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  1. oh my goodness. oh my shattered nerves. what a professional and clever performance. soaked up some unbelievable pressure and absolutely made the most of our chances. credit to quakers tv - what a professional set up. think their co-commentator a little bit bitter from 2003 still. I am just so happy for the club and the team. the season continues!!
  2. "They only won the last round because the opposition failed to score ANY penalties! Come on chaps, this is Hornchurch - a gift from the football Gods. Of course we are perfectly capable of cocking it up, but we won't. 4-0 easy." tee hee,
  3. I just can't get enough I just can't get enough I just can't get enough I just can't get enough seriously though - well done to the players and staff and legendary groundsmen and our leadership, I am just so happy. it was a strange old match, I don't actually think we were all in the same half when Maidstone made it 4-4. I am so bloody proud of our little pub team from Essex who are keeping the football season alive. thankyou for today Hornchurch. as for the debut youtube stream. volume aside, the commentary was excellent and pitched at just the right l
  4. GET IN! well done lads. absolutely bossed the midfield today - should have got a couple more. KL put the pressure on in last 15 minutes but thought the lads were well drilled and looked really sharp and absorbed the pressure. some excellent saves in the 90 and 3 more in the shootout! draw is on Monday. the season continues!
  5. first and foremost - get well soon dibs. I get that all football clubs are losing revenue and are struggling, but to me the £12 price tag is a tad excessive, particularly when you bear in mind that a nowtv 24hr sky sports pass will get you 11 channels you can watch on 2 devices at the same time at pretty high quality for £9.99. do Kings Lynn really think this is any sort of value for money and that if someone wants to watch sport, that they'll spend more to watch them rather than sky? If any football club is going to survive the current crisis, it will be reliant on the goodwill and t
  6. done. I will waive 50% of my winnings WHEN I win. cheers
  7. parker just coming on for krissy lee. not sure how this will work out.
  8. Colin - what did you say to the players at half time? we were never out of the game first half, but 2nd half we are just really getting stuck in. such excellent commitment. really weird watching this completely sober lol!
  9. GET IN KRISSY LEEE!!!!! what a magical wand of a left foot he had. 1-1. we are looking very good. quality is really good Rob. thanks again for uploading this
  10. really good support. got a good feeling about this.
  11. bit late to this, but a cracking idea. well done Rob. a few of us are going to do a live watch-along of this match today. hope everyone keeping well and sane.
  12. ah dammit. sold out. will keep an eye out for next one. up the chins.
  13. just heard this very sad news. RIP Tina, a real one off and such a cracking character.
  14. pitch inspection this afternoon so should know today if game is off or not. http://www.chelmsfordcityfc.com/news/friday-pitch-inspection-for-ur-835231.html
  15. any update on this? from looking at metcheck it looks like it will rain between now and boxing day. how is the pitch looking?
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