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  1. just heard this very sad news. RIP Tina, a real one off and such a cracking character.
  2. pitch inspection this afternoon so should know today if game is off or not. http://www.chelmsfordcityfc.com/news/friday-pitch-inspection-for-ur-835231.html
  3. any update on this? from looking at metcheck it looks like it will rain between now and boxing day. how is the pitch looking?
  4. they must have been gutted or tired after 4 games in a week and a bit. i'm sure the players and management wouldn't deliberately snub fans that did a 200 mile round trip to watch their team lose their third on the trot.
  5. well personally, i thought that darren threw some awesome shapes in the box last night. his hang time for his letter 'E' just before the equaliser was nothing short of spectacular. we're 2 games into the season. canvey always seem to get one over on us, maybe they're our bogey side, maybe they were lucky or maybe they hate us more than we hate them, who knows. i don't think it's quite time to hit the panic button yet, let alone the new keeper button. i think goalkeepers get a rough ride. a midfielder can make 10 errors during a game, but if he creates one or two chances, the mistakes are forgotten. same goes for strikers missing sitters all game but scoring a screamer in stoppage time to nick it one nil. a mistake by a goalkeeper (or a defender) is magnified so much more because it normally results in a goal. yes darren can improve, but you know he's working on it and he very rarely lets us down. i think we should all just chill and not panic about blowing our promotion chances when by my calendar, the month is august, not march.
  6. best of luck saturday to the lads and i'll see you all for the canvey match (c u next tuesday).
  7. mr freeman's noisy neighbours quarterly
  8. ascot united vs wembley fc is being streamed live on friday night on facebook for free. downside is you have to "like" budweiser... http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/aug/17/fa-cup-opener-live-facebook wonder how much money either club is getting or if it's just exposure and a load of (awful) free beer? any chance we could get in on this?
  9. rob - have had a chat with the lads. please can you bring 20 air fresheners on Friday where we will swap them for 20 pounds. cheers fella. haven't been this excited about some merchandise since the cufflinks. (which broke after 2 weeks, but nm).
  10. AFC Hornchurch air freshener you say? how can i get my hands on one? it's a shame that the most interesting part of this thread was in the 2nd sentence of the 1st post, but there you go.
  11. perhaps if they banned gary calder from non league clubs they would be providing protection.
  12. all the best tommo. i'm still your cheese and onion crisps b1tch. xx
  13. harry martin - the fan's fan. i don't remember any collection, but can guess where it ended up. a supporter's club trophy to award to the fan's player of the year would be my pick. certainly better than doing anything to do with the council and dealing with the endless objections from concerned romford fans...
  14. i don't blame you. i remember ian once spoke of having a breathalyser fitted to your pc between the hours of midnight and 8am which wouldn't allow access to the forum if you were a certain number of times over the limit. anyway, according to their forum, the final whistle went, hornchurch fans spontaneously started abusing themselves and the sutton players and the sutton players jumped the fence to try to keep the peace. possibly this particular sutton fan's eyesight has been affected by a different form of abuse. namely self-abuse. the truth is out there somewhere... lets hope for both the sake of both teams and our reputation that the ref only includes the red cards in his report and nothing else. should we fail to reach or succeed in the play-offs, a silver lining would be not having to play sutton next season as it always seems to spark off a few of the mindless minority from both sides which is why it's probably best i gave the match a swerve yesterday!
  15. sure i remember seeing a few 3am posts on this thread. censorship still alive and well on fans focus, even if it's self-censorship.
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