Stand by what I said at the start of the season: if we don't make the play-offs then AL has to go. Add to that the fact that there won't be a Mo to bail him out after this season.
  13. Our defence has been consistently porous all season. Yeh, its exciting for the fans, but it won't keep you in the top 5. Meanwhile Stortford are 2-0 up at Haringey after 8mins...nope, 3-0 up after 17mins1
  14. The way I see it is that the only way we were likely to get promoted this year would have been to win the league. Our results against the top sides gives us very little chance if we make the play-offs: Worthing: Home - draw Bishops Stortford: Home - lost, Away - lost Lewes: Home - lost, Away - lost Folkestone: Home - lost, Away - draw Hornchurch: Home - win So thats 1 win in 8 fixtures against those immediately around us. I would also point out that the Hornchurch side we beat was not nearly as strong as the current Hornchurch side (- Tom Wraight amongst recent signings and the talismanic Sam Higgins returning from injury and scoring today). I agree completely with 4WFs - we are - and have been - reliant upon individual talent to drag us through games. My concern is that that talent doesn't seem to be enough to get us through against the top sides in the division. If we were able to combine the organisation and consistency of a Stortford with the talent we also have, then we'd be formidable.
  15. Predicted Table now has us winning the league despite losing away at Worthing - so it'll be a free hit at the end of the month!
  16. I assumed Andy was referring to a suspension or two he said we had coming up in a different interview.
  17. I was wondering about this. I guess the ideal scenario would be that a league club pay us a fee and then loan him back to us for the remainder of the season? Although only a desperate club would be looking to pay for a player who is out of contract in the summer, and in which case wouldn't want to loan him out. Besides, none of the Football League clubs have money to splash about at the moment. So I guess his suitors will bide their time till the summer.
  18. And they did! The Predicted Table makes interesting reading now -> Click here! (I reckon the Worthing v Lewes play-off semi-final would have a decent crowd!)
  19. Love it when I'm wrong about things like this. Cass has given us the lift we needed. Granted its entertaining stuff, but would still prefer not to have to score at least 4 to win a game!
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