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  1. fa trophy results only would mean the champions would be the fa trophy winners each year? unless you're discounting progressing on penalties. if we did it on all results, that would make c*nvey island unofficial champions. and i'm not having that mate.
  2. is there any update on when season tickets will be available for purchase? i don't think i will make many matches this season, but my deal with the footballing gods was if we lifted the trophy at wembley, i'd purchase a season ticket for life. speaking of which. Essex cricket have a lifetime membership programme which is tiered according to age. Membership 2021 (essexcricket.org.uk) is this potentially something the club / supporters club have considered? e.g. for someone like myself in the age 20-30 bracket, lifetime season ticket could cost £5,250 whereas NotTheRealSteveWest in
  3. hello O, hope you're all good! i think i follow most of the fans and official hfc accounts on twitter and forwarded it to a group fisherman's friend's dad at 10.30 this morning. he responded with "not my thing" at midday and then 90 minutes later sent a picture of him with the manager and trophy with the caption "ok i lied, i couldn't resist" haha. so twitter is normally where i pick up hfc news. (not a fan of the new kit to be completely honest).
  4. i think about 3/1. they were 14/1 at half time
  5. Rhodes, I think uncle urchin found it too difficult to leave his spacious surroundings to attend as it appears he has been living rent free in your head for the best part of two decades. thanks for your heartfelt congratulations and support.
  6. What digits said. We love this club and actually think they are the best team in history. Pub team from Hornchurch is a direct quote from (my man of the match) mickey parcell, who was also being insanely self-deprecating. Buy you a drink at first pre-season Ruth. no need for Diz to go into moana mode tho. But we do know who we are.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-deprecation
  8. To clarify, 2 for me, 1 in my real (classified on forum) name and 2) mark wootton. title suggestion from me should be something like “all the way to Wembley - the journey of the pub team from hornchurch” or something like that. Wembley at the start and no spoilers in the title even though we knew we would etc. I took this pic of the one tackle wonder as we left the stadium, welcome to use it for book if you like. Thanks - it's a great photo - can you send me a copy please - AFCHTM@HOTMAIL.CO.UK
  9. also away as cancelled trip to see parents in first time since last february to go to wembley. another saturday or sunday making available would be good. would also be a good incentive for pre-season pre-match.
  10. will there be any recriminations from the FA for the pitch invasion at the full time whistle? the ones the stewards managed to stop getting onto the pitch seemed to be frogmarched away, but the majority just came back into the crowd. would be an awful shame if we had to hand back prize money for the actions of an over-excited minority.
  11. I’m not crying, you’re crying. i’m just cutting onions. I’m making a lasagna ok? what an incredible short film. Well done
  12. Agree with jago re: notts county. I was boring anyone who was still listening to me pre match that I thought that was our cup final and was just praying that the team would do themselves proud and put in a credible performance. To go all the way to Wembley having been behind in so many games? tip for future opposition. Don’t score against Hornchurch, it just irritates us kimble - your firm were responsible for the lil tel flag. Any chance you could post a pic on here mate? still buzzing. Glad to hear players have hunger for future success with this club. I love this club and a
  13. Hope you enjoyed that beer Chris. We may be in contact next season if we go a goal down to get back in that garden. May have made all the difference! 😁
  14. 2 for me please. As per westy, happy to advance the cost
  15. Not seen sour grapes apart from immediate and understandable reaction from their manager post match having been out thought by Stimson. their forum has a thread about “well done to the pub team from Hornchurch” and my favourite response to it is from a bloke who simply said “some fecking pub”. Most of the comments are either criticisms of their managers strategy or simply conceding that the best team won. i am still in stunned disbelief after reading the NLP. It wasn’t a dream. when is the club next open for photo opportunities with the trophy? Or do we save that for first game
  16. Couldn’t sleep last night due to nerves. Think drifted off at 1.30, woke up 4.30 absolutely buzzing. I’ve done a couple of post match posts during this campaign but I am still absolutely euphoric after the fantastic team performance today. I don’t know where to start. felt like we were playing against 12 men in the first half and couldn’t settle. It was a scrappy goal to concede and they nearly got a second. Micky parcell started to stamp his authority on the game and the longer the match went on, the more we came into it. Their number 6 was an absolute unit btw. second half we
  17. 1) how the devil are you? 2) I’ll be there, will you be there? If so, where are you drinking beforehand? 3) socks. Left one or right one first? 4) will a boy ever be born who can swim faster than a shark? 5) is eating on a cup final day cheating? 6) are you going to bother with the vase match? 7) how amazing has this cup run been? 8) I saw a baby starling today. Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? 9) who would win in a fight between 2 crocodiles and a great white shark. Venue is Olympic sized swimming pool. 10) if I said you had a beautiful body, would
  18. Suggestion. a massive “happy birthday to you” chant for miss afc Hornchurch on the same minute of her birthday (I assume 22nd minute?) from the Wembley assembly so excited. So much in fact that there will be a rare and one-off resurrection of the Friday poll from our ESL days. just so unbelievably proud of this club and the leadership and all of our players. The excitement is building and regardless of the result... Jesus. It’s a fckn wembley final. Pinnacle for a fan, player or manager. Don’t tell the lads but I might sneak in a few non alcohol beers as I wouldn’t mind remembering
  19. dear oh dear. this thread hasn't aged well. suffice to say my opinion of the fa trophy has changed since 2010. 🤣
  20. jago - where did you get these stats from? I was about to submit this to the guardian's "the knowledge" email thing. well done bishop's Stortford. another club that has mr smith's fingerprints I think.
  21. not tickets related as such, but it's been about 3 hours since I mentioned to anyone that Hornchurch fc are going to Wembley outside of my WhatsApp group. that little pub team from Essex... I would dearly love to see you all at Wembley and would gladly s*** off a tramp / sir colin ivor stand (delete as appropriate or state there is no difference) to secure one, but the main thing for me is that the team have got there and they have this once in a lifetime opportunity to grace the 2nd best pitch on the planet after bridge avenue. still haven't properly calmed down. I just can't
  22. Gents and ladies, whatever happens in the final, I would like to humbly suggest that we have some kind of event to celebrate the monumental effort of our entire club during these “strange times” post 21st June, maybe some sort of bbq or presentation night. Anything, could be fundraiser 50/50 raising cash for club plus local charity. Maybe parcell could recreate the block. Maybe Wright could recreate the save, maybe Dickson could take the roof of the net again.... we knew he f***ing would... Working title “all the way to Wembley” still buzzing. Thank you Hornchurch fc x
  23. vocal training also underway. 20 red army's in the car on the way to work this morning. will step it up to 100 by end of the week.
  24. I said i'd be back. and here I am. nearly 48 hours on and I am still delirious and giddy over the whole miracle at meadow lane. not sure if was the camera angle or what, but that pitch looked massive and when we went a goal down, the players were blowing hard and I feared we were about to get our backsides handed to us in a brutal way. however. that parcell block. it was a certain goal, but that block defined the entire match for me. blood and guts defending, passion and belief shown everywhere on the pitch. wright pulled off one of the greatest saves ever. the leadersh
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