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  1. dear oh dear. this thread hasn't aged well. suffice to say my opinion of the fa trophy has changed since 2010. 🤣
  2. jago - where did you get these stats from? I was about to submit this to the guardian's "the knowledge" email thing. well done bishop's Stortford. another club that has mr smith's fingerprints I think.
  3. not tickets related as such, but it's been about 3 hours since I mentioned to anyone that Hornchurch fc are going to Wembley outside of my WhatsApp group. that little pub team from Essex... I would dearly love to see you all at Wembley and would gladly s*** off a tramp / sir colin ivor stand (delete as appropriate or state there is no difference) to secure one, but the main thing for me is that the team have got there and they have this once in a lifetime opportunity to grace the 2nd best pitch on the planet after bridge avenue. still haven't properly calmed down. I just can't
  4. Gents and ladies, whatever happens in the final, I would like to humbly suggest that we have some kind of event to celebrate the monumental effort of our entire club during these “strange times” post 21st June, maybe some sort of bbq or presentation night. Anything, could be fundraiser 50/50 raising cash for club plus local charity. Maybe parcell could recreate the block. Maybe Wright could recreate the save, maybe Dickson could take the roof of the net again.... we knew he f***ing would... Working title “all the way to Wembley” still buzzing. Thank you Hornchurch fc x
  5. vocal training also underway. 20 red army's in the car on the way to work this morning. will step it up to 100 by end of the week.
  6. I said i'd be back. and here I am. nearly 48 hours on and I am still delirious and giddy over the whole miracle at meadow lane. not sure if was the camera angle or what, but that pitch looked massive and when we went a goal down, the players were blowing hard and I feared we were about to get our backsides handed to us in a brutal way. however. that parcell block. it was a certain goal, but that block defined the entire match for me. blood and guts defending, passion and belief shown everywhere on the pitch. wright pulled off one of the greatest saves ever. the leadersh
  7. #pub team from essex excellent idea Jordan. no strong feelings on wording but please stick me down for four. assume there will be a commemorative kit made for the final. can I please make a suggestion that we somehow incorporate Tina Hunt's name onto the kit. perhaps under the collar - back of shirt.
  8. happy to help @fisherman'sfriend. it's 27th March 2021. the date that the pub team from Essex decided that, whilst Bridge Avenue is a lovely place to play football, that a day out at HA9 0WS would be nice.
  9. Never in doubt... again. oh my shattered nerves. I will revisit this thread when I have gathered my thoughts. Parcell defending. wright banks-esque save. the whole HEART showed from the team in EVERY area. the second half performance. we bossed them, my goodness. my shattered nerves. holy hell. etc. love you all
  10. pre match tension is doing my head in. come on 3 o'clock!
  11. No words for who did this. Not going to get angry either. But what an excellent endeavour to replace, am sure Tina would have rather people put money to club expenses for semi final, but sorry Tina, you had love and joy for everyone you came across so have directed my limited resources to put this right. I’ll buy a non-restricted view ticket for semi to make amends.
  12. on paper toughest draw we could get. plus away from home isn't ideal. I don't think they'll underestimate us, but believe there is heavy squad rotation going on so we will wait and see. looks like they charge per stream so should help the club coffers a bit too. if we can put the same amount of passion in as we did against Darlington, we have every chance.
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